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  1. Best & Worst years to own a store?

    I think direct market editions are easy to find NM but not newstands
  2. Breakout Characters of 2018?

    Agreed with the last two posts. Batman who laughs is some creepy stuff.
  3. Sad News, Dr.X's mother passed away today

    Dr X, So sorry to hear about your loss and I express my sincere sympathy to you and your family
  4. But, it's just an ugly barcode, right?

    Found a ton of newstands at the flea market. Never seen a Vanguard before. All NM and unread. Couldn't pass up buying them mainly because of this forum....
  5. Value of Spawn 1 UPC variant?

    I never see spawn newstands but I randomly find other image newstands in dollar bins, do you think they will move up in price eventually?
  6. Best & Worst years to own a store?

    I must have bought a bunch of his Newstands today for a buck at the flea market. This vendor had TONS of image mint comics
  7. SAGA from Image Comics

    HOw did you get that?
  8. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    Same here... I loved finding the wild cats 1 and 2 newstands... but I assume they are pretty much worthless...
  9. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    Found a ton of Image Newstands at a Flea market. All NM. Found Vanguard 1,2. and Deathblow 1. I also found a run of Wild CATS Including 1,2, and 8! Sadly, I only collect these because of this thread... thinking about stopping soon because I wonder if I'm just collecting drek. There was also a ton of Malibu comics... However, I had no idea if there are any worthwhile comics to collect by them.
  10. DR.X's Christmas Contest 2017 is in Motion!!!

    oh man, take care of your family first. Sorry to hear about all of that.
  11. So that's when you think the 2000 copies of cerebus 1 will explode in value?
  12. 10 years ago today

    Too think that Bitcoin didn't even exist 10 years ago....

    I can't wait.
  14. Is the Jim Lee X-Men run a good read?

    Anything Claremont is amazing.