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  1. Exactly. just kidding. He'll most likely sign it, especially since you already paid him to. I haven't heard of anyone's book & money being returned because a creator refused to sign. Todd McF did have a list of books he wouldn't sign, but that list was posted in advance along with his signing announcement. So if you don't see a "Will not sign" list of books, you'll be ok.
  2. Recently, it's been about a 3 week wait from delivery to being logged into their system and showing as "Received".
  3. Yes, but each different signing will need to be on a separate submission form. And the "just for grading" books will need to be on their own form.
  4. Double Cover Signed "Buckaroo" by Peter Weller
  5. In my experience, it's just before the books are pressed.
  6. 4 MODERN Regular CGC Received: 4/7/21 SFG: 4/7/21 1 STANDARD Regular CGC Received: 4/7/21 SFG: 4/7/21 4 VALUE Regular CGC Received: 4/7/21 SFG: 4/7/21 I have no idea what happened here, but I'm exceedingly grateful.
  7. 2 MODERN Fast Track Delivered: 3/8/21 CGC Received: 3/29/21 SFG: 4/6/21