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  1. It’s a great day to clean the garage she said. It’ll be nice to spend the time outside she said. What she didn’t say is that I’D MISS THIS!
  2. Sorry, one of these days you'll land a Marvel collection!
  3. I don't think the seller will reimburse you as it was your decision to have them slabbed. Not saying its the right move on their part but knowing sellers on eBay I'm pretty sure that will be the response if you get one at all. Can you divulge who the seller is? There may be someone who has had a similar experience with them.
  4. Can't believe this is still here. Presents like an 8.0! Awesome books as usual Minh!
  5. Great snag Jeff! I was going to take that without hesitation. Ugh, 3 minutes. 3 tiny minutes.
  6. If its a color breaking crease then it will likely stay a 9.6.
  7. Definitely smells scammy