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  1. Leave me and alone and grab me some pancakes, lots and lots of pancakes. Heavy on the syrup.... Maple syrup. Extra sugar
  2. Very nice ROTJ Luke figure by HT right there. I just got in two figures by Hot Toys this past month: DX15 Jack Sparrow and DX09 Michael Keaton Batman. The new Jack Sparrow figure is amazing and would recommend it to anyone who is on the fence about it, you wont be disappointed.
  3. @storypapers you live 15 minutes away from me, pretty cool!
  4. Not sure I know of the problem for the LED eye. They have a bunch of figures with this 'accessory'. I imagine it should be a relatively easy fix if the battery were to ever die. That $80 price point must have been when the company 1st launched. I got into the HT game about 2-3 years ago so I only know of the high prices. I certainly wish these figures were cheaper in general. But they have me hooked so I'm doomed.
  5. I still have to open my punisher from DD, yours looks great! And the BD T-800 would make a great addition to any collection. And roger that Exit! Think this is a great toy company with a ton of high quality action figures.
  6. I honestly haven't thought much about the tariffs and stuff with Hot Toys. HT headquarters are in Hong Kong, so not sure if that will make a difference or not. I know kitchen appliances will feel a hit, like refrigerators and ovens, microwaves, ect. But never thought about it with Hot Toys
  7. I can post some photos when I'm not feeling so lazy. Sorry for leaving you hangin'! Btw, Hot Toys just put a new spiderman up for preorder. The suit kinda gave away some spoilers though.
  8. Glad to see other Hot Toy collectors on here! I have 4 preorders, and the prices sure add up fast!
  9. Prime 1 Deathstroke is absolutely gorgeous. I dont do statues, mainly Hot Toys, but the Prime 1 Deathstroke almost made me purchase it
  10. We do actually... but feel free to post another one. I do not mean that sarcastically. The comics we read gain a lot of traction through product support. There should be more threads devoted to them. You could make this focus in on sideshow and hot toys and other premium figure items. There is quite a large collector base for that on here. This was the one that I started but seems to be mostly geared toward action figures. This Week In Your Plastic Crack, Action Figures and Toy Collection There is also some dweeb around here that started a Lego thread. The Lego Thread - Yes, Comics Related Never saw your thread until now, love it! And a great idea on making this more of a premium figure thread. This will be dedicated to companies such as Hot Toys, Sideshow, Blitzway, and others
  11. I think it is about time we have an Action Figure thread. I know there has to be some collectors out there. Anyone else collect Hot Toys besides me? I personally just got my first Hot Toy in. DX14 Jack Nicholson Joker Mime version. Safe to say I am hooked now! Lets talk some Hot Toys and please feel free to post pictures of your collection