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  1. WOAH. I will most definitely be watching this whenever it is released! Did a google and couldn't locate a date, but if anyone finds a premiere date please share!!
  2. Hey everyone in Northeast Ohio! I wanted to throw in a word on here about a big sale this weekend in Amherst, OH. This Saturday May 26 and Sunday May 27th. 2 long time sellers, 2 garages, they live only minutes from each other, **thousands** of books! Im talking the garages are lined with long boxes and display shelves far as the eye can see. And if you're looking for something in particular, the've been known to dig them out if they aren't. I know both of these sellers personally and they're great guys and willing to strike a deal and offer fair prices! If you are on Facebook, the 2 sellers, Alan and Chuck, go under the name Comets Comics and Collectibles and you can search their page, also this link for the FB event! If you'd like more information you can also feel free to shoot me a message!
  3. As I see many others have posted in here, I prefer Instagram to post pictures and little blurbs. Also as stated above it is a great source to find artists/like-minded individuals. You can also search by hashtag for specific topics that interest you. After a while of liking specific tags and following specific people it tailors an "explore" feature with suggested posts which is neat! Also, I see what you are saying about facebook. To sound rather cliché, but how I feel: if the people of Facebook don't want to see the things you are *truly* interested in, then they can unfriend you if they so choose-- are they actually your "friends?" Best to be who you truly are both in person and online. Best of luck & give instagram a try perhaps!
  4. Perhaps I'm a bit of an outlier here as a 24yo female , but a friend of mine who collects GA and showed me how darn COOL they are and I fell in love. Started my collection with some Planet comics! I am a collector by nature, runs in the family. My grandpa was a big collector of many things. I started with rocks, knick knacks, books. Records and golden age books are new collections for me as of about 2 years ago, but I feel I've made some good progress! I've enjoyed learning about value&grading, and found some SUPER neat covers here on the boards.
  5. It was a good show, not a TON of golden age, but if you looked you could find it! This venue was cool, they had it kinda separated; one half as mainly just comic book sellers and the other half was more entertainment/art/media related.
  6. I did extremely well at this con! I helped sell at a friend's booth, but also picked up some great finds. Got this set of 3, awesome pinup art, and 2 super cool pulp books! I sold my CGC graded Planet 44 & 59 which was great, then picked up some major golden age finds. Check it out!
  7. I watched the latest episode this morning and MAN, crazy stuff. I didn't see that ending coming! I agree with some of the earlier stated plot holes, but the one that bothers me the MOST is why couldn't Dany have her 2 dragons team up and just roast the night king right there and be done with it. I know she was in shock, but you would also think there would be extreme rage to take him out by fire right then and there.
  8. Picked this up yesterday at my local con--dig through some boxes and you find gems!
  9. Picked these out of a box yesterday at my local NeoCon (ohio) yesterday-- pulp cover art is just the coolest!!!
  10. Picked this up yesterday at my local comic con!
  11. Great thread Gino! And since you pointed out my lack of posting for a while I will try to contribute something!! (Although i don't know if this quite fits in with what I've seen so far.) But let me tell you, torn&taped up as it is, this is one of my all time favorite covers, Planet 41! The front and back are beat up, rough around the edges and a tad brittle, but I shared some art from the interior too-lovely!