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  1. comicquant

    New Fantastic Four #1

    In addition to the teen titans go art the storyline is subpar. I feel like they rushed it and let seniority cloud their judgement. I know Dan Slott has written some great stories but he wasn't a good choice for the return of FF1. Someone new with a different rhythm. Even if they had to throw copious amounts of money at someone, they should've done it.
  2. comicquant

    This Week Back From CGC

    Did you submit this under your account? You should be able to see the notes. If not just call them and they'll probably give you the notes for free (You may have to push a bit).
  3. comicquant


    Awesome grab! Congrats!
  4. Dropped the ASM 129 to $3100
  5. Avengers #2 - 8.5 OW/WH - First Space Fantom Asking: No Long Available
  6. Congrats! Thats an awesome book!
  7. Thanks Jeff! Great books on your thread as well. Spidey may have to start slinging burgers soon!?!
  8. Amazing Spider-Man #54 - 9.4 White Pages - Doctor Octopus Asking: $500
  9. Amazing Spider-Man #59 - 9.4 OW - First Mary Jane on cover Asking: $375
  10. Amazing Spider-Man #67 - 9.4 OW Pages - Mysterio Asking: $300
  11. Thanks Andrew! I'll have a few more white pagers out here for ya!
  12. Amazing Spider-Man #78 - 9.4 White Pages - First Prowler Asking: $525
  13. Amazing Spider-Man #84 - 9.4 OW - King Pin Asking: $300