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  1. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Implied by saying “info we’ll be happy with”
  2. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    So asked Hank, there’s more info than I can share which should make you feel good. Now he said he’s working hard on it every day and more info is coming soon. Info we’ll be happy with!
  3. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Thanks going to try and transfer mine now
  4. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    What’s the issue with Comicxposure? Something new or old stuff about delivery delays?
  5. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Connecting cover is by Crain, Dell’Otto will be doing 800 or 801
  6. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Heard back from partner at Comicxposure and he confirmed it will be their cover. He said it’s part of a connecting cover set for 797-801? I might have misread the last part
  7. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Just saw that Comicxposure and Unknown Comics will have this it will be for ASM 797 and there will be 3 covers.
  8. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    You are correct I checked and was told it was a litho. I have also reached out to one of the partners at Comicxposure to double check it’s use as a cover.
  9. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    He’s considering nothing definite yet
  10. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Mail call 30/30 sig in Red love it!!! Sig cuts across both thighs and 30/30 is on left shin.

    Here’s the Jakub Rebelka on it’s way to cgc. I asked for Gold based on another piece he did and his own Batman interpretation. I love it.

    Hey all here’s the Riccardo Federici (creator of Batman who Laughs). It’s off to CGC this was arranged through Scott’s Collectibles. Front is an oil painting and the back is a pencilled sketch.
  13. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Corrected to Thursday, sorry for the typo.
  14. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    From Hank owner of Bulletproof: anyone who purchased today will be refunded. Per the email and Facebook. It goes on sale tomorrow at noon. So don’t forget IF YOU BOUGHT TODAY YOULL NEED TO BUY THURSDAY OR YOULL MISS OUT ON METAL 6 by Dell’Otto
  15. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    It was a test to ensure system was set to handle load. Hope no one else buys.