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  1. Hello, Checking to see if anyone knows how to reach out to Yanick Paquette. I don't think he has an art rep, but maybe he does. Just trying to inquire about some pages he has for sale. He has some listed on CAF, but I see he has not uploaded anything new in almost 4 years, so not sure if he checks that. If you have a way to message him or a rep, feel free to reply here, or PM me. Thanks,
  2. Hello, looking for a nice copy of the X-men Ghosts trade paperback. I would do $65 for a NM copy shipped safely. PM me with some pics if you have one you would sell. thanks!
  3. Hello, Just letting folks know I have a CGC 9.8 copy of Star Wars #68 up for auction on eBay. This is the first appearance of the Mandalorians. This book will only get hotter. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-68-CGC-9-8-White-Pages-Mandalorian-First-Appearance-Mandalorians/114528651197?hash=item1aaa7087bd:g:0rUAAOSw8Stftnuw Thanks!
  4. Oh wow! Thanks for letting me know! Those are very nice. IF you ever decide to sell, please reach out.
  5. Hello, I am looking for a page from the weekly DC comics series "52". This page is from the final issue #52. If you own this, or know who owns it please let me know. Would even want to know if it was not available so I can stop looking for it : )
  6. They scrapped a lot of their "5G" (5th Generation of heroes) plans that would have reset the timeline and seen a lot of the heroes aged and replaced by younger versions. I think the general consensus is that this was related to the firing of Dan Dido. Some of the stories are being reworked and will see release, but the line-wide event is no longer on the table. This FCBD issue was supposed to have the new timeline in it, and maybe a slightly different version of the story that was released as part of the tpb.
  7. Still trying to find a physical copy or two, but would also pay to get a scan of the book if anyone had one. Obviously talking about the original version that was supposed to be pulped, and not the edited version that made it's way into the Flash Forward TPB.
  8. Hello, I am looking for a near mintish (most nm some vf/nm ok) set of Infinity Inc. 1-53. Definitely want a set that ships in a box well-protected with padding. Would pay $100. Please DM me if you have a set you would sell. Thanks!