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  1. Looking for high quality raw copies of the set (title card and virgin) from ACE that Greg Horn did the covers for seen below : Thanks in advance.
  2. Francesco Mattina Art Society

    Not disagreeing with you, just saw correspondence from one store listing it as the 2nd. Not taking issue with anything. Just giving the information I WAS made aware of. It may appear to be wrong. It happens.
  3. Francesco Mattina Art Society

    Yea, I missed out. I wanted 1 set. Hopefully better luck on the next one I guess.
  4. Francesco Mattina Art Society

    Interesting, some sites were saying it was the 2nd print. With so many original released covers, I honestly lost track.
  5. Francesco Mattina Art Society

    It seems we may have the same taste in table's In other news, did anybody dive in on the 2nd print for Metal #2 that Mattina did? Was on sale this weekend.
  6. Super Sons variants

  7. Francesco Mattina Art Society

    Some NYCC additions.
  8. Francesco Mattina Art Society

    I got mine done too! With Tomasi also. Jimenez was just signing at the DC table and lines were crazy in NY. Looks like yours was before though. Nice book.
  9. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Much appreciated.
  10. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    When is this dropping? Nothing on their site at the moment, unless my search skills are falling apart.
  11. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Hopefully cooled off a bit in here now. Big thanks to Hank and Fred @Polirer for all the Dell'Otto (and Finch) goodies. Finally got all of my raw Metal #1-#3 books. They all are spectacular. Cant wait for info on the next one.
  12. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    The Mattina Metal #4 cover swipe sold out on TCM in about 4 minutes. But in all honesty, I do appreciate the heads up Fred has given us and have been able to get some books I'd probably never have had the chance to. I took a trip to the store last year when I was up in NY to get some Dell'Otto books in hand because I was not 100% sure about buying online at the time and ensuring a high grade book (I was also new to grading books and have learned over the past year what to spot on a book thankfully). I was able to meet Hank and he was wonderful and helpful. I have been speaking with Fred for a few months now and had the chance to meet him in person this last visit to NY for NYCC. Both him and Hank are true fans of the art work. Let's try and get back to the reason for this thread and we can give each other a heads up on newly released info when the time comes. Can't we all just get along
  13. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Glad I was able to grab mine. Thanks for all the info and updates.