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  1. I am starting to feel the need to start a gi joe and transformers collection. Awesome stuff here.
  2. Thank you very much @Buzzetta for the above information and takimg the time to share. Very helpful and just what i needed.
  3. This may, or may not be right place for this and i apologize in advance. I didnt want to just create a topic for this. There is a 2 pack of wolverine hulk coming out in the fall this year. It is an 80th anniversary marvel legends set. I have found multiple places on line to pre order for as cheap as 59.99. However my lcs will order for me at a better price, but i cannot find the info for them to order nor can they. Does anyone have any info they can share with me as to what i can tell my lcs to do to order? They do not have this in there system. Is this an exclusive? I have seen in my search this is a fan channel exclusive, but i have no idea what that means or if it is a specific group you have to belong to. Any help is greatly appreciated. Below is a picture of item i am talking about. Thanks for any info and all guidance.
  4. I am closing this down. I have found and secured a beautiful copy. Will post on new to thread once recieved. Thank you all for looking, comments and help.
  5. Thank you, i have looked at these copies many times. The 4.5 and 5.0 just werent for me. But you are absolutely right. Mycomicshop, Conan and gang are great. I deal with them all the time
  6. Still on the hunt. Would really like to secure a 4.5 to 5.0. Thanks for looking
  7. That is one sophisticated zombie.... Not only does he know how to tie up women to a pole. But he still has the brains to load the feet with wood and be able to start a fire. Very nice book btw
  8. I will make my own cover and slide it over this one. Like you use to do to school books
  9. Sorry to hear this. Glad no one was hurt. Best luck and wishes on the rebuilds and raising funds.
  10. That is very considerate of you and i appreciate it kindly.
  11. Thank you. Will reach out. If we come to arrangement i will advise.
  12. Hello all I am looking to obtain a nice looking/presenting unrestored copy of Showcase 22. Looking in range of 4.0 to 5.0. Would prefer graded but will entertain raw copies. Looking to pay a little less than gpa for graded copy since only fee incured is paypal, but we can discuss. I am flexible for right copy. Book i am looking for should be attached at aboth staples. No big creases on front cover, no chunks out. Small amount of writing and stamp ok if not in funky place. Looking for bright copy. Cr/ow or better pages. There is 1 5.0 on feebay that is nice but priced way to high for me. So i figured i would give this a shot. I am attaching a pic of gpa for reference to seller. Last 4.0 sold for 2650 Last 4.5 sold for 3150 Last 5.0 sold for 4800 Hopefully we can make a deal. Thanks for taking time to look Regards Keith