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  1. Thanks, I'll definitely give those places a call this week.
  2. Hello! I'm looking to get a few of my OA pieces (mostly TMNT - duoshade pieces) framed soon. Does anyone have any experience with professional framers in Massachusetts or Rhode Island that that would recommend, or NOT recommend (HAHA)? Thanks in advance for the response.
  3. HAHAHA, yeah, I knew people did this but I thought if it had bids on it it raised a red flag. FWIW, I contacted the seller and he told me he setup a sale with someone for $9k.
  4. Any idea what happened with this issue 1 auction?
  5. It's a 90's X-men, so anywhere from a $1-$5, HAHA. Signing was free, soooo, I guess it's worth $1 - $5. Which is fine. It's funny, I never sell stuff I get signed. This was one of those, left the house moments thinking one thing, and after I left the signing being like, what was I thinking, HAHHA.
  6. Yesterday at Boston Comic Con, my wife and I got my 2 copies of gatefolded X-Men #1 signed by Jim Lee. I'm debating on selling one of them, since I'm not sure why I got the same copy signed. I've checked e-bay prices and they're all over the place. What's a fair selling price for one of these? Thanks in advance.
  7. Yeah, I was looking for a low grade version. Luckily, an amazing person has helped me in my quest. Thanks for the tip
  8. Hello! My niece is a huge Star Wars fan, and really into collecting the original Star Wars comics. I wanted to get her a first print of Star Wars issue 1 for Christmas. I do not want a graded comic, or a comic that is in good shape, I just want to get her a copy of the book. Please undertand, I'm NOT looking to buy a pristine version of the book. If you have something like this, hit me up. Thanks for reading taking time out to read this. All the best, Chris
  9. I'm looking to buy some Saga original art (assuming there are only con sketches available), or signed prints.
  10. Up for sale is an original Usagi Yojimbo sketch by Stan Sakai. Typically I don't sell my sketches, but since I bought the exact same sketch twice (kind of a funny story), I would like to sell one of them off. I'm looking to setup a commission with another TMNT artist. The size is slightly smaller than a comic book.