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  2. Without a doubt one of the most memorable, influential and acclaimed graphic novels of all time, Will Eisner’s « A Contract With God » is beloved by fellow artists and readers alike. Arguably the first modern graphic novel, it revolutionized the comics world when it was first published in 1978. This selection of pages (tight pencilled prelims and inked pages) had never been neither exhibited nor offered for sale. The exhibition will take place from the 15th until the 31th of October at the Comic Art Factory gallery, based in Brussels, Belgium. Over 60 pieces will be available for sa
  3. The Comic Art Factory gallery has a brand new website, and dozens of new pages to celebrate it. Our website :
  4. The oriignal Human Torch from 1939 joins the Avengers A Key page by John Byrne.
  5. A rare watercolor commission by Joe SINNOTT, starring "The Thing" : A delightful Peter Pan commission by Jeremy BASTIAN. You will not believe your eyes when you'll see the details : Enjoy and happy collecting.
  6. Just posted a huge and gorgeous Superman illustration by Darwyn Cooke
  7. A huge and classy Superman illustration by Darwyn Cooke Enjoy :
  8. Mignola New York Statue of Liberty cover
  9. Curt Swan only did 3 Star Trek issues, and this is his only USS Enterprise splash. 3.000 $
  10. A very early 1911 Krazy Kat strip by George Herriman
  11. A rare Joe Kubert Batman page
  12. First comic art show for Irish artist Keith Burns. The Comic Art Factory gallery (based in Belgium) is proud to announce our newest exhibition : "Out of the blue" (25 October - 9 November). Published by Aftershock, this series is the third Wold war 2 aviation story written by Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys, Hellblazer,..) and pencilled by Keith Burns. Check those spectacular dogfights ! New art will be online Friday the 27th of October at 9 AM Pacific time. But you can already have a look at the art from both previous series :
  13. Honestly, that makes me proud to give money back to the creator and his heirs. But of course, you can think you have the right to make money over and over on someone's else work.