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  1. Dang, was it a comic store or toy store... I never even thought about looking for these
  2. Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    Deadpool 2 appearance.
  3. It's about to get real.

    yeah, No one is going to buy that.
  4. This seems to be the original thread but I was wondering if this is considered a blue hologram variant. I found this yesterday, and its VERY BLUE in the middle but the edges are green... Is this still considered as the blue variant? I was thinking about submitting it to CGC because it a beautiful copy.
  5. eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    Gotcha.. honestly, this private feedback buyer is the only problem I've had in years. Learning from this lesson, I'm going to cancel future private feedback buyers... I am just wondering if anyone else has done this? Is any recourse from canceling those wins?
  6. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    Picked up a few comics today. So the Xmen 25 had a very dark blue center, but there was some green in the peripheral areas... is this still considered a blue hologram variant or something else?
  7. eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    Is there a way for us to automatically block people with private feedback? This is the first time I encountered someone who has it. Also, if someone does win with private feedback, can you cancel without repercussions ie, will they be able to leave any feedback about your canceling?
  8. eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    What are people's thoughts about buyers with private feedback? I had a bad experience and wondering if I should start canceling buyers who hide their feedback... I know I could lose some honest buyers that are hiding their prior purchases for discretion, but it would also cut out another shady segment of the population who are hiding bad feedback that other sellers leave.
  9. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    Nice, I LOVE this thread. The main reason why I come to this forum.
  10. Are the Boomers cashing out?

    Sadly, that is what I have been doing but due to recent unexpected space issues, I need to start decompressing...
  11. Are the Boomers cashing out?

    I have way too much stuff in my house now . I need to be mindful on what I collect now. I don't want my kids to be left with the headache/responsibility of combing through thousands of drek
  12. Are the Boomers cashing out?

    What do people do with comics they don't read anymore and are not worth much? Like less than 10 dollars?
  13. Are the Boomers cashing out?

    Nice points... so what hobby should we jump into for better long term potential for our heirs... video games? Cryptocurrency?
  14. Are the Boomers cashing out?

    Wow. So should Generation X start selling off now too because the millennials probably don't even know what to do with a real paper book.