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  1. It would appear that I had a collecting addiction but there really was a finite list of books I wanted. It was just kind of a large list. Although the hunt for them was fun, I really enjoy having them and being able to pull out a box of books and go through a run from start to finish (or with Archie's from start to about the late 1960's), reading random stories in the process.
  2. Yes, I completed the run. And a lot of others. For non-Archie teen books, below is what I have. I had to let a few beaters in the collection to complete some of the runs but most of them are nice, solid copies with a smattering of Edgar Church and Crippen copies. Thankfully there really aren't many more books on my want list. These along with the Archie books take up a lot of space! My focus beyond Archie was mainly the Timely and Fox teen books. I have a few of the DC teen books but their art style didn't appeal to me as much. Millie the model 1-94 through the pre-DeCarlo and DeCarlo years - scattered issues after that Date with Millie. Both series Jetta - all 3 issues Tessie the Typist - all but Tiny Tessie Patsy and Hedy 1-20 then random issues Mitzi. Mitzi’s Boyfriend, Mitzi’s Romances - all Margie - all Oscar - all Lana - all Jeanie - all Rusty - all All Teen/Teen Comics - all Willie - all Showgirls - all Frankie/Frankie & Lana - all Georgie/Georgie & Judy - all Hedy de Vine/Hedy of Hollywood - all Nellie the Nurse - all Girl's Life - all Patsy Walker 1-50 and many random issues Gay comics - all Joker comics - all except #1 Comedy comics 2nd series - all Krazy comics 2nd series both issues Cindy/Cindy Smith - all Junior Miss all but last two non Cindy issues My Friend Irma - all Annie Oakley - all Venus - all but 15 and 19. 17 is coverless Dolly Dill - the one and only issue Junior - all Sunny - all Meet Corliss Archer - all Junie Prom - all G.I. Jane - all Starlet O'Hara - all
  3. I finally found the last issues of Georgie that I needed. The covers that appear to be DeCarlo are tough to find in decent grades.
  4. I forgot to mention that the logo was borrowed from Timely
  5. Correct! and the stories are from Junior #11 as well.
  6. I just received this fantastic book from fellow boardie ECCOMIC. I've wanted a copy of this one for a long time!
  7. I started with #2 because of Tessie. It’s strange how her appearance changed so much from issue to issue on those early covers I think her appearance on the interior art was a bit more consistent. She never did a lot of typing though.
  8. That's a nice group of books. It looks like there are more than just a few in nice shape..
  9. Since this seems to be the most active Archie thread and it has grown to include a bit more than just Archie #1-10, I thought it would be a good place to share some new items. Fellow boardie 143ksk decided to part with a few pieces of Archie original art. Although the artwork is for modern books, two of the pieces were for the relaunch of Betty and Veronica in 2016 so at least they're Archie #1's. First is Andrew Pepoy's variant cover for the New England Comics variant of Betty and Veronica #1. The 2nd is the Andy Price variant of B&V #1 and the third piece is the Stephanie Buscema cover for Archie #652. I was thrilled to be able to add these to my collection and a big thanks to Steve for letting them go.
  10. That book in its grade could do very well at auction. the DeCarlo Millie's are getting a lot of love from collectors. The My Friend Irma books are equally nice but don't always reach the same price levels. I suspect they may be a bit more plentiful since My Friend Irma was popular in radio, movies, and television whereas Millie was just a Timely/Atlas character. The first Millie book by DeCarlo is #17. Overstreet lists #18 but that's not correct. Also, A Date With Millie volume 1 (7 issues) is all DeCarlo. Volume 2 (also 7 issues) is all Stan Goldberg but many sellers erroneously list them as DeCarlo artwork. Here's a nice, early DeCarlo cover.
  11. I have to agree. I like the early issues for the Katy Keene artwork as well. Same with the Suzie books. I've gotten to like the Wiilbur issues from the late 1950's as well. The artwork in the latter issues is by Dan DeCarlo and is really nice. The stories were often pretty good as well at that point.
  12. About 15 years ago, I had a few Sunny and Junior issues, then sold them. I regretted selling them so eventually I located copies of all of them again as well as the Corliss Archer run. This copy isn't perfect but at least it has his signature.
  13. You did a great job! I look forward to the Betty version.
  14. I've never had the chance to let Doug know that KK Fashion Book #19 is just 28 pages. My 2nd Katy Keene box was still out so I checked other issues. #17 through 19 are all 28 pages including covers. #16 and #20 both have the 36 page counts. I ended up with a few copies of #19 because I thought mine was incomplete. I have more than one copy of each of these three issues so I'm pretty confident in confirming that those 3 issues are all 28 pages. They really never put 3rd party ads in these issues so the buyer was still gettig the equivalent amount of content in less pages. My Katy Keene box 1 contains all 62 issues of the KK title. The 2nd box is Fashion book, all the annuals and Pin-Up Parades, the three one-shot issues; Glamour, Spectacular, and Charm, KK 3-d and finally both issues of Kasko Komics that feature Kitty Kasko. Kitty Kasko is considered an early Katy prototype that Woggin produced for a grain and feed company. My favorite of the series is the original 62 issue series. Once I started picking them up, I found I really enjoyed the way that they glamorized the post-war 1950's with artwork of modern home styles, cars, and all other contemporary design of the 1950's.
  15. I was able to check my copies. All three issues have 96 interior pages plus the cover making for 100 pages each. If you buy any Katy Keene Fashion Book issues, #19 only has 28 pages including the covers and I think one issue before or after was the same. I ended up with 3 copies with all 3 having 28 pages. I saw that Doug Sulipa mentioned in Overstreet in the last year or two that he has never been able to locate a complete copy but it turns out it only had 28 pages. No 3rd party advertising at all. I have some old KK fan club articles and they also acknowledged that this was just a 28 page issue.