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  1. Very nice choices on the mats!
  2. That's what I was trying to get at. The picture with the note comes so late in the story that is must mean something. It wasn't like Penny wanted Arthur to find out that Thomas was his daddy or had bragged about it. She had basically hidden it from him all this time. If she was delusional about that she would have told him. I think it was the one thing she wasn't crazy about.
  3. A broken clock is right twice a day too... What if a person who is locked up in a mental institution reports they are being abused by the guards? Should they never be believed because they are already crazy?
  4. I think the director put in some elements to make us look beyond the surface though. For instance there are two sides on the adoption issue: Thomas'/Alfred's accounts and the adoption paperwork Penny's account and the picture One comes from a place of power, money, and authority. The other comes from a marginalized woman. Our society has a natural inclination to believe the former, but that is being challenged in our present day. I think it is yet another part of the class warfare sub-theme of the movie.
  5. But what are the chances of his "adoptive" mother suffering from such a similar condition without heredity? It's too much of a coincidence in my opinion. There is was no mention either way, but it's a decent assumption. I think Penny was delusional about Thomas really loving her, but that the sexual part of the relationship was real. Also he had already killed his mother when he balled up that picture. He did not believe Thomas was his dad anymore, but the note on the picture was for us the audience. It does matter because it fits the rich vs poor narrative of the movie. Listen the joke the comedian that goes on before Authur says about men, sex, and parking. "Handicap? I hope nobody sees this." I think it's a really subtle hint about Thomas hooking up with Penny.
  6. Unpopular opinion: Thomas Wayne WAS actually JOKER's father. Joker obviously inherited his psychosis from his mother (even though he was abused too), so he is not adopted. Why would a single woman adopt a child anyway. The picture that said "I love your smile. - TW" Powerful rich men have affairs all the time with "the help", and they will do anything to cover it up (even have stories made up). They are powerful enough to be believed over the women. The "handicap" park of the "parking" joke. Subtle hint. I think TW being the daddy add so much to this Joker's universe. Think about how cool it would be that Joker is Batman's brother and Alfred knows the truth, but never tells Bruce. Of course Joker would never know that Batman is Bruce either. A perfect reason for them to be enemies, but they never even know it, and they are enemies for other reasons instead!
  7. Did you find any instructions or tips on how to put it together? I'm having trouble too. Also did the comics come in the same box at the standee or did you get them in a separate package? I still have not received my comics. Thanks for any answers you may have.
  8. She has definitely scored some major points. I'll keep you posted...
  9. So I've been dating someone new, and everything has been going very well. I even shared with her my love of Vampirella, showed her my magazines, original art, etc. Well out of the blue last night she says, "Oh I have something for you!", and then she gives me this Vampi t-shirt she bought below! She really knows the way to a man's heart.
  10. Here are few Vampi mags I have for sale with free shipping within the USA (international extra). PM me if you're interested. VAMPIRELLA #9 - CGC 9.2 white pages - SOLD! Boris Vallejo and Wally Wood cover VAMPIRELLA #12 - CGC 9.4 OW/W pages - SOLD! 1st new logo, 1st Sanjulian Vampirella cover, 1st Jose Gonzalez Vampirella art. I'd say this is a key issue for any Vampirella collection. VAMPIRELLA Special - CGC 8.5 white pages - PENDING!
  11. This is kind of a repost, but I finally got the Joe Jusko painting (cover to Vampirella: Death and Destruction #3) I bought a month ago framed and matted. I went with a black wood frame, blue top mat, and an iced mint bottom mat. The whole painting is 17x25 and is matted to 14x22. It's funny that I wanted to get a 9.8 graded copy of this comic for a while, but owning the original cover art is soooooo much better!
  12. Yeah I copped these before they were posted up publicly. :)
  13. So this thread has sent me on a Vampirella original art buying bender. I blame you @Stevemmg. Here are my three new acquisitions: Joe Jusko cover to Vampirella: Death and Destruction #3 Ray Lago cover to Vampirella of Drakulon #3 Rudy D. Nebres splash page from Vampirella Strikes #7
  14. Lucky! If I hung up my art in my office, I would be taking a one way trip to HR. Man that Egyptian Queen looks nice on the wall!