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  1. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    I remembered that statement " earlier this year a 9.8 sold for $9k" when talking with my wife and where to set our offer.
  2. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Thanks J. It was listed around 3/4ish est. spoke with my wife. She knows my appreciation of Dell'Otto and also appreciates his work. We discussed what we were willing to pay, emailed the seller, he came back $2k away. I asked can we split the difference. He said he needs to think about it, then said yes. Done deal 8:13. What surpassed the 667 for a moment until my purchase?
  3. Francesco Mattina Art Society

    Will have it signed by Mattina at NYCC then off to cgc
  4. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

  5. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    So what do I get for joining the club? Just bought off eBay.
  6. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    My Pleasure J
  7. Hey Rich can you get the Dark Night Metal 1 Sienkiewicz virgin variant cgc 9.8 ss Sienkiewicz Snyder Capullo?
  8. Francesco Mattina Art Society

    Picked up on feebay for $100 raw the guy says it's high grade no imperfections and it should get a 9.8. Coming to NYCC for Mattina to sign.
  9. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    According to a different source, not Hank at Bulletproof, Dell'Otto will be at NYCC. That's exciting but he was also supposed to be last year and he cancelled, so let's see.
  10. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    I am not sure, it was in discussions, but as you know Metal issues are spread out. We'll have to wait and see.
  11. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Nope, I don't even get a discount
  12. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Just emailed Hank, if I get a response will let you know
  13. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    I actually have bad news, not bad news like print run is changing, it's not, even got Scott's to partially admit it they're buying them from Bulletproof website. Anyway, unfortunately there won't be a #3 by Dell'Otto, hopefully a #4.