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  1. Has anyone else who bought tickets the day they were available NOT received their tickets in the mail? Last year I received mine on 02/10 but my 2020 tickets still haven’t arrived.
  2. AFA Graded Star Wars Figure Listings on eBay Currently have Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) up which will close on Sunday night. C3P0 and Princess Leia will be active by 10:45 pm EST tonight (02/19/2020). I will likely being to roll out a few a week from the listing I have on the boards (below).
  3. Thats it for tonight! More to come tomorrow.
  4. Showcase #55 - 6.0 OW - First solo GA Green Lantern in SA, First SA appearance of Solomon Grundy Really nice colors and gloss for the grade. Asking: $175
  5. What If? #10 - CGC 9.6 White Pages - 1st Jane Foster as Thor, Journey Into Mystery 83 cover homage Asking: $325
  6. Marvel Spotlight #2 - CGC 7.5 OW/WH - Origin and 1st appearance of Werewolf By Night (Jack Russell) Asking: $350
  7. Special Marvel Edition #15 - CGC 9.4 OW/WH - 1st appearance of Shang-Chi Asking: $850
  8. Spook #30 - CGC 5.0 OW - Last issue Such a killer cover by Disbrow! Only 18 universal copies on the census! Asking: $800
  9. Amazing Spider-Man #9 - CGC 5.0 CR/OW - 1st appearance of Electro Asking: $800
  10. Fantastic Four #52 - CGC 5.5 OW - 1st appearance of the Black Panther Asking: $525
  11. Rules: Payment by PayPal only. I will only ship to North America. Free USPS Priority with signature service (Unless noted otherwise) in the US. For my friends up north we'll need to calculate the cost. First is the winner despite any ongoing negotiations. No probies, HOSers or otherwise shady peeps. No returns on graded books, 7 days for raw up receipt of the book. For the return of raw books please let me know prior to returning them. Offers are always welcome (and encouraged). Lots of references if needed. JP My Kudos Thread
  12. So do I! They were the coolest toys of the day. Great memories... Then there’s the memory of giving them to my destructive younger cousin. Ugh