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  1. I thought GL was giving her money until I zoomed in
  2. Here's some Storm booty to hold everyone over until kav posts again
  3. Some John Wick fanart. ..messing with shadow and tone
  4. Moisture damaged lot of books from a seller that found a short box of books in his cellar. The majority were bagged individually so the weren't all stuck together. Paper stock on the Atlas books differed from the big 2 but multiple sessions including humidity introduction improved the book even further but it was just something I did for the he'll of it as the novelty of pressing sounded interesting so I figured, why not try for myself.
  5. Getting back into things after a long hospital stay
  6. The whole reason I started collecting was at the young age of 3 my older brother would give them to me and I loved the artwork. I didn't even know "collectors" existed yet
  7. I do my own pressing, not for a bump in grade or value but just when something in my collection looks like this:
  8. Posted this in a Facebook group for " n' giggles"...just thought I'd share it over here
  9. Tape? He'll naw, to the naw naw naw
  10. I was finally able to scrounge up a pen and paper since winding up in the hospital since late November and out of reach of any art supplies but you know the saying about "life handing you lemons..."
  11. ...and the most dangerous toy I owned ( after modification) while in the 2nd grade
  12. I couldn't imagine a kid that didn't go nuts about those but who remembers fleer getting into it with these knockoffs in the 70s?
  13. Here's another blast from the past There was also a version with the Thing