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  1. Always impressed by your collection Dave. Persistence and dedication pays off man. Good luck with those two last issues!
  2. Same grade for my #1 and #15 (and to be honest, almost all of my SA Spideys )
  3. What a gorgeous book! And hey, we are JIM83 bros ;-)
  4. I think I bought my latest Spidey a year ago and it was my ASM 15! After acquiring the majority of the big Marvel SA keys and Spidey keys I felt that my motivation dropped and I needed some time to reflect over the direction of my collecting. I was then to the point where I owned 344 out of the 400 first Amazing Spider-man issues. I have missed the hunting though, and even my wife has been asking me if I am not taking my collecting up any time again soon lol. So I took everything out today, refreshed my memory about where I was and started making a mission plan! :-) I am going to continue where I was with the first goal being to complete the first 10 issues (I still need 7, 8 and 10) and then the rest of the first 20 (I need 11, 12, 16-19). And then take it from there! #7 in CGC 7.5-8.0 is my direct next goal. Here is a photo with the earliest Spideys as of today! :-)
  5. You surely did. Here is mine! :-) Not Silver Age but a cool cover with my favourite villain! Hope you all guys are well!
  6. I think I only have one single CGC 9.2 Spidey and its not even SA, but here it is anyway I hope 2020 will be a more productive year for my Spidey run - I have been on a hiatus during the last 6 months but I am back!
  7. Congrats Dave! Your dedication is really inspirational my friend. And that collection is surely something to admire! Cheers
  8. Tim bought my IM1, paid lightning fast and he was great to deal with! Thanks!
  9. Hey guys! Up for sale, this beautiful Iron Man #1 CGC 8.0 OW-W. Price is $785. I charge $15 for shipping to the US and Europe (and I cover the rest of the shipping costs). It will be shipped securely packaged and with signature required. The book will be shipped from Sweden. I purchased the book from the boards three years ago and I have to let it go to fund something else. It is a really strong 8.0 in my opinion. I have a kudos thread and have done a lot of business in the boards, mostly high $ books. The rules: Shipping: The book will be shipped securely from Sweden within 3 business days (probably faster). Shipping will cost the buyer $15 (I cover the rest) I ship to the USA and Europe. Payment: Payment only via PayPal. Other rules: No members from the probation or hall of shame list. First in the thread gets the book. Return Policy: No returns on CGC graded books. Scans:
  10. This is correct, but some runs including of course ASM and FF have retained their collecting base and even "fillers" will always have a demand (if one would dare calling issues like 11 and more all less every issue up to 100 or even up to 200 a filler). With that said, I personally came to realise how tough and sought after #11 in higher grade is, right after I completed adding the early keys in my run and started more seriously researching for the rest. "Fortunately" for me, my focus is on 7.5 - 8.0 grades for Ditko issues, so it shouldn't be impossible to find one, but definitely not easy either. Thank you for your very interesting post
  11. An awesome cover indeed. Here is my raw copy. Got it from Metropolis, when I was in NY last year - graded as VF.
  12. It's how prices for this book exponentially rise from 9.0 and above, indeed. The difference even between 8.5 and 9.0 is pretty striking as well.
  13. Lovely book Alex, it looks great. It will be exciting to see where this dark Spidey path lead you