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  1. I am pretty new to the hobby, but my understanding is that this has been extensively done for years. Many years.
  2. This photo - and the story behind it - warms my heart. And boy, Spideys sell fast. Beautiful books, congrats to all the buyers (and the seller of course).
  3. You guys in the US will never understand the struggle of trying to build an ASM run, while living in Europe. I just had this beauty delivered however within 2-3 days, before living San Francisco and get back to the old good fun of waiting 2-3 weeks for the books to arrive. Thank you @Straw-Man !
  4. I only arrange shipping to hotels when I am visiting the US. It saves me some shipping costs and mostly the hustle of dealing with customs. And it makes especially sense when buying some lower $ books.
  5. Yes, I have done it a few times - never had a problem. C-Link was excellent working with me on this.
  6. Spidey madness! @Straw-Man These are some real real beautiful book there! I had my self a small package waiting for me when I checked in at my hotel in SF today. All of them from C-Link.
  7. What a book! Congrats Here is my copy. Grabbed it about a year ago from eBay. My younger daughter's favourite book after watching the spider-verse movie.
  8. Taking everything in consideration, I think it actually makes sense. Yes, not a first appearance, but: 1st issue of the most iconic (and most collected) run ever published (everyone who collects Spider-Man wants it and then many many more). Published just a few months after the first appearance (and only the second appearance). Published pre-1964 (the time frame that many collectors consider to be the point when collecting became "a thing") Iconic cover (some collectors don't like it, but iconic nevertheless) High status book (who doesn't want to say that they own the first issue of Spider-Man?) AF15 prices have raised out of reach for the vast majority of collectors, so it is the next best thing for Spider-Man collecting. I think it was undervalued for a long long time and I personally don't see it coming down to previous prices any time soon.
  9. #66 has the nicest Mysterio cover of the run in my opinion. I love it and actually have my copy often displayed. Which issues didn't reach the 9.0 threshold? Sounds like they would be perfect for someone who collects 7.5 - 8.5s
  10. The answer is in the link you provided . Looks like a nice story (and obviously inspired by ASM 248).
  11. Good job! These are all some amazing books and I too value the consistency. I do however give me the space of one whole grade range for my graded silver age Spidey run (7.5 - 8.5). Issue 24 is one of my favourite SA issues. Both the cover but mostly the story - its cool, entertaining and a tad psychedelic. I still haven't got around to add a nice copy to my run though!
  12. I don't care about signed books, so for my part Erik Larsen can find whatever excuse he wants to charge $100 for a signature. BUT... If CGC or any other reputable company offering comparable services didn't exist, a lot of collectors including me (living out of the US) would probably never be able to build a collection of higher end books, mainly due to two issues (in order of significance in my opinion): The lack of restoration detection The lack of a widely - globally accepted grading. Still subjective, yes, but widely accepted among collectors. I don't feel the urge to read my more valuable books. I have already read them in reprints. But if I did, nobody would stop me from cracking them out of the slab. I really wonder if those who don't get the whole CGC thing, would be willing to pay $40K for a raw AF15 that may or may not be restored, and MAYBE a 4.0 (but who knows, it could also be a 3.0 because "I am not a professional grader, please see the pictures and judge by yourself").