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  1. comicquant

    Affordable Gold & Atomic Books

    I’ve been waiting for a Rick sales thread! Any PCH? (Dear humpers of buttons/self appointed board police/people who need something to do... please understand this is a legitimate question)
  2. I hear ya for sure. As pulp mentioned it only takes a minute or two to demonstrate common courtesy via communication. If someone has a sales thread open it goes without saying that seller needs to be proactive with communication. I’m sure you’ll hear from him soon and hope you get your book!
  3. Gene is great. I received my books within 3 weeks of payment and they were sent from Alberta. There was about a week where there was no communication but he eventually followed up and was very apologetic. There was a legit family emergency and he'd already sent the books but wasn't able to provide buyers with tracking info. I don't think he's online very often so it may take awhile for him to get back with you.
  4. The button humpers must be at lunch or vacation
  5. comicquant


    This was my favorite Canseco home run
  6. I've heard 2 - 4 weeks depending on the transaction amount and type.
  7. Extremely vivid colors on this copy! I really, really wish I had beaten you to it! Great buy!
  8. comicquant

    ASM 44 CGC 9.0 - 2nd Lizard - SOLD

    I was halfway through a text letting you know this was up before realizing it was your listing! Great looking copy Jeff!
  9. I know many of the buyers have already started the process with PayPal to get their money back so I would do that too if you haven't already.
  10. comicquant

    Is this person crazy?

    Did this person provide proof? I can't imagine CGC would ever guarantee a grade, let alone by way of a press.
  11. comicquant

    Is anyone else concerned about...

    Just replace your fingers periodically