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    I was posting here when you were in diapers.

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  1. Wolverinex


    Glad to see you have that mask on. Stay safe and healthy!
  2. Wolverinex


    Pretty sweet . make a batch and sell them here
  3. Anyone decontaminating their mail as well?
  4. Let us know! Go in with an open mind... it is just a fun popcorn flick... I'm happy they made it
  5. Yeah, my generation and my children's generation are ready to assume all the debt from this in the future... Lets keep kicking all this down the road and not think about it...
  6. Oh I really enjoyed it. Is actually really good movie. I'm surprised it got such a low ratings.
  7. The market is going crazy still. Wow. Have we reached the bottom?
  8. wait till 6 trillion dollars get made by the fed... inflation is about to go through the roof! Love printing free money!!