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  1. Why did it get a qualified grade?
  2. Nice, I have found the Xmen and the Avengers error variants. Those are so cool
  3. I've been searching online for these other two variants but can't find them.
  4. Nice to know! My copies are pretty nice, NM to NM- so I guess I can trade these if someone needs these for their collection. PM me if anyone needs these.
  5. Agreed. I've never been to a con that has this many comics...looks amazing. The only one I"ve heard that is a ton of comics is HEROES Con in NC...
  6. For those of you who attend conventions, do you often find good deals? I feel like all the great deals always happen in the first hour when the dealers buy up most of the stuff and then move it to their own booths
  7. Please do! I would love to see what deals you got.
  8. I love this thread. What books did you pick up while you were there? Or were you selling?
  9. Thank you! When you mean price variant is it a 9 cent newsstand? This one is 2.25.
  10. Found this set of 3rd prints. Was there a set of these sold by retailers? Are any of these rare?