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  1. Geez, didn’t realize it’s been that long. Hope everything is okay. I think @kav may know something.
  2. Hulk 180 - CGC 9.4 OW/WH - First Wolverine Really nice copy of this book. Great colors, cut and wrap. Asking: $7500
  3. Rules: Payment by PayPal only. I will only ship to North America. Free USPS Priority with signature service (Unless noted otherwise) in the US. For my friends up north we'll need to calculate the cost. First is the winner despite any ongoing negotiations. No probies, HOSers or otherwise shady peeps. No returns on slabs, raw books can be returned within 7 days of receipt of the book. Please let me know if you wish to return the book before doing so. Offers are always welcome (and
  4. You can't take that down!!! That's hilarious!
  5. The feeding frenzy this thread is going to cause at about 8:00 am EST is going to be epic! Insomnia occasionally has its perks.
  6. I couldn’t agree more. There are some outstanding titles being published outside of marvel and DC. It seems like every month there are twice as many as the previous month and many of them are awesome. I’m at the point now where my trip to the lcs is specifically to buy those books.
  7. I love collecting comics but I personally would not rely on them as an investment instrument. They’ve done extremely well over the last two decades and will likely continue for a long time but from a purely investment perspective I would prefer my money to be wrapped up in mainstream investments. My comic collection makes up less than 1% of my investment assets. My goal is to collect for fun but under the guise of not making dumb purchases (which happens anyway).
  8. Thank you @Domo Arigato and @Polonsky for spear-heading this. I feel it’s long overdue. After reading, whatever that was (manifesto), there are absolutely bigger issues at play and the boards are a much better place as a result of the ban. @Polonsky, I hope to see another sales thread soon!
  9. Okay, I didn’t realize he was permanently banned. At this point that’s all that matters.