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  1. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Thanks Jay.
  2. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    I provided a window bag, guess they cracked the cbcs slab, and chose not to use my window bag. And disregarded my request to hand number 80/250
  3. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Is this the first signed cgc Dell’Otto iron fist ultimate edition posted?
  4. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    So the Weapon X virgin cover limited to 250 and was going for 140 sold out at the comic mint, may still be able to get it elsewhere. But that’s a sign that Dell’Ottos are not slowing down.
  5. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    This goes on sale today at 2 pm. The virgin cover is limited to 250 and comes graded by the others as a 9.8 individually numbered. Other wise you can get the trade dress. The virgin will cost 150 and the trade will cost 8.99 available in the states at The Comic Mint.
  6. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Don’t know about this one, doesn’t feel enough Dell’Ottoish.
  7. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Don’t know yet hasn’t been decided
  8. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    It hasn’t been released yet
  9. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    It hasn’t been released yet
  10. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Well it’s official we just heard from DC the NYCC Dell’Otto variant will be at the store on Tuesday. So preorders on the web and preorders at NYCC as well.
  11. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    We are still expecting the books to arrive today, the message about coming next week is just in case they don’t, DC called and shipped out boxes to our store in Brooklyn on Wednesday after we posted the message on the web. The shipment is coming from upstate. So whether you agree or disagree, in the goodness of your heart pray they get here today or tomorrow.
  12. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    FYI...nycc variant is up for sale on bulletproofcomix.com
  13. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Perhaps I'm biased as the color choice on the background and the flames were my ideas.
  14. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    I'm sorry it feels that way, the virgin is exclusive to 950, we haven't increased the print run. Though people keep asking us to purchase it. That one is exclusive congrats to those of you who bought it, I purchased my copy. Now there's another different exclusive cover that I plan on buying and having Snyder, Capullo, and Dell'Otto signing and Cgc.
  15. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Your entitled to your opinion.