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  1. This is largely what keeps me in check with my collecting. Are these pieces display worthy? If not, i'll just move on. But secondly, do I even have room to display it if it's display worthy? I've seen a few collectors who litter their walls with nicely framed comic art, but it just looks like a mess and gives me anxiety because there is no order and everything is poorly aligned and crooked. I like to have my art spread out throughout the house, here and there as opposed to having a small room where all my stuff is displayed.
  2. This would def work, but the original poster specifically said Bristol, unless he is just mistaken.
  3. There are a number of people I talk to regularly who are also currently experiencing issues and radio silence from Cadence, including cover purchases going missing and not sent, to receiving odd and completely random packages from them. Wholly unprofessional to ghost people that have sent you thousands of dollars, even if delay issues are out of their hands.
  4. PUBLISHED. Pin-up featured inside Catwoman 80th Anniversary Book by Tula Lotay (
  5. No goals for this year. I picked up some great pieces in 2020, but in hindsight, nothing that I couldn't live without. I'll be building up my war chest and just sitting and waiting for the right irresistible piece to appear.
  6. Solid work on this, and you citing a ton of things I was going to. Firstly, Dave, congrats on the up and coming house! We moved into our new home a little over a month ago, and sadly all of my framed art is still unhung. I'm still trying to suss out where i want things, as I generally don't have a dedicated space for my art. It's all just sprinkled through-out the house. One of the best things you can do is to use LEDs for EVERYTHING. They'll save you money in the long run, and if you have valuables of all sorts to protect against UV, then this should def. be your first step. Un
  7. I really don't understand the issue. I've used Transfer wise a number of times for various dealers.
  8. I really think that both big publishers are simply targeting the wrong demographic. They're too focused on trying to appeal to older and stubborn "mature" readers who hate any changes to their favorite characters, who have been collecting floppies for years. I think by focusing on them, they're not appealing to newer and younger readers. As you said, you didn't step into a comic shop until a few years after you started collecting. Not only do they need to focus on stories that appeal to a younger crowd, but they need to push and really advertise them in markets that are easily accessible
  9. How do you expect anyone to give a ball-park price on simple "a page in a comic". The page, as you put it, is not anything special. Buy what you love. If it's not anything special, just pass on it, even if it is from issue 1 of a popular book.
  10. Probably not as funny as you thought it was.
  11. CAF Update: Batman 50 Splash page by Bermejo.
  12. Man, i really love his linework. I almost prefer his non-colored pieces just so I can stare at them.
  13. Yeah, this has been on eBay for a while, IIRC. It's pretty nice. And while I think he's good, i don't really see anything special about his style. There are so many digital/concept artists who have similar anime-esque figure styles who are just as talented. Maybe he was just smarter about it since his art is so hot. Really wish I had splurged on this one. It's quite nice. He is able to sell well and at high prices, but perhaps his secondary market prices don't come close to his original asking prices? $12k seemed a bit low for a cover by him featuring Batman and Catwoman, a
  14. From what I understand, the majority of his covers are digital as you said, but I don't think many of them have a traditional component to them. And yeah, a ton of money. When I first started collecting comic art in general, I reached out about a cover he did for KRS Comics. Whoever runs his FB page responded that the asking was 10k usd. I nearly my pants at that price.... I still do, actually.
  15. His pricing is kind of all over the place, but I think he's just testing the waters to see what he can sell at. This piece, when it originally was posted by him on CAF, he was asking 10k. Ultimately, it sold for $3500, which I might have actually purchased. I saw the original 10k asking price and just scoffed and wrote it off For a while, he had some sketch cover commissions that were priced at 600-1000, which I think is a bit absurd considering he had published panel pages priced considerably less, but it l