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  1. Any creator who signs the Signature Series Creator Agreement can do this, and as long as they mail the book directly to CGC, it will receive the SS Yellow Label.
  2. i'll admit a little friday night bourbon helps. and growing up in the bronx in the 70's doesn't hurt . . . GLWTS!
  3. wow! i haven't even thought of that one in decades! i'll see that and raise you a little tom browne . . .
  4. wow. i never expected to see The Brothers Johnson music linked on these sales boards. "Stomp" was released in my HS freshman year. @Kramerica you rock
  5. Not just you. I requested silver to match Sienkiewicz's sig in the black area. This is what I got back; you can barely make it out. He just doesn't give a cr@p.
  6. Moon Knight #15 CGC 9.6 - $90 Shipped $85 Shipped
  7. US Buyers Only. Payment: Paypal, Check, or USPS Money Order for Longtime Board Members in good standing. If you are a member with very low or no post count, payment may need to be a USPS Money Order. Shipping: USPS Free to US. Book ships after payment clears. Returns: No returns on CGC books No HoS'ers. No Probies. No Exceptions. First in thread wins and trumps all PM negotiations. My Kudos thread: Chazgee Kudos
  8. If you're going with CCS, make sure you add their Screening Service: CCS offers a Screening service to determine whether your comic book is a suitable candidate for pressing, restoration or restoration removal. The screening fee is 1% of the fair market value ($10 minimum) of the comic at the time of screening.