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  1. Sadly, he would most likely just berate you for some asinine reason.. and make some outlandish claims
  2. Probably warg, but who knows... we just don't spend enough time with Bran to really care or know what he's like. Instead, we spent entire seasons with Jon and Dany... so it's such a bummer to see them amount to nothing in the end.
  3. WUDY https://comicbookinvest.com/2019/05/11/maximum-carnage/
  4. Definitely cash out. I want to leave, the same way I came... with nothing.
  5. @Hollywood1892 I'm joking. I don't think you are Swarmi. Your typing skills have improved so much in the last few posts ... I don't think the real Swampster cares...plus, I don't recall you ever using ALL CAPS..
  6. I am pretty sure they are the same... the way they type is very similar