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  1. Think I previously requested this on the wrong post... Sorry. 12 cent Superman 150 - 217. !2 cent Action Comics 283- 376. The first to the last 12 cent issues. THE HEART OF THE SILVER AGE. This turns huge sets into doable chunks.
  2. How about Action 283 - 376 every 12 cent issue? From the first 12 cent to the first 15 cent. Action is too huge to collect. And the 301 - 400, 401 - 500 sets are so artificial. Action Comics 12 cent- Heart of the Silver Age. Set Created. Thank you
  3. I think just about any 12 cent run makes sense. How about Superman 150 - 217? All 12 cent issues. When looking at Superman sets they seem rather sparse. Not many own or can afford the 1 - 440 run. Seems logical to break huge runs into smaller sets.
  4. How about Superman 150 - 217. The first 12 cent comic to the last comic before the price increased to 15 cents? The Heart of the Silver Age.
  5. I have seen some nice comic rooms. This is the BEST. So classy, clean, well designed. I would just spend every day sitting in that room. WOW! Are the sets behind the inserts? Fantastic Four seems to be split up.
  6. The Frazetta posters continue along the wall and around. There are over 30 of them.
  7. I love looking at other collectors comic rooms. So cool. Thought I would share mine. First picture top left, heading upstairs to my comic rooms. 2nd picture top right, looking back down into my living room. Not a comic room but lots of Frazetta prints. Other pictures of the IKEA cases I use to house my comics. They are all in black plastic magazine holders, with a printed picture of what's inside pasted to the front. The large holders take 60 bagged comics or about 10 CGC comics. The framed covers are either 16x24 or 24x36 scanned and then printed on canvas. The frames cost more than the prints. Mostly Jack Kirby covers for Marvel and Curt Swan for DC. The focus of my collection is 12 cent Marvel and DC. For CGC its Jack Kirby and Marvel no DC. I think a video would make more sense because my comic room is actually one complete room and parts of two others. It's hard to follow with just pictures.
  8. Thor #126-#177 (Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Run) I think this must be a new set added recently. But it is incomplete, Thor annual 1 and 2 should be added to it along with Tales of Asgard #1.
  9. How about a set of Tales of Suspense featuring Captain America TOS 59-99?
  10. How about Thor 126-177 the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby run on the book. I can't believe this isn't already a set.
  11. I Just bought some BCW GRADED COMIC BAGS they are 8 1/2 x 13 7/16 and you CAN NOT get a CGC case of the new size in them. I saw some bags sized 9 x 14 1/4 but, I feel that will be too baggy. (no pun) I had some older bags that would fit the new case if you were really careful but I don't remember the brand. Does anyone have a better product they could recommend. Looking for snug fit, with a clear bag.