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  1. Did your order actually show up? I ordered one from them as well and have been getting the run around for several weeks. At first they claimed to have it but wouldn't ship it because the owner was out of town. Then they said they hadn't shipped any of the orders because they were missing one of the boxes.
  2. Anyone else get any cancellation notices since the first set of reports?
  3. Sorry to pull you in like that. I was just going by what you said on the previous page. Probably misunderstood what you meant.
  4. I'll bite again because this is so hypocritical. I'm a new poster. So I should just go back to my lurking hole and let the old guard make fun of random ebay sellers, all while grossly misusing a phrase that accuses someone of fraud? I probably should never even have posted. Thanks for being superior and putting me in my place. I don't care if you call me out for making a jerky post, but don't implicitly grant permission to people for being jerky to people who can't even defend themselves. Larry does the pump and dump (proudly?). Random ebay guy does what a lot of us do: flip as a way to freeroll speculative new books. This thread is a good way for us to share those hits, not make us feel like jerks for selling on ebay.
  5. Wrong definition. Unless I missed the blog post or article that guy wrote about how everyone should by the book on it's way up.
  6. Their Twitter or FB page said these pre-sales will happen 2-3 weeks before the "on-sale" date listed
  7. Avoid the site problems and hit the BIN
  9. BOOM Was also wondering that. His brother sort of parallels with Barry losing his mother and he already mentioned that he almost lost faith in "the system"
  10. Is August Heart going to stick around or is he a sacrificial lamb for Godspeed?
  11. So, to sum this up: all estimates are wrong because the publishers don't have to stick to the ratios when they do the actual printing. All needling aside, some interesting food for thought. Makes me wonder if there is any way we can make the distinction between actual rarity and perceived rarity