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  1. Ha, nah. I'd love to see what he produces for those commissions. This and the wolverine were won on Twitch via his silent auctions. $2500 and $3200 respectively. The last one auctioned off was a Psylocke for $3648 ( Seems like the prices on these auctions will continue to rise.
  2. Latest.
  3. Deadpool 45 1:50, Howard The Duck 2 1:50 Run the Jewels Lot (this is my first FS post, so please let me know if I did not follow any rules) This lot contains 5 books. 1) Deadpool's Secret Wars Run the Jewels variant, CGC 9.8 2) Deadpool 45 1:50 Run the Jewels Variant, CGC 9.6 3) Howard the Duck 2 1:50 Run the Jewels Variant, CGC 9.8 4) A sketch variant of Howard the Duck 2 Run the Jewels Variant 5) Black Panther 2 Run the Jewels Variant Number 2 and 3 are extremely rare and hard to find. I'm looking for $899 or best offer!
  4. Hrm, my previous message is "hidden"? New to the forum... Here is the message Anyone here do the Jim Lee Fan Experience (CGC/CBCS)? I'm wondering what I paid $149 bucks for. All they did was corral us into the same line the $99 dollar people got in. We got the exact same experience they did, we just paid more... Also, since I was submitting through ComicSketchArt, we still paid a 40 dollar fee for each Jim Lee signature submitted. Was this the same fee that folks paid at the regular CGC booth for the Jim Lee witnessed signature?
  5. All-Star Batman and Robin. I thought I could make it through on Jim Lee's art alone, but Frank Miller's writing on that was abysmal.
  6. I agree. However, they were probably hoping to follow on the tailcoats of already popular heroes like they did with Ms. Marvel.
  7. My buddy did these and labeled his windows for Jim Lee and Scott Snyder for three of his books. On all three books, Snyder signed in the Jim Lee box, lololol. And then Jim Lee signed his sketch cover with a silver sharpie. You can't even see the signature!