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  1. comicquant

    Is it worth it???

    Pressing with CCS
  2. comicquant

    Is it worth it???

    Yep, so it looks like you're in a good spot for a press/submit (if its worth it)
  3. comicquant

    Is it worth it???

    The notes will specify if the the creases/bends are color-breaking...
  4. comicquant

    Is it worth it???

    Yes, all of these are defects which can be fixed with a press! You just need to do some cost analysis to justify the expense.
  5. comicquant

    Avengers collecting thread!

    Josh, outstanding copy! When you said 9.6 run I thought you were insane but I think this puts you pretty close. Congrats!
  6. comicquant

    Avengers collecting thread!

    Wow, blockhead statements like this really make me want to break my New Years resolution but I promised myself I would tolerate even the dimmest of bulbs. I for one, thank @Frisco Larson for posting the Mexican Editions because I’ve enjoyed seeing them. They are awesome. The canvas is less busy than the US editions so you can ingest more of the art.
  7. The stain is from a rusty staple on another book either above or below it in a stack.
  8. comicquant

    This guy!

    The second I heard "PGX" uttered my brain shutoff and everything went dark. I woke up an unknown length of time later and heard "Everyone knows CBTS is the 'mostest stricterest' grader there is" and there was a loud popping noise and a sharp pain in my frontal lobe to which I just now awoke. The world needs its fools but this I can do without.
  9. comicquant

    Amazing Spiderman Collecting Thread!

    I got this from @Jordysnordy soon after I started collecting again. One of many uncopies of his I would come to acquire!
  10. Amazing Spider-Man #6 - CGC 7.0 OW - First Lizard A 6.5 sold for $1600 01/02/2019 and a 7.5 for $2200 in October. Asking: $1800
  11. Rules: Payment by PayPal only. I will only ship to North America. Shipping within the US is a flat $10 for priority with signature service (Unless noted otherwise). For my friends up north we'll need to calculate the cost. First is the winner despite any ongoing negotiations. No probies, HOSers or otherwise shady peeps. No returns on slabs, raw book can be returned within 7 days of receipt of the book. Please let me know if you wish to return the book before doing so. Offers are always welcome (and encouraged). If you have any questions send me a PM! Lots of references if needed. JP My Kudos Thread
  12. This seems like a hijacked account. I would go with your gut on this and just step away. Did you search the boards for their eBay user name? I always do that before a sale.