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  1. No guarantee, but mike said " absolutely I can make sure of that." In a sincere tone when I asked for a 9.8 candidate
  2. They helped me put a package together over the phone, then I paid them via PayPal.
  3. I actually called comic bug. There's a couple ways to get your hands on a copy. Mike even said he'd cherry pick a 9.8 for me. I bought $50 of TPB of other Remender books. Or on their eBay site they have other packages. So definitely buy it direct from comic bug, instead of buying it second hand for $75.
  4. Any insight into JSC announcement about MJ and Avengers JSC store exclusive?
  5. We're these facilitated by Dscott? If so the March or April signing? Congrats!
  6. Hey Rich you already have me covered, correct? Or do I need to claim one here?
  7. Got mine a few days ago #80
  8. Bottom for me like a painting
  9. Mail call, now off to Doug to crack get Dell'Otto to sign and off to cgc
  10. Every time I try to edit the post with a cropped pic the board doesn't save it. I'll upload another post.
  11. Mail call! Now to get it cracked, signed, and sent to cgc!
  12. My understanding is he's staying in Europe for the time being, that's from David Ceci his rep. But keep dreaming it helps us keep collecting, I dream of owning a Detective Comics 1st appearance Batman
  13. Important News: DSCOTT will once again be doing a Dell'Otto signing. This will occur in August. There will be 100 spots. The official announcement will go out around July 1. There won't be any early sign up. There won't be any holding of spots. So If you are interested I encourage you to send a pm to Dscott and ask him to add you to the announcement list. Again please don't ask for a spot now. The cost should be around $100, at least that was the cost in April and March.
  14. Congratulations!
  15. Very nice! I have mine raw still got to give it a good once over.