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  1. A few weeks ago was when the Netflix show news came out, so most Usagi fans on Facebook and the Usagi boards were going crazy over it.
  2. Space Usagi 1 dipped a bit since more copies have shown up but last sold around 45. Anticipate this will grow as the more news of the netflix series develop
  3. Wait, gundam wing is getting rare? I have some unbuilt models....
  4. Nature vs nurture... Did she have mental issues though? Born bad?
  5. Can't wait for this to happen. Too bad there well only be two seasons though since Netflix pretty much cancels most series by their third season
  6. Holy cow. That must be a cash cow for Nintendo. Makes me think I should buy more stock
  7. That's an excellent thought. I was brainstorming recently it sounds like these future Generations will not have collectibles in the physical format 25 years from now since all kids use are tablets
  8. 5 years ago, that PSA 10 sold for 5k. That's a 44,000% increase in 5 years. This is way more explosive then comics... Trying to think of a comic issue that has had the same trajectory... I don't think TMNT first print has increased that fast... .
  9. Holy moly. What condition is that? Why is that so special? Just really powerful?
  10. In the end, money and fame are meaningless. It's your relationships with your children and loved ones that impact you most for better or worse.