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  1. Sorry for the late reply.Was out of town.i meant the total costs of course and not the cgc'ed costs.Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  2. I would like to know if there is a signed cgc ss of Watchmen 1 signed by Alan Moore .l know he signed multiple copies of the killing joke but none are available for sale now . Could anyone please shed some light on this ?
  3. Why dont you try Celestial Comics ?
  4. I sen a 9.2 CGC SS Sandman 3 (signed by both Neil and Dave McKean) and it shows up as a 0.0.Is this simply an online defect or should I have something to be worried about ? Any advice would be much appreciated.Thanks
  5. subash

    $150 credit?

    Thanks Bob . I would have thought a forum post would elicit a reply--Oh well
  6. subash

    $150 credit?

    HI dena. i have some unused credit with CGC and have sent emails adsking how much of it is available, but have gotten no replies as of yet .I would like to submit comics at FanExpo Canada but my account will expire on 8/31.Will CGC grade my stuff--since I already have some credit left and I am of course going to pay for the others ? Also how do Ifind out exactly how much credit I have left ? Thanks
  7. Thank you .This is good to know !
  8. I would like to know whether SS books can be reholdered.Are there any reasons why CGC would refuse to reholder them --one of my books is chipped in one corner and I would like to reholder some simply because they are the old slabs and I would like new ones.Please share any experiences you may have had.Many thanks.
  9. I made a bet with a friend that I could CGC SS my X-Men run with Byrne and he was like no way Gaiman would be a better bet.;)
  10. Is there any way one can get his Sig's CGC ed in his Canada and Boston appearance s ?
  11. Thanks but have been unable to find anyone so far--even CGCs Phillipines Rep said that there would be no CGC presence at the Con.Praying that Stan gets well soon
  12. I would like to slab a stan lee cgc ss at Comic Con Asia 2018 but have been unable to find out if cgc is there--can anyone tell me if they will facilitate there ? Thanks