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  1. Action Comics 1000 variants

    @ComicCollectorMatt Agreed. Just so much no going on here. Really gotta wonder who is approving these things half the time.
  2. Action Comics 1000 variants

    Dave Dorman for Vault Collectibles : Not a fan.
  3. Action Comics 1000 variants

    Looks like DF has a few others up for sale now too : Curt Swan Jurgens/Nowlan B&W
  4. Action Comics 1000 variants

    Now I'm wondering if this was a reused idea from a book that had Catwoman on it. There was a time a few months back I think where it looked like Mattina swiped a few previous works of others and did not credit. Hmmm....
  5. Action Comics 1000 variants

    Tattered cape, "Death Of" related perhaps? More Doomsday for ya?
  6. Action Comics 1000 variants

    Mattina did a variant also. Image potentially being released tomorrow.
  7. Action Comics #1000 (Third Eye/ Kaare Andrews variant) - $175 (if I could get a few raw copies as well as per convo that would be ideal) Action Comics #1000 (Dan Jurgens 1990s variant) s/s Jurgens, Wolfman, Simonson, etc. ... no less than five (5) + relevant sigs - $175 ***(Possibly able to get Sinclair and Nowlan on this one too---stars could align) Action Comics #1000 (standard cover, Jim Lee) s/s Jim Lee + at least four more---Jurgens, Simonson, Sinclair, Williams, etc. - $175 Action Comics #1000 (Jim Steranko 1970s variant) s/s STERANKO, Jurgens, Wolfman, Simonson, etc. ... no less than five (5) + relevant sigs - $175 Action Comics #1000 (Dave Gibbons 1950s variant) s/s Jurgens, Simonson---HOPEFULLY Gibbons too. Last year he did just one show that I'm aware of, Motor City in May 2017. I'll be following his schedule closely. I want to get with Bendis on these, Wolfman, etc. The goal is as with all the others---no less than five (5) or more relevant sigs - $175 Action Comics #1000 (Michael Cho 1940's variant) s/s Jurgens, Simonson,---hopefully Cho----I'll be seeing him in a few weeks--as many as realistically possible. Ideally as with the others, I want to put no less than five (5)+ relevant signatures on the book. - $175 Action Comics #1000 ARTGERM variant cover Action Comics #999 (Kaare Andrews variant) s/s Dan Jurgens and HOPEFULLY Andrews. It's hit or miss with him. - $125 Is the 2 for $155/piece deal still active?
  8. Action Comics 1000 variants

    Nikola Scott
  9. Action Comics 1000 variants

    Middleton 80s variant
  10. Action Comics 1000 variants

    Not a cover, thats the interior. He is doing the art on the Tom King story and it's a tearjerker.
  11. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    @Tec-Tac-Toe Which is fine. I'm not trying to make you like something you don't just simply stating another fact about his works. Overall, I like it.
  12. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    @Tec-Tac-Toe But how frequently does he do Superman work?