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  1. Honestly, that makes me proud to give money back to the creator and his heirs. But of course, you can think you have the right to make money over and over on someone's else work.
  2. Sorry but I think it's the minimum required when selling art. And you can at least take the time to write down artist, series, issue number, any conditions issues worth mentioning. That's your job as a dealer. As it is to be able to send PDF invoices.
  3. Oh come on, are you really summarizing it as post-it VS printed ? Have you ever seen anyone selling anything with post it as price tags ? One of the last show I waent to, half of the sellers didn't have prices on their art, and one of them had to think each time as he only had a price list of the prices he paid for these pieces. and on the same day, he gave me different asking prices on some pieces. And he's been selling art for more than 20 years. Sorry but I can't stand that personnally. and I really hope that in a few years time, these shenanigans will not exist anymore. And yes, I know many people that this absence of clear pricing make them reluctant to start a comic art collection.
  4. The Marvel team-up #84 cover was 12 K 5 years ago, now 22.5 K. More than absurd. The Brothers did it again. And I still don't understand how "art dealers" can dare to offer pieces with no prices shown or barely drawn on post-it papers, Just seems like we're at the flea market, hesitating between a 3$ book and a 5$ one, but no w'ere talking dozens of thousands of dollars pieces and they can't manage to print stickers, really ?. This shady part of the comic art business makes it impossible for many potential new customers to come aboard.
  5. You could write an email to the museum, mentioning the date of the Sunday.
  6. As usual, just use the email provided on the contact page, and ask to forward it to the manager.
  7. The Comic Art Factory gallery is having the first european art show of US artist Howard Cruse, until the 6th of July. Here is his interview, regarding his "Wendel" series, and his award-winning graphic novel "Stuck Rubber Baby".
  8. I use this Itoya bag
  9. A week ago, a collector told me a story. It could be written in the Bible of colelcting. Step 1 : A collector visited him and saw a few pieces that were not for sale. He asked if he could take a few pictues. Step 2 : a few days later, he called his fellow collector, to see if he could change his mind on a specific piece. The owner said no for the second time. Step 3 : a few days pass, and the guy callas back the owner of the art, and says 'I have a potential customer for this piece. I could give you as much, and keep a fee for me". Once again the collector says NO. Step 4 : 3 days later, the guy calls again and says one his best line ever : "Now you really have to sell it to me because I already accepted the buyer's money, and he's gonna get pissed if I don't give him the art".. I think you can imagine that the owner of the art was a little mad at his guy he previouly invited at his place and who tried to took advantage of him. And of course he hung up on him.
  10. Let's get a few things straight. 1. If you sell original art, you're never gonna pick the slowest shipping option as you want the buyer to get the art as soon as possible. A DHL shipping (7 days) or even classic international shippng (10-12 days) can be done from Europe to the USA for less than 70 USD usually. So holding on a few bucks to pick the slowest shipping option is not very careful, and we all know that the longest the art is on the way, the more it gets a chance to be damaged, especially if the package is not bulletproof. Getting rid of the tracking number before it safely arrives, especially when picking the slowest shipping option, shows no consideration at all for the buyer, IMHO. 2. Yes Visarspike put 9 pages on CAF for sale at the time of Romain's first post in this topic. One of them he just purchased, but the remaining 8 were from Romain's personal collection. And he had no agreement at all to proceed with these sales. He stole scans from the owner's collection and of course selected major pieces. He just thought he was gonna be able to get customers confirm a sale, and then he would have got back to the real owner of the pages. Is it dishonest ? What do you think... Is there a reason why he changed his ID a few times on comicartfans and other websites ? I'll let you guess. And if I recall these events so precisely, it's because, I saw those pages for sale the day they were added on CAF and immediately contacted Romain, and a few other colelctores acted the same way. Of course, you can impagine the real owner of the pages was of course really pissed and contacted Comicartrfans's manager in the next few minutes. I know that a few american collectors/dealers are more and more offering for sale pieces they don't own and have been in the business for years. But they're never gonna post it on CAf, they're just gonna send you stolen scans. So here we have the french equivalent of these gentlemen.
  11. A Mike Mignola Screw-On Head pin-uo
  12. Bernie Wrightson moody page from his first ever comic book work :
  13. "Monkey see, monkey die !" by Steve Englehart and Mike Mignola, published in Amazing High Adventure #3 in 1986.