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  1. Yea I'm not aloud to share the whole thing until they post it. I gave them a hard time because they keep telling me tomorrow or tonight, I keep checking and it doesn't show up. It's killer. Definitely one of his better ones as of late, and with the cgc 9.8 sig option they're doing it right!
  2. Couple questions 1. Do you think that either spidey with Gwen or MJ avengers con exclusive will be as valuable as white Phoenix? 2. Which of the two will be more valuable spidey with Gwen or MJ avengers con exclusive? 3. Anyone have a preview of MJ avengers con exclusive?
  3. Yep I was told that many a time. Perseverance pays off. Don't think he does them at cons. His rep can't help you get one, he always says Gabe said he's too busy. Again hook up with Scott's Collectibles on Facebook. Befriend them conned with them. Then ask if they can make it happen.
  4. David Ceci reps him. He still does sketches/paintings on blanks. I'm on a list for the fall. Hook up with Scott's collectibles on Facebook
  5. YEp no 2 and no 9 how annoying not to have a complete run!
  6. Trust me Jay you'll want this one. Keep watching Bulletproofcomix.com Hank will be offering a cgc Dell'Otto sig 9.8 version.
  7. Here's a tease.
  8. Soon as the store posts it, which I was told would be today.
  9. From Scott's Collectibles on Facebook if you aren't a member of this group request to be on their fb page if you're interested: Big, exciting news!!! For the eyes of this group only. This week we will be posting exclusive special prices for a wide range of original arts by Gabriele Dell'Otto. These incredible offers will only be proposed here, in the lead up to London Super Comic Con, exclusive to Scott's Collectables. Any arts purchased will be available to pick up at LSCC from the master himself. If you cannot make the convention, it does not mean you have to miss out on the amazing deals. We will happily ship worldwide! It will be first come, first served. This post is to make everyone aware. Spread the word to all Dell'Otto fans, and get everyone interested over to this group! It sure is a rare opportunity not to be missed. COMING THIS WEEK! 😜😏
  10. I've seen the final painting for Batman Metal by Dell'Otto. It's amazing. Suit of armor anyone?
  11. That's awesome!
  12. So there will be no DkIII 9 by Dell'Otto, he's working on Batman Metal 1, I've seen the sketch for what the cover will look like, have to say I like it. It will be available through Bulletproof.
  13. Congrats! Can't wait to get mine back!
  14. You are correct. Sehr guht