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  1. Resembles an issue of Conan the Barbarian; I forget the number though
  2. Took a little more than 5 minutes but I wanted to show off my MAN-THING in here
  3. That Thunderbolts cover is amazing I was about to post this drawing in the “show us your personal artwork” thread when I saw this topic so....
  4. Art supplies are always such a great way to keep kids and adults occupied. They’ve always had a special place in my heart when things were rough. I hope they can help someone else make it through too
  5. What an awesome thread and group we have over here. My grandbaby would like to thank you all for being so kindhearted but she also has that scowl because she can't read yet and say "hello"
  6. RIP He and Meadowlark Lemon were the only names I could remember when I was a kid because they were so unique. Would catch them every now and then on Wide World of Sports, Electric Company and Saturday morning cartoons. The good ole’ days
  7. I first saw bags and boards at my local lcs around 81. They sold individual bags for 5 cents but they cut their own boards. I found the packaging from my mom’s pantyhose was just as good and had the board in them already
  8. That’s a beautifully placed date stamp on Gunsmoke. Glwts
  9. I agree with silversurfer27. That would be a big price to pay for a small bump in grade that might not go in your favor, but....if you’re a gambling man , ya never know
  10. Something I added recently. Seller had a 50% off sale and accepted my offer