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  1. Galen! Long time to see. did you go to the drug dealer's house to view that Batman 1 ?
  2. Avengers 8 5.0 is a $ 1000 book now https://www.ebay.com/itm/363323021437
  3. Absolutely. I need to find something similar because I leave most of my slabs in a box
  4. Well I think it's undervalued as well I'm just noting that the prices are increasing because this was less than a thousand a month ago
  5. Thats what I thought too. the two stores in my area are selling like crazy right now with collectibles getting so popular
  6. Nice report as always. What's going on with local comic shops going out of business? I've been buying all my bad idea comics online. They are forced to keep it cover price the first month.
  7. Do you still own your cerebus 1? I bet that is going over 1k a point now
  8. Last 9.0 sold for 4150 so I think you did pretty well for yourself