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  1. Was able to work out a few deals so far. Would like to make more. Reach out if you have any of these and remember we can discuss price. I only gave ranges. Thank you
  2. Thank you. Super lucky there was not more takes. I thought by the time I get submit I would be 4th or 5th in line
  3. Missed the 1st couple days of this incredible thread. Was able to grab a book today. Thank you for offering such wonderful books at incredible prices.
  4. This cover is the WORST.... I buy it everytime I find it for 10.00 or less and give it to my best friend for bday or xmas's 😆
  5. Hello all, Looking to purchase a bunch of minor/semi major key first appearance books. Have 2 lists, the 1st is a list of books I am only looking for 1 copy, the 2nd list is for books that I would like to purchase multiple copies of. I can pay via PayPal, check or money order. Hoping to find people with multiple books on the list to mitigate shipping charges. I am really looking for raw copies but will entertain some CGC graded copies depending on price. The following books I am giving a range of grade and prices (this is just a range, everything changes so fast, so if you have somethi
  6. Glad you liked it and thank you
  7. I am very sorry for your loss. Thoughts to you and your family in this dark time.
  8. and the Action 59 is now gone. Thanks everyone, wave 3 is 2 books away from a sell out woo-hoo.
  9. the All Star 15 and Marvel Mystery 28 have both sold via pm. Thank you
  10. sorry you missed out, glad you found some stuff. Thank you very much
  11. wow, that is it for this one. Thanks so much to everyone that looked and participated. Appreciate you. Gonna clean up the thread here shortly. Thanks everyone
  12. last item for the thread this is a lot of 7 incomplete books that i just decided to make as one lot asm 31 super beat and missing centerfold and next wrap johnny hazard missing back cover fantastic four 33 ad page torn out tales of suspense 98 2 small ad boxes cut out of last page, affects letters page tales to astonish 42 1/2 ad page out and 2 small panels out, affects story tales to astonish 93 centerfold out affects last page sub story and 1st page surfer story ff 72 missing 1 wrap, does not affect story 60.00 sold to gunsmokin thank you