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  1. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Who is on the Ss graded and how much?
  2. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Saturday, they’re emailing a discount code Friday
  3. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Nice 9.8
  4. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Here’s the link to the Facebook page where Bulletproof posted three videos destroying metal books. Poor Dell’Otto’s. But we said we’d keep the print run numbers at the stated numbers so when the replacements came in we needed to keep our word. https://m.facebook.com/Bulletproof-Comics-Inc-118048081555688/?ref=m_notif&notif_t=like anyone other stores post videos destroying Metal exclusive books? bulletproof and Hank are honest like I’ve said.
  5. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Mail call
  6. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    So i have actual video proof showing the owner of Bulletproof destroying damaged metal books. He did 1500 still has 5000 to go. Anyone can tell me how to post it here?
  7. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    I actually heard from the owner of Unknown comics that this is not the 1:25 this the Unknown comic store exclusive variant cover
  8. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    @obsidian00 thanks guys mine came today.
  9. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Very nice piece! Always loved his Spider-Man ‘s on the black background. Owned one for a little while.
  10. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Thank you sir
  11. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Thank you sir
  12. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Congrats! I’m still waiting for mine. How long before I ping him?