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  1. From the following list, here’s the ten books I would like to see submitted! 2. GI Joe 21 (Canadian Price Variant) 4. Predator 1 (first Dark Horse app) 5. Usagi Yojimbo 1 9. Ms Marvel 12 (double cover) 11. TMNT 4 (second print) 12. She Hulk 1 13. Marvel Spotlight 28 14. Avengers 196 18. X-Men 129\ 20. Moon Knight 1 (1980s series) Finally from the 7 listed below (the big boys category), here are the 3 I would like to see graded! 1. ASM Annual 1 4. Fantastic Four 6 6. Terrors Of The Jungle 17 (LB Cole cover)
  2. Wait til the sellers of a Stan Lee SS book realize this....oh, wait. They already did.
  3. Put a detailed request in the “Want to Buy” thread on the board. There are a lot of members that will have what you’re looking for and may give you a better deal on a nice, complete copy. Depending on where else you’re looking, most sellers will jack up their prices to cover selling fees and shipping charges whereas here, you’ll be dealing with sellers directly and their reputations can be verified in the “kudos” threads. Good luck with your search.
  4. I guess it’s also reasonable to say that the early direct editions are more rare than newstands, which in turn should make them more valuable?
  5. Still steals to be found in this madness with the right timing and a few eBay bucks. I think the Green Lantern will clean up nicely.
  6. Would you have preferred the rejected cover?
  7. ...and now I want to scratch my eyes out
  8. I think I’m gonna go with the shill labeling on this one too. Wouldn’t be surprised if seller and bidders were all associated with the same payment method/account that would get them all suspended. The children working at eBay aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed these days.
  9. Monica Rambeaux was a $1 bin book for close to 30 years until it became the new “grail”
  10. Reminds me of when I collected sports cards and this was the one to own along with the donruss and fleers if you could find them. Seems like now, only the gem mint ones have any real value
  11. I’d prefer a cover less copy over a cgc 9.8
  12. Cool artwork but there’s way too much going on in it for me to commit that kind of time to it.