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  1. I’ll take it per PM price
  2. Interested in finding a copy or copies of Jumbo Comics #159 (1952) raw or graded in any grade above a 2.0 that is complete and presents reasonably well up to the 9.0+ range. Would prefer unrestored. Let me know if you have one. Thanks -CW
  3. The FF1 is a 1.5 and it belongs to @Primetime he was holding down the booth with me. You can PM him if interested.
  4. Well here’s that problem solved Dont worry, I lurk when I’m not changing diapers. (My kids...not mine. Just want to be clear there.)
  5. This remains to be seen. It might be a really good backup story.
  6. Ok here’s my show review. The show... was great as always. You can basically stop reading right there and just show up to the next one. In between the customers it feels like a room full of old and new friends hanging out on a Saturday talking comics and having a laugh. Jbud and HOC have been showing me the ropes for almost 15 years now so seeing both of them in the same room always brings a smile to my face. POV was in rare form. His improv is unnecessarily hilarious and once he’s finishes making you laugh, he busts out his magnifier and lays a master class worth of knowledge on you. I’m serious, I learned more about restoration detection in 20 mins than I have in the last 14 years. Primetime had my 6 in the booth all day counting $1 books by the dozen and letting me drop the Overstreet Advisor card every once in a while and Brain was there just long enough for me to wise crack a few times before he disappeared to do real life stuff (we missed you buddy). The show has introduced me to a lot of boardies I probably wouldn’t have bumped in to other wise. Harvdoss and Edgerx are both awesome dudes. Then there is the new breed of instagram collectors that have been growing on me. A lot of very cool ladies and gents that would make (if they aren’t already) great additions to the boards. And of course Wormboy does an awesome job orchestrating. I’m gonna say this out loud one time just for you Tim. Thank you for taking all that ‘abuse’ (I don’t think I’m allowed to use the word I want to there) from that mean old lady that rudely orders you where to put each table at the end of the show so the octogenarians can play bridge on Sunday morning. Everything about this show brings out the best memories of collecting and dealing for most everyone that goes. It is a nostalgia factory to say the least. If you’ve made it through my entire OG boardie love note then you owe it to yourself to check this little box of comics out. It’s better than Ralph Macchio’s letter to the editor in Amazing Spider-Man #129.
  7. I was one of those guys! Thanks for reminding me. I’m gonna go slam my hand in my car door.
  8. KrazyKat and his 500 shill accounts. Undisclosed pressing was the equivalent of drowning small animals. FFB was still Fantasy Football Bono Golddust (I’m sorry to bring back painful memories buddy) as Captain Red Pants. And Greggy only had 300,000 posts. I’ve been here too long...
  9. Show is gonna be great! If you haven’t been yet, show up! I’ve got 11 long boxes full of brand new 50 cent books coming (actual good titles included!) A wall with some more affordable keys for my lower budget collectors (GSX 1, Thor 165, Secret Wars 8’s, ASM 298-300, Graded copies of ASM 300, NM 98, X 101, and a ton of other goodies.) plus a ton of $5-$20 books at half price. We might even drag out some modern OA for fun. If I had found this show when I first started collecting I would have been very spoiled. The amount of knowledge, product and great atmosphere make it a very special venue. See you there.
  10. Lol. I've been quietly answering Noob questions in the new forum for a couple of weeks now but I appreciate the excitement. The Fantastic/ House of Comics booth at Wondercon was epic as was our recreation of the chase scene from Bullitt!
  11. Also agreed. Pressing doesn't fade a book. Only light, water and in cases chemical cleaners do that. It interestingly seems to lift blacks when done improperly, leaving a color pull effect and in a few cases I have seen, it bleeds some colors which does give the appearance of fade from the outside and bleed from the inside of a cover but usually on 1-2 colors and not all. Again I'm assuming this is not the norm with pressing but the process failing or being administered by a novice. It amuses me, when I first joined the boards the word pressing was a 4 letter word here and considered by many as extensive restoration. Bob's experience demonstrates how much has changed since then in the public opinion. I'm totally off topic but I thought it was interesting.
  12. Agreed. Traditional fading is a defect that will lower a grade significantly. I just don't think this is the case here.
  13. There can be significant variation in color throughout the print run of a single book. This is very noteable in books with orange or red covers. Books like Hulk 181, Secret Wars 8 and ASM 300 all have specimen that can range from a salmon orange color to blood red in the appropriate areas. This doesn't seem to effect the grade as it is a minor production issue (although some collectors apply a premium to the deeper colors). If this is an ink related production difference it shouldn't change the grade proper, just the overall eye appeal of the book as viewed by the collector and potentially the value they place upon it. With regards to fading, I don't see that as a factor on your books. If it was you should see a uniform loss in color. One of your books is dull in the reds but the yellows are very deep while the other has washed out yellows with strong reds. The black in the UPC box that you mentioned looks to me more like the black ink was running low at printing (although this would likely appear book wide not in one focused area) or (more likely) got transferred to another book in the production stacks shortly there after. The ink transfer defect might be supported by some residual black ink on the back cover of the book. (I can't remember what color the NM 98 back cover is. If it's anything but black you should get a good idea if black ink was coming off the books at printing. I've had books with this washed out look in specific areas of black. With regards to reproduction, do the covers to the 2 books feel the same in weight of paper? Meaning do they share the same properties of thickness and flexibility? If one feels Very different, maybe you have a fake. If they feel the same in paper specs, it likely isn't. To my understand (I may be wrong) the paper used on the late 80's early 90's books is very thin and not the sort of thing you feed through your ink jet printer to make copies. I was under the assumption that it was the type of paper that comes off of big rolls through the printer and is later cut and folded. The idea that you have a fake should be easily answered with some basic comparison of the interior and exterior of the book. The only other thing that I have seen that you might check is, in my opinion, pressing related. I've been noticing on some books that are obviously pressed (probably poorly or improperly) a bleeding of skin tones and magentas through the covers. They seem blurred and more prominent on the inside covers. I've also seen pressed books that have a suspicious color loss in areas that may be related to the same poor pressing techniques although I can't confirm this as it is just an observation on my part. Without seeing your books in person, I lean towards printing related. By all means send them to CGC and see if anybody gave you the right answer.