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  1. Hey guys. Ive been kind of keeping track of ASM 1 6.0 for some time. A 6.0 has been hovering between 7 to 8k for a while but I saw one sell in May 2017 for a little over 13k. It had White Pages while the others were more or less OW-W. Is that jump in price solely due to it having white pages? I know its only one sale and its hard to make a judgment but just thought Id see your thoughts. Several 6.5s have sold this year and according to GPA, their prices have ranged from 10.6k to 13k (all pretty much OW-W). Thanks in advance.
  2. Wow. Looks like you guys have been keeping up with the run. Wish I could finish up the early ones soon too.
  3. Ive been trying for some time but keep getting distracted by OA. I have 1, 4, 40, 64, 137, 194, 201-700 (with maybe 3-5 missing nonkey issues in between). Just taking my time with the early ones cuz the better the grade the higher the price so trying to find a good deal on them. I don't know how common it is to have the entire collection but you do see some "full" collections pop up on eBay.
  4. Awesome find. Always great to add something that hits that nostalgic sweet spot.
  5. I myself have been looking for a decent Jones Batman cover and Sale LH/DV page. I did come across this Kelly Jones page on Graphic Collectibles but its only Manbat with no Batman.
  6. Always enjoy seeing this cover. One of the very best out there.
  7. Hit the ground running I see. Great stuff
  8. This is my first Bagley piece.
  9. I'm looking mainly for the final 10 pages or so and the Covers. But I wouldn't mind picking up any page from that issue.
  10. Still on the hunt.... Feel free to reach out with any info
  11. Good move on the trade. Never get tired of checking out this beauty.
  12. That's an awesome piece to have as your first pick up. Welcome to the club.
  13. This has been on my want list for a while. Great stuff Paul.