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  1. Per email update... ”Last month, you might have heard I gave Chimera's Comics Oak Law away in the essay contest, as promised. I chose Chris Cavanaugh to take over. As Chris saw how much was involved in running a small business, he told me he needed partners. That wisdom is how I knew I'd chose well.So Chris and I talked - and we invited Brian Stuchell to join the team and take the lead of Chris's team. Brian is a beloved former business owner in Oak Lawn who has overcome a tremendous battle with cancer. But one casualty of the war with his disease was his store, Greenfire Games. Chris and I saw we had a chance to set things right, and give the customers of Chimera's Comics Oak Lawn the leadership and love it deserves.On Monday, July 1, I handed the keys over to Brian and Chris. I no longer own Chimera's Comics Oak Lawn.”
  2. Randall rocks ... but I'm sure everyone that's purchased from him already knows that. Accurate descriptions, fast turnaround time and shipping, and the books are professionally packaged (easy to open with those tabs). He's a seller you can trust. Plus he seems like a genuinely nice guy. It's all why I'm a repeat buyer. Thanks very much!
  3. Based upon her Facebook page...the contest for the house was extended to July 5. There's also a recent video update. "Write A Letter Win A House"
  4. Sorry ... poorly worded. The LaGrange Chimera Comics had co-owners when it opened. The winner of the store is Facebook friends with both those co-owners. He is NOT one of the original co-owners. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. You can see the connection if you do a Facebook search. So, maybe "friends" is too strong of a word. Acquaintances via social media?
  6. https://abc7chicago.com/business/meet-the-winner-of-this-free-comic-book-store-competition/5292849/ Two winners to the contest. 1) Winner of the store: A friend of the owner and original co-owner of the store. 2) Secondary store being started as a non-profit in an underprivileged area in Chicago. Now, if you go back to watch any of the videos about the giveaway, the owner talked about how he was gonna set up the winner to succeed. Lots of publicity as all the media outlets wanted to cover the winner. Flash forward. One news outlet reports it. And one would think FCBD would be a great launch for a new owner. That didn't happen. A lot of hoopla to end in a whimper.
  7. If you're going the pre-order route (2 months in advance) ... like a DCBService ... I would recommend http://kowabungacomics.com. They offer equal discounts to DCBS, and I've found their packages to arrive much quicker and the issues in nicer condition.
  8. at 20% off....thanks! Iron Man #15 -- F+ -- 6.5 -- $15 Iron Man #71 -- VF -- 8.0 -- $7 Incredible Hulk #203 -- F/VF -- 7.0 -- $3 Power Man #22 -- Copy A -- F/VF -- 7.0 -- $3
  9. This was the entry doors that weren't by Starbucks (so other section from where you were located). You had some minor celebs set up there (Jake the Snake Roberts and Ming from Comic Book Men). I think that Harley Yee was set up on the opposite side of where that black table clothed booth is on the left. So by nature of being more specialty booths...I can see why this area would look empty at certain times. But definitely not indicative of the overall show.
  10. Not comic books...but really fun to visit...the Funko Pop store. Cool photo ops with the different sections. I believe this is in Everett. Hit the Seattle pop museum for the Marvel exhibit. It ends in March and is spectacular to see in person.
  11. After the recent -30 degree days ... I question why I'm still in Chicago!
  12. Here's a link to the recent livestream where he answers questions pertaining to the raffle for those interested in hearing directly from the current owner.