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  1. Epic book Rick! Everyone has their own collecting style. While I may be just slightly stickier (We both have books we will never give up) I collect the same way. If I don’t have an attachment with a book I’ll put it towards one i do. Congrats on a huge achievement!
  2. Transaction was excellent and the book was above and beyond expectations. Above all Jim is a great guy!
  3. Okay, I just got it... EBay must've read my earlier post.
  4. You know the rules... No one is allowed to make strong intellectual points. We can never whisper the words "Only an average of all prices for all grades for each book across the point range makes sense".
  5. They will go to my kids. They can do with them what they want. I've never planned on anything I collect to go towards retirement so I'm sure I will keep them until I go.
  6. Looks like the $8500 sale is invalid. eBay has no record of it and neither does GPA.
  7. Hey Jeff, I just texted you a couple prices not in GPA (both of which I just realized were on your post). On december 18th 2018 a 9.0 sold for $8500. That seems like a ton for a 9.0 compared to neighboring grade sales but would think somewhere in between those extremes is the sweet spot.
  8. Really happy to have found a copy of this book. I've been looking for a mid-grade+ copy for a long time. After a little TLC this will be on its way to CGC!
  9. I’m definitely interested in the results!