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  1. I’m gonna disagree on that one. I think both of them might have wound up d-listers in the continuity. Bringing them out of the obscurity of those other books probably refreshed interest in them as well as their history evolving in the mutant books
  2. A 1st appearance is a 1st appearance regardless of the book; it’s what the character/s become that determines the value. Let’s say the X-men team from Giant Size #1 had appeared in the Avengers book first, all it would do is increase the value of the Avengers book and what’s being charged for a GSX1 would reduce drastically. 1st Mysterio could have been in a Dr. Strange book. Would they have used him in the last Spidey movie? Maybe. Would the price still go up? Definitely, although the Spidey would still be more valuable being the more popular book
  3. Nothing some soap and water can’t fix. cool Wolverine though
  4. Your drawing reminded me of this book that I must have checked out of the library a million times. I haven’t looked at it in about 40 years but the name and images are still fresh in my head from my childhood
  5. Getting in some digital painting practice
  6. any Saturday morning cartoon fans in here?
  7. My inks and colors over a facebook group members pencils
  8. Going over some older artwork, learning new coloring techniques and laying out rough pencils
  9. I love Perez’ art but it’s never “wowed” me. Byrne on the other hand... my vote is Byrne
  10. Saw this on slickdeals and thought it might interest some https://slickdeals.net/f/14029142-marvel-digital-comics-collections-planet-hulk-secret-invasion-more-free