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  1. Saw on his Instagram feed that his booth does have Cgc SS books, not sure if they are for sale though. included a screen shot of the video with someone working his booth opening a CGC box of books.
  2. Right above the images of the virgin copies, looks like it says only 1000 copies each
  3. Just saw on Fan Expo Dallas Facebook that MJF has cancelled but they have a "MASSIVE" guest announcement as a replacement.
  4. I believe there will be multiple facilitators at this show check this sub-forum: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/forum/69-sigseries-event-central/
  5. Looks like that seller is actually fan expo’s eBay store. most likely they will have them for sale at their fan expo cons this year.
  6. Curious to see how much staff they will have at C2E2 as well since it is on the same weekend and they are providing on-site in Chicago
  7. I would say Duncanville books store in Duncanville SW of dallas is a must if you can find me time. Great selection of back issues, they are always buy collections.
  8. Looks like my book I had a CGC facilitator get signed at ACE comic con hit CGC today in case others had books sent in at ACE as well.
  9. You are talking about the extremely limited 250 graded copies like dell’ottos iron fist cover. they didn’t do that with any of the venom dell’otto covers. Print run of 600 virgins raw not graded, no mention of what they did with the other 400 raw copies
  10. I don’t know exactly what they do with them, which is why I said most likely. they do have those extra 400 copies through which none of the stores have publicly said what they do with them.
  11. Stores that advertise 600 print runs are just misleading the consumer, since the min. print run for marvel/D.C. is 1000. They have those extra 400 copies and most likely try and sell off down the road.
  12. Wouldn’t mind seeing riverdale cast members.