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  1. Wow. I can't believe the pf's that have been uncovered in the 10 months since I've logged in. Some truly gorgeous copies. In that time, I've only managed to pick up 4. The first three are from WW Chicago, and the last from NYCC. I was particularly psyched about the Wyatt Earp. Sadly, the time I spend hunting for books at shows has gone down dramatically. Hopefully this year will be better..
  2. I do believe his backpack on the show was yellow and blue. I thought it was an odd selection at the time. I also had to explain the name to my wife, who was thoroughly confused between the Flash, Quicksilver, and the Whizzer.
  3. Thanks. I've probably told the story before. The 158 was from one of Chuck's sales, before he realized that high grade westerns had any real demand. Got it for a song--the cost of slabbing, maybe a bit more. The next sale, I bought a bunch of slabs from him, and they mysteriously went out of stock a week later and couldn't be shipped. They later reappeared on the site. On the 162. at the start of the 3rd NYCC, I walked over to Al Stoltz's booth and he announced he had something for me. Said he pulled it out of a box and couldn't believe it. Went right to CGC. Unpressed, essentially perfect as is. Just a gorgeous book.
  4. Yeah, I know.. Not an official PF. To me, though, it's got the design elements and it's even a 20c cover.
  5. Hopefully this pic is better than the one I posted years ago.
  6. At one point, Barton was hoping for some nicer photos of some Western pf's I had posted crappy photos of years ago. Here's one:
  7. Yeah, I did. They claim there’s a stain on it. No way. Backs super clean also.
  8. Great copy of one of my favorite childhood issues. Loved the first 10 issues of MTU
  9. Wow. In 40 years of collecting and going through decades old inventory, I've never seen that. I think there's probably other environmental stuff going on to cause that kind of reaction. Between a job, a business, and three kids, I don't have time to re-bag every book. So, here's a real puzzler. I sub very few books. Found this at WW Philly about 10 years ago, $5 box. Not only did I and multiple boardees look at it, but so did some of the tighter-grading dealers we know. Thought it was an easy 9.2, maybe a 9.4. Somewhere there's a magical "stain" no one can see. Oh yeah, one of my all time PF and Kane covers.
  10. I think these may be more victims of the great photobucket massacre. My apologies if they've been posted before (I have a vague recollection of the Bob commenting on the Jungle Action before).
  11. OK, some more Chicago books (I think), going back to 2007 or so. Including another copy of SME 4. This copy has to have the best production quality of any copy of this issue I've ever seen. No ink issues, no transfer and super glossy. Too bad it spent most of it's life mistreated in a long box of unwanted reprints. I'm fairly sure I never scanned this, since I didn't even remember I had it.
  12. Tulips have never recovered. Or Big Little Books. Or Stamps.
  13. Goregeous, but I meant 77 and 79. Seriously, it looks like you'd get a paper cut handling it. Unreal copy.