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  1. Detective Comics #1000 (gold foil variant) s/s Marv Wolfman, Denny O'Neil, Kelley Jones, Tom King, Doug Moench, etc---going to load this with no less than 10+ signatures, possibly more. - $295
  2. Looking for a good copy. If you have or know of where I can find one, please reach out or comment. Thank you.
  3. Detective Comics #1000 (1930's Steve Rude variant) s/s Steve Rude, Tom King, Joelle Jones, Dustin Nugyen, Denny O'Neil, Doug Moench, etc. - $175 Detective Comics #1000 (1940's Bruce Timm variant) s/s Bruce Timm, Tom King, Joelle Jones, Dustin Nugyen, Paul Dini, Doug Moench, etc. - $175 Detective Comics #1000 (1950's Michael Cho variant) s/s Michael Cho, Tom King, Joelle Jones, Dustin Nugyen, Denny O'Neil, Doug Moench, etc. - $175 Detective Comics #1000 (1970's Wrightson variant) s/s Bendis, Alex Maleev, Tom King, Joelle Jones, Dustin Nugyen, Doug Moench, etc. - $175
  4. @ygogolak Whats the cost of the Batman #423 2nd print?
  5. I may have been at one point. I went to both tables. They still didn't seem to know how to set up properly nor deal with what they had. I actually picked up the ASM 797-799 Dell'Otto's from them at MegaCon but was hoping to get the newer ones this time around since I've heard such horror stories from ordering from their site and knew they were going to be there live. Maybe another time next year or the bay for those black background ones.
  6. So you're the one who got those ASM#1 variants. Dammit! Congrats on the haul. Well done.
  7. Ahh, Fabok showed it as 4 books. No acetate pulled back in the photo at least. Thanks for the info though Dre!
  8. Any chance of the other 2 covers being available? Fabok showed them on his Twitter or Instagram. There's a B&W version and a virgin color edition as well.
  9. Bendis just posted Batman #3 on his Instagram for his story he contributed. Haven't found #2 near me or Titans for that matter. Superman and Justice League #2 were purchased what feels like weeks ago at this rate.