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  1. I've been searching for this battletech comic for a while.
  2. We need to find this amazing copy
  3. I found some more stuff today. I'll post them tonight
  4. Well, I guess this is all opinion. But, to me this was THE comic variant to buy. I loved the cover and knew I wanted it on my wall. I know it's incredibly popular which is why it's so hard to find even with the 4k print run. Also, being an Adam Hughes fan, I think this is his BEST cover. These were the two major reasons why I love it.
  5. @Summydad1 Wow, how did you get all 3 copies... did you buy them before or after it got hot? I remember when I first got back into comics these were 100 bucks raw... then a few years later 9.6s were around 400...everytime I thought they were too expensive, and now they just keep bumping up as most people hold onto these.
  6. I finally found this newsstand in the wild. Spawn 9 for a quarter The only issue is there is a big stain along the left side of the comic. I've been searching for this for the last few years and this is the first time I found it. What should I do? Keep it, sell it, or just junk it
  7. Beautiful comics... selling these off to make room for the steals you got from @MustEatBrains sales?
  8. Yes, you must. Most people who buy these keep them for their permanent collection, so I feel like it's availability is slowly decreasing