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  1. Not comic books...but really fun to visit...the Funko Pop store. Cool photo ops with the different sections. I believe this is in Everett. Hit the Seattle pop museum for the Marvel exhibit. It ends in March and is spectacular to see in person.
  2. After the recent -30 degree days ... I question why I'm still in Chicago!
  3. Here's a link to the recent livestream where he answers questions pertaining to the raffle for those interested in hearing directly from the current owner.
  4. Do you have to pay taxes on the estimated value of raffle winnings?
  5. According to a recent email from him...he has received hundreds of applications.... "I'm hosting an open house at Chimera's Comics Oak Lawn this Sunday from 12PM-3PM. I've had hundreds of people apply to win Chimera's Comics Oak Lawn, and thousands more are thinking about it - literally, I'm not making that up.I would love to meet everyone and show folks around the store. Plus I've been getting a lot of great questions (seriously, I did an hour long livestream and answered questions nonstop). So I want to address those in person too.I'll have free comics for kids 10 and under, some light refreshments (aka, donuts).Plus, I'll be there with my brother Nicholas, who will be signing copies of his young adult novel, "The Crusader."I'll sweeten the pot with a coupon too. I hope you can make it!"
  6. I agree. And with this "opportunity" they will not share any of the subscriber base numbers to potential applicants. The selected winner will be shared that info under NDA. So, how can one value that component when there isn't transparency with it?
  7. Yes. And if that winner is interested in the business after getting to review financials under NDA. If accepted after review of financials...then the winner has to satisfy the other requirements in the terms and conditions. If the winner doesn't want it, I guess he can just keep the application fees and do something else with the store (likely just sell it outright).
  8. Ha! Many shops can operate without back issues. Challenger's Comics in Chicagon would be a good example of that. One issue could be two other comic shops less then 10 mins driving from this shop. Both of which have been established for 20+ years. And for new releases, one offers 15% off on the day of release without needing a subscription. So if new books are your main focus...you really need to think about how you differentiate yourself from the other shops that are so close to you.
  9. That's why you have to read closely the terms and conditions. As noted...he is a lawyer. Here's the link to the terms: https://www.chimerascomics.com/win-a-comic-book-store-terms-and-conditions/ Of particular interest are terms, 3, 4, 5, & 6. "Application Fee. The “Application Fee” shall equal twenty five dollars ($25 USD) and is nonrefundable, regardless of whether or not the Minimum Number of Applicants has been reached (as further defined herein). Acceptance. Upon payment of the Application Fee, each Applicant represents that they have read, understand, and accept the Terms in their entirety and agree to be bound by same. Contest Term. The contest shall run from February 1, 2019 through February 28, 2019, or until the calendar day upon which the total number of Applicants equals two thousand (2,000) (such number, the “Maximum Number of Applicants”), whichever is sooner (in either case, such period of time shall be further referred to as the “Term”). Minimum Number of Applicants. The Prize (as further defined herein) shall only be awarded if the total number of Applicants is at least five hundred (500) (the “Minimum Number of Applicants”) prior to the expiration of the Term."
  10. Incorrect. The minimum to hold the contest is 500 applications. There is a maximum of 2,000 total applications. So if 2,000 applications are received before 2/28...yes the contest moves forward early. But if 2/28 arrives and only 450 applications are submitted, the contest does not happen.
  11. He will only hold the contest if 500 applications are received. If 400 applications are received...not contest...but the application fees are non-refundable. So, in that instance he would keep the money and not hold the contest. So, there's not a scenario where he is only reading 20 applications.
  12. Wouldn't it be nice to know ahead of time ... what the monthly lease is, how much are utilities, how many subscribers there currently are and the number of books they subscribe to a month? The winner can't just take everything and immediately sell it. They are required to establish a lease and diamond account. A POS system will not pay your monthly expenses. $5 trades will not pay your monthly expenses. Plus your scope in this town is limited. So, offer all the $5 trades you want ... new people have to come into the store ... not the same weekly customers.
  13. Totally differently run comic shop. And in a wealthier suburb. Probably about a 40 minute drive from Oak Lawn. One stop has extensive back issues. Last I recall, they have photocopies of the expensive books on the wall and you have to ask to see them. I didn't get the sense that you would find bargins there ... but when you're one of the few deep back-issue stores in or around Chicago ... then there's no need to bargin price.
  14. Yes. And don't forget about the NDA so all the other participants will never know the truth. And if you read further ... the owner talks about how transparent they are in this contest. I would have to disagree. Plus they are promoting it in some areas as a "Chicago-based" shop. We are talking at suburb outside of Chicago. So that's mis-leading in that you think "Chicago" ... lots of people ... lots of traffic and sales. That is not the case in this town.
  15. What something is "worth" vs. what someone is willing to pay ... two very different things. Modern back issues (non-key issues) ... little to no value. Trade paper back trades ... not terribly robust at the shop. And all editions that you would find regularly at the 50% bins at cons. Fixtures ... sure value in those ... but very specific. Would have to find the right store in close proximity to sell.