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  1. Ahh, Fabok showed it as 4 books. No acetate pulled back in the photo at least. Thanks for the info though Dre!
  2. Any chance of the other 2 covers being available? Fabok showed them on his Twitter or Instagram. There's a B&W version and a virgin color edition as well.
  3. MDR123

    DC 100 Page Giants Walmart exclusive

    Bendis just posted Batman #3 on his Instagram for his story he contributed. Haven't found #2 near me or Titans for that matter. Superman and Justice League #2 were purchased what feels like weeks ago at this rate.
  4. I actually ordered 2 sets raw, received them quickly with no problems and am just waiting on the signature series slab one of the virgin covers to get back to me through a facilitator. Yes, Con season does slow down return times. Especially, the bigger the order, the longer it may wait to be processed actually as CGC wants to try to get the smaller customer orders back in their hands while dealers (that is, assuming Uncanny has a dealer account perhaps) usually wait a bit longer for their turnaround on books. UPDATE: 9.8 Virgin on its way back!
  5. Are the ASM 800 virgins from Campbell being released at SDCC?
  6. Batman #50 Gold Foil Poly-bagged Catwoman #1 Artgerm Gold Foil Poly-bagged 1 each.
  7. @Rich_Henn Any chance of the Superman or Action Comics variants by David Mack with an option for Bendis? Also with Justice League (Jock Variant) are you going to offer the virgin cover as well? Thanks!
  8. @Rich_Henn Better make that 3. Also, any chance of the Action and Superman Dave Mack Variants coming in the next month thread? Multi sig ops?
  9. MDR123

    Action Comics 1000 variants

    I'd be interested. Safe travels.
  10. MDR123

    Action Comics 1000 variants

    Are you going to be selling any more? Thankfully my copy came in unscathed from the error but was only able to get one.