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  1. Wow. That must've been some feeling winning that auction. You can always make a comeback and the beauty is you'll have this one crossed off the list
  2. Very cool collection. I think these are gonna go to some happy homes.
  3. Thanks a lot for the post. Ill check that one out too. Im hoping to add any of the 700 variants or 2nd/3rd/4th/5th printing.
  4. I see the Dell'Otto thread is running strong. Keep it up guys. I love checking out the covers.
  5. I definitely think Nostalgia plays a role. It may not affect everyone to the same degree but Im sure theres quite a few who would agree. Of course, an entire art collection wouldn't be dedicated to it because of availability of the artwork and pricing. That being said, I think there are phases for the new collectors where they initially hit the ground running trying to acquire it but seeing that a lot of it is already in private collections/CAF they would gravitate towards newer art for the sake of having some artwork in their collection. I myself would love to add some 90s artwork but seeing how it may not always be readily available I tend to get what I see appealing now (but I still keep my eyes open for it).
  6. That's a good question. I was wondering the same thing so began checking out various artist's FB pages. Ive seen some of the newer artists post their artwork on FB and instagram but they also have a main website where you can purchase from. But as far as A/A+ stuff, I think those guys either have reps now on known dealer sites or don't even sell their work.
  7. For the guys who like Trading Cards, I'm glad to add my first one (of many I hope)...
  8. Very cool display. Feel free to show a close up of the Batman/Joker commission. Would love to check out the detail.
  9. The Spiderman/Venom Crain combo distracted me a while back. Awesome addition my friend.
  10. Funny I was just going through your stuff today.
  11. WTB Samurai Jack cover Hey guys. I wanted to see if I can pick up a Samurai Jack original art cover. Looking for something with Aku or a battle sequence. If anyone has one/several or can point me to the right direction Id appreciate it. There must be some Sam Jack fans out there (special thanks to Eurion and Sooners151 for their help already ).
  12. Wow. Definitely a show-stopper. Must be awesome in person.
  13. Id be willing to kick a 10% finders fee for any pages/covers found that I wind up purchasing.
  14. I see you've already framed the 2 Crains. Nice one to have side to side.
  15. Wow. That's a nice one.