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    welcome back !!
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    Selling on facebook

    Based on what you've said, it sounds like a good place to sell if you're a good seller (boardie-level on grading pics and pricing), but a sub-optimal place to shop as a buyer. Is that about right? And that doing either requires patience and a bit of perseverance?
  3. Why relieved? Fear of counterfeit? Wouldn't a mystery edition be cooler?
  4. After 45 years of life in NY I moved from NY to Texas - part was the culture of taxation and regulation (and a lot of a-holes but after all consider my profession). No doubt some comic shops can still find ways to stay profitable - but damn they gotta be tight - well run, constantly updating to keep with trends of changing marketplace, millennial friendly with multiple income streams etc. Because they got a lot of forces working against them, like youthful politicians with captive audience that think higher taxes and more regs is a solution to everything.
  5. You're good bud - I still have 'bad buys' burned into memory from over a decade ago. The more successful dealers are those that build relationships over time, they get both repeat customers and good word of mouth. OTOH the scumbags console themselves with thoughts of CAVEAT EMPTOR and might (hopefully) pay for it in the long run. Though I fully agree with caveat emptor in principle.
  6. Hey man I told you once I told you a thousand times, you gotta stop wearing that hat with "Sucker" written on it.
  7. ^Nice pics. Don't miss it a bit, but still love seeing it.
  8. When you see a comic market price in what you think is 'stratosphere' or a must-sell price do you sell or keep? Of course it depends on the book, but the point is if you thought this (whichever) particular book is cruising for a bruising (can replace later, or don't care enough about letting it go, no sentimental value, etc.)? I mean your last or only copy, in particular. Question is posed to collectors, of course; I would've included a poll but there are a lot of dealers active on the board so poll would be even more meaningless than most other RL polls. [edit, turns out I figured how to add poll] Dealers don't have the emotional aspect that I'm after in this question, for most of them it's more a question of market timing - when they think they can do better if they had cash (or lock in return, other opportunity cost or business reasons like taxes or something). I've got a few dupes like ASM 101 I'll be selling eventually, and two copies (one my "collection" copy) a low and a mid grade of the MSH 13 - the book that prompted me to ask. Curious about both the specific book (movie out soon) and in general (like the MSH 18 back in the Guardians day).
  9. Hey! Isn't that the point of the thread? ; ) just messing with you m'dear.
  10. Yeah, I think I'm going to keep one (re MSH 13), the 5.5 copy probably.
  11. I'm so sorry to hear that man, getting old can be a bitch. Bet when you were younger you had one every morning too.
  12. grebal

    The most adorable key comic for under $100?

    Isn't that adorable?
  13. If it wasn't illegal, immoral, and in general just a reprehensible thing to do, it could be interesting to have someone infiltrate homes of most retiring baby boomers to destroy their comic collections before that "supply" might come to the market.
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    Key issue comics under $100 That you can get now?

    I think you overestimate the value of the information his posts might be generating.
  15. grebal

    Key issue comics under $100 That you can get now?

    Because people are responding the question and not the troll ?
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    Nominating Asteroid-Comix

    BS claim, imo.
  17. Sorry about my zombieist, anti-deadite, comment. Should have said "dead thread," and didn't mean to generally disparage all temperature challenged individuals.
  18. The dead one will quickly drop from front page. Good call on restoring your other, older, thread. You probably got button humped, since there are often 2 or even 3 threads by same member running simultaneously on first page, often containing a single book each, that escape detection/deletion.
  19. Excellent calls both getting into and when to probably get out of the hot Ms. And just about demand generally, imo. Best risk-reward tradeoff. No sense in trying to time to perfection, just play the logical odds (like with your exit strategy on Ms Marvel). Nice. Sometimes it turns out in hindsight that peak was actually a month earlier yada yada … forget that stuff. Good luck amigo.
  20. I've had solid results with BINs on ebay. Like the man above said, do your research first on pricing - either use GPA to get data, or simply ebay historical sales (actual sales, not asking prices) for the keys. Also as they've said, it can be some work, and there are some duds who buy on ebay, but since I changed from auction format to BIN I've had much much fewer problems - maybe 3 in past thousand listings I've made, one a return, and two people won and were deadbeats needing relist (all three duds were auctions format, and on the two deadbeats I came here and sold for more than final auction price). The reason I sell on ebay not here is so I don't have to do all the work twice to sell at/near market value - as a relative noob here after a couple of years I didn't get the same results as members who've been here a while, so after selling half the books I listed during the three days I kept thread open (mostly key issues), I then listed remaining books on ebay after I increased the sale price by 10%. There are other ways, I could have kept the thread here going and just discounted the books after a few days, but since I already did the research on market pricing that didn't strike me a reasonable approach. Again though, that means you've first graded each book carefully and conservatively, and bought all the packing materials etc. to deliver a good product on ebay, which could turn out to be a real pain and certainly could be viewed as a fair amount of work. People also speak highly of selling through mycomicshop or sending into one of the auction-sites (either comiclink or comicconnect, I forget which they recommend). Good luck whatever you do bud. Here is last sale thread I did here. (click link)
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    Selling on facebook

    This reminds me of "Don't you boys know any nice songs? ... He used to cut my grass, he was a very nice boy. "
  22. I think that no one putting any real 'money into the game' will tell you squat, because that might work against their interest (add competitors). From a prior life in the investment adviser world, I'd say the odds favor avoiding books that have already had great spikes in price particularly recently, but of course that is not investment advice. And of course there are momentum stocks that can go on and on for a while, like our grails. In just the past two or three years alone there have been some monumental jumps on a select few - watched Hulk 181 in 5.0 for 1000 just 2 years ago and it's a lot more than twice that now, and 181 has been a key for decades - I don't think it can keep doubling in price. I get worried when I see books doubling in such short periods - but then Hulk 181 could just be one of the few exceptions and not cruising for a correction. Gun to my head prediction: FF 48 (some upside potential but could flatten, haven't been following Surfer announcements) and TOD 10 (more room if events generate demand). Your question is really one of movie speculation that drives most of the big 'winners' in recent years. So you should spend a lot time in the 'Movies' forum or Marvel or DC-related websites and read the tea leaves of future 'hits' or character breakouts.