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  1. A Jack Davis Mad Magazine back cover An Alberto Breccia page fom Perramus
  2. Not just that. Completely re-inking a published piece initially done with marker (which had faded when art was sold at auction) opened up a lot of possibilities. And I'm pretty sure that wasn't a first.
  3. Is there any special evening among fellow collectors during the New York Comic Con ?
  4. Considering the last owners of the art before it came in auction, I'm surprised no one addresses the possibility of the art being "altered", even slightly. Are there scans of the art or a real condition report of it, before it came into possession of those guys, as we all know they've altered so many pieces of art, and never hesitated to have art restored in some peculiar way, like having someone ink all over a marker-done cover for example. Because if by any chance the art was teared, or missing a piece of panel, there's very little chance this would be mentioned.
  5. The way Azarello wrote the opening sequences of the animated version of "Killing Joke", and how he then considered the Batgirl character, you knew his "100 bullets" days were long gone. And for those of use who dared read the first issues of Moonshine, it was definitively confirmed. This little stunt will now eclipse the Joel Schumacher Bat-Nipples. Right now, I need some lazy writer repellent bat-spray
  6. There are very few collectors who like to discuss this topic, because it refers to our mortality. But it's as stupid as having a secret cache where you put thousands of dollars, not disclose it, and let the movers find it later instead of your flesh and blood. Also, because many collectors lied to their wife and family regarding the price they paid for the art (very, very bad idea long-term although people getting a divorce will contradict me with a smile) to avoid a heated conversation. And another batch don't want to pay insurance money, which would have been associated by an official estimate from a third party (they don't want anyone to know what they have). Also a very bad move long-term. If anything happens to these collectors, their family will often sell their collection for cheap. give it for free, or even throw it away. I've seen that happen. Another thing, write down a list of people (professionals or well-educated flippers) that your family must avoid at all cost when it's time to sell if you passed away. Cause some are as hypnotic as the snake from the Jungle Book.
  7. Not for sale at the moment. Already had a few offers. Thanks for asking.
  8. You should contact his rep :
  9. Added a psychedelic Richard Corben Page on CAF.
  10. Sold at auction. Never saw another Conan headshot with such details.
  11. Can you imagine "Mad Max" on ice ? Well, it's called ""Wintersea", written by Chuck Dixon, and pencilled by Jorge Zaffino, a fantastic inker, well-known for his Punisher work. Enjoy :
  12. It was offered at the NY comic Con 4 years ago for 15 K and didn't sell. It was previously sold on Heritage in 2013 for 8.5 K Gorgeous cover.
  13. thanks a lot. Many pieces, among them, both Sandman pages, the Defenders cover, and the Silver Surfer Marshall rogers cover have no price written on pencil or a sticker. Do you remember who had those ? And were there many pages without any price mentioned on it ?