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    AmAZing books
  2. wow! mega grail. Superman #1 cgc 1.5 universal Asking $125,000 nice colors! Brittle pages also action comics #1 cgc coverless cream to ow pages asking $125,000 for ac1 $245,000 for pair asking free overnight fedex shipping with signature confirmation No returns on cgc graded books payment can be made via cash, check, money order, PayPal (deposit) time payment plan accepted if discussed in advance best of luck!
  3. detective Comics #48 Cgc 3.5 with ow/w pages!! 1st mention of batmobile and Gotham City awesome cover with Batman and robin a cgc 3.0 recent sold for just under $800 asking $950 payment via PayPal or check shipping all over USA is $14.95 first “I’ll take it” wins. Otherwise negotiation through pm good luck
  4. wow! super hot mega-key! amazing Spider-Man #1! 1st issue! complete! Solid spine. Interior attached to cover firmly at staples green marker color can be shown on marvel chipping which is on the front of tape adhesive from back cover Id imagine it could be removed with care surface paper loss marvel stamp at the last “c” of “comic” which the c was re-written in pen Lower grade book only asking $6495 payment via check or PayPal first “I’ll take it” wins otherwise negotiation through PM good luck!
  5. incredible hulk #180 Cgc 8.0 universal only asking $450!! Lowest price online! beautiful off-white to white pages 1st wolverine in cameo shipping is $14.95 payment can be made via check or PayPal first “I’ll take it” wins otherwise negotiate thru pm
  6. hello fellow boardees Here is an issue of superboy #1! from 1949 complete front and back cover detached from interior. Beautiful gloss see photos to see condition only asking $900!! payment can be made by PayPal, money order, or check. Open to an offer but it’s priced reasonably as it sits! Good luck
  7. Topcollectibles88

    1940 Batman #1 cgc universal with tape

    Thanks buddy!
  8. Topcollectibles88

    1940 Batman #1 cgc universal with tape

    NEVEr was a consideration to selling it. A 1.5 with brittle pages recently sold for $85,000. This copy is much nicer than that
  9. hello fellow board members! i wanted to get your opinion on a bat1 cgc 1.5 universal with cream to ow pages tape completely along spine and comPletely along right edge of book. And tape completely along left edge back cover. Not sure why there would be the tape completely along spine as there does not seem to be a complete spine split. Visually spine looks pretty solid would it be wise to attempt to remove the tape? As the book displays beautiful strong colors perhaps removing the tape would possibly take away some of the color? Hence taking away some of the eye appeal. Hmm thoughts? Keep as is?
  10. very nice early action comics 29 key 1st Lois lane cover spine split front and back cover attached to interior by small amount of glue very scarce issue in any grade see pics to see condition. Low grade. Small piece front cover missing lower right hand corner area PayPal or check accepted shipping: $7.95 via priority mail priced at $550 priced to sell; may be open to negotiate some.
  11. wow! here we have an issue of all star comics #8! cgc 1.0 c-1 1st Wonder Woman! resto includes small amt color touch on cover. Tape on cover and interior cover. Small piece of panel missing from page 35 incomplete (non-wonder woman story) shipping will be FedEx express with signature confirmation no returns priced at only $15,500!! paypal accepted, cash or wire
  12. 1960 SILVER AGE BRAVE AND BOLD #28 1ST JLA here is an issue of brave and bold #28!! 1st appearance of the JLA low grade. Spine split nice cover appearance complete may be some brittleness to some of pages (since u can see couple small pieces in Mylar) priced right! serious inquiries please message me! Pricing only at $1500!!
  13. Topcollectibles88

    1941 ALL STAR #8

    1941 ALL STAR #8 here is an issue of all star #8 cgc 1.0 with only slight resto a 0.5 (half the grade) recently sold on heritage for over $13,000, and that copy had higher degree of restoration nice looking copy for the grade with the movie ratings so high, this is a surefire investment and is priced to sell only $16,500! you can message me with any questions
  14. RARE 1941 ALL STAR #8 CGC 1.0 C-1 1ST WONDER WOMAN KEY here is an issue of 1941 all star #8!! cgc 1.0 c-1 small amount ct on spine piece of a panel missing page 35 (non Wonder Woman story) a cgc 0.5 restored just sold for over $13k on Heritage couple weeks ago, and that one had more restoration than this copy! this issue is twice as better condition-wise with less restoration with the new Wonder Woman movie being a big success with its premiere couple nights ago, this is officially the hottest book on the market priced to sell at $17,500. Serious buyers please contact. Thx