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  1. Any chance you'd be willing to move that Todd Nauck Kitty Pryde sketch cover?
  2. I currently have two copies of the above-mentioned book. I am looking to trade the one pictured below for a copy of Wonder Woman 26 SDCC Convention Exclusive Variant CGC Signature Series signed by Gal Gadot. If the book you have is a 9.8 then I would be willing to add more on my end to make the trade (most likely in your favor). Please let me know if you have a copy of this book and would be willing to trade it. The slab is brand new and in excellent condition. The marks seen in the scan are from the scanner. Flick (some items that can be added to the trade found here): https://www.flickr.com/photos/138867937@N06/albums
  3. $4.00--Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #1--2.0--Good--C/OW?????????? $12.00--Monsters Unleashed #2(Copy B)--6.0--Fine--C/OW $4.00--The Savage Sword of Conan #47--3.0--G/VG--OW
  4. $4.00--Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #1--2.0--Good--C/OW?????????? $12.00--Monsters Unleashed #2(Copy B)--6.0--Fine--C/OW $4.00--The Savage Sword of Conan #47--3.0--G/VG--OW
  5. Interested in the She-Hulk and Elektra Pinups by Marcio Abreu @ 30% off
  6. I am looking to purchase a raw copy of this book to get signed by Gal Gadot in a couple weeks. It seems these books are fairly hard to find without some sort of spine stress or ticks. I am looking for one that is free of any sort of spine damage or stress. Overall I would like the book to be in NM condition otherwise. Paying between $25-35 depending on the condition of your particular copy. Thanks in advance for any responses! For reference, here is an image of the cover I am looking for.
  7. Conan 127 Conan 128 Both for $3 Magnus Robot Fighter - Batter Up - $3 Magnus Robot Fighter (Robot stomping on head) - $3 Marvel Classics 4 - $3 Marvel Classics 11 - $3 Red Sonja 9 - $3 Red Sonja 12 - $3 Classic Illustrated Moon - $3 Conan 41 - $3
  8. Love that steampunk Buffy, very cool piece!
  9. Psycho #19 (1974) Skywald Vintage: 43 years. Grade: FN+ 6.5 Ask: $19 Dracula Lives! #6 - 1974 - Marvel/Curtis Vintage: 43 years preserved. Grade: VF/NM 9.0 Ask: $40 @ 45% off Monsters Unleashed #9 Marvel/Curtis Grade: VF 8.0/8.5 Ask: $33 @ 30% off