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  1. Here's the other half of the Church run. of Andy Comics Still raw though.
  2. It fits. Millie, Hedy, Nellie, and Tessie are all career women and they fit this thread. Venus even fits. I think any of the post-war humor books with a female lead fit. At least the human looking characters. Not so much Little Lule (much as I love her) and other cartoony looking characters.
  3. Goerge Frese is one of my favorites too. His art can be found in lots of the early Reggie, Jughead, and Betty & Veronica issues.
  4. I found this issue of Archie's Pals n Gals #23 with the first appearance of Josie on Etsy. It was in decent shape at a fair price so I bought it. When it arrived I found that the Josie story splash page was autographed by DeCarlo.
  5. Hedy of Hollywood (formerly Hedy De Vine) and what I believe is a Dan DeCarlo cover
  6. Patsy Walker, Hellcat, or Trish on Jessica Jones.
  7. Millie, Hedy, and Tessie
  8. Hi Steve! Hope you're doing well.
  9. It's funny how blatant some cover swipes are. This issue of Katy Keene is from 1954.
  10. I'm not aware of them being reprinted although some may have found their way into the digests. I believe that Archie Comics Digest #236 reprinted Archie #1 in its entirety so they may have reprinted more Cubby and Squoimy and Bumbie stories in other digests. They crank out so many books and collections nowadays that I can't even keep up with them.
  11. It would appear that I had a collecting addiction but there really was a finite list of books I wanted. It was just kind of a large list. Although the hunt for them was fun, I really enjoy having them and being able to pull out a box of books and go through a run from start to finish (or with Archie's from start to about the late 1960's), reading random stories in the process.
  12. Yes, I completed the run. And a lot of others. For non-Archie teen books, below is what I have. I had to let a few beaters in the collection to complete some of the runs but most of them are nice, solid copies with a smattering of Edgar Church and Crippen copies. Thankfully there really aren't many more books on my want list. These along with the Archie books take up a lot of space! My focus beyond Archie was mainly the Timely and Fox teen books. I have a few of the DC teen books but their art style didn't appeal to me as much. Millie the model 1-94 through the pre-DeCarlo and DeCarlo years - scattered issues after that Date with Millie. Both series Jetta - all 3 issues Tessie the Typist - all but Tiny Tessie Patsy and Hedy 1-20 then random issues Mitzi. Mitzi’s Boyfriend, Mitzi’s Romances - all Margie - all Oscar - all Lana - all Jeanie - all Rusty - all All Teen/Teen Comics - all Willie - all Showgirls - all Frankie/Frankie & Lana - all Georgie/Georgie & Judy - all Hedy de Vine/Hedy of Hollywood - all Nellie the Nurse - all Girl's Life - all Patsy Walker 1-50 and many random issues Gay comics - all Joker comics - all except #1 Comedy comics 2nd series - all Krazy comics 2nd series both issues Cindy/Cindy Smith - all Junior Miss all but last two non Cindy issues My Friend Irma - all Annie Oakley - all Venus - all but 15 and 19. 17 is coverless Dolly Dill - the one and only issue Junior - all Sunny - all Meet Corliss Archer - all Junie Prom - all G.I. Jane - all Starlet O'Hara - all
  13. I finally found the last issues of Georgie that I needed. The covers that appear to be DeCarlo are tough to find in decent grades.