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  1. Anyone here know the story behind the counterfeits?
  2. Looks like Marvel spotlight 28 is gaining heat with the Moon Knight news.
  3. Excellent board member. Incredibly knowledgeable. Good luck with sale, my friend!
  4. I would say keep a close watch on it and if it continues to rise, maybe pull the trigger on your grail. Always buy the big books first.
  5. I think what surprised me the most is that it organically shot up in price without any real movie news driving it.
  6. Same here. If you get a chance, try to pick up a newsstand. Those go for a premium
  7. I would try to buy a nm raw now that the 9.8s have shot over 2k. However, a lot of people who grew up with him are reaching $$$-making stages, so it could keep rising...as demand increases. Honestly, I don't know why it shot up so fast . I am glad to meet another Terry fan. Not many on the boards... yet
  8. Batman Beyond 1 is on fire. I would jump on that bandwagon earlier than later. Such an awesome key for kids growing up during the animated series run
  9. Yes, it will. Plus only 2000 copies. Doesn't take much demand
  10. luvcom99 no feedback. made an offer on a comic which I accepted. Then never paid. Had to wait a week and relist.
  11. I don't have the recipe but @Turtlemay be able to share it?
  12. Yum! That looks delicious. Looks like a pizza pie Michaelangelo would make. So glad you shared with us and your family enjoyed it. Looking forward to your future culinary adventures.