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  1. Shanna 1 has been obtained. Thank you @Comicdey . Still on the hunt Showcase 75 9.2 raw/slab Thank you
  2. RECAP OF WHAT IS LEFT AND REDUCED PRICES, THANK YOU ***please refer to original posts for descriptions, any added defects (notable) have been added here. ALSO note that as the books sold/sell. I have taken highest graded 1st. General grades or conditions were given, but as they sell your copy may have an additional defect or so to it. Please keep this in mind.****** amazing spider-man 129 milestone edition 10 copies left, was 15.00 now 12.00 Batman 497 18 left, was 5.00 now 4.00 Batman 608 newsstand high grade 5 left, was 25.00 now 22.00 Batman 613 high grade 13 left, was 8.00 now 6.00 Simpsons comics and stories 1 polybagged. Each copy left has a couple color breaking spine ticks 3 copies left, was 10.00 now 8.00 Death high cost of living 1 33 left, was 3.00 each now 1.50 X-Men 25 34 left, was 5.00 each now 4.00 Fantastic Four 347 new team 14 left, was 3.00 now 2.00 Fantastic Four 1 Milestone 25 copies left, was 2.00 now 1.50 52 week 11 1st full Kate Kane new Batwoman 1 low copies left, was 5.00 now 4.00 6 mid copies left, was 10.00 now 8.00 Pitt 1 all high grade 70 copies left, was 1.50 each now 1.00 Spider-Man special edition Trial of Venom UNICEF mailaway 8 best copies left, was 8.00 now 6.50 4 nice copies but spine bumps top or bottom, was 8.00 now 5.00 Web of Spider-Man 97 1st person becomes Nightshade 5 light copies left 5 dark copies left Was 5.00 now 4.00 Web of Spider-Man 99 1st Nightshade in costume 12 copies left, was 5.00 now 4.00 Spider-Man 1 Regular unbagged 7 left. Was 5.00 now 4.00 Silver unbagged 31 left. Was 5.00 now 4.00 Gold 2nd print 39 left. Was 15.00 each, now 13.00 Regular bagged 24 left. 5.00 each, forgot, never listed in original post. Polybag line indent on all copies from stacking Upc bagged 6 left. 5.00 each, forgot, never listed in original post. Polybag line indent on all copies from stacking Silver bagged 19 left. Was 15.00 now 13.00 X-men 1 gatefold Jim Lee cover 145 left, was 3.00 now 2.001
  3. 500.00 for set shipped Grades are my opinion and any notable defects that may be overlooked on scans. If better scans are needed i can provide later this afternoon. Thank you
  4. Hello all I have a set of Eternals 1-19 plus annual that i wasn't sure what to do with. I seen the other thread have fast success, so i figured i would give it a try The are ..... Usual board rules apply 1st in thread trumps over any pm or discussion. No editing takes. No probies/shamers Check/Money Order or Paypal is fine. Paypal to be be paid within 48 hrs. Check or money order i will give a week to receive. Shipping to continental US only. Sorry, I don't have any experience with global shipping. Returns on raw books will be considered. I have given my opinion of grade. You should make your own based of pics as well. All books are complete, attached at centerfolds and covers. No hidden surprises. Shipping will be included on this lot fully insured USPS priority fully insured. I will ship within a few days of payment or clear payment. Thank you for you consideration and below is my kudos thread to show I am good people https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=redirect&url=https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/397707-wolverine180-kudos-thread/&key=7b9da58050cbff9c96b95a1f0b524bb3e8dd9421d54e728ac03081038c001136&resource=
  5. Batman #612 $10 x 10 Batman Adv #1 $8 X 6 52 week 11 lower tier $5 x 8 Spider-Man special edition the Trial of Venom $8 x 2 Venom Lethal protector 1s $5 x 6 Batman 457 $3 x 5 Spider-Man 13 $6 x 6Venom lethal protector 4 $5 x 1 Batman 608 1st $25 x 2 Deadpool Circle #1 $20 x 3Amazing Spider-Man 129 1st punisher $15 x 2 all sold per pm. Thank you kindly.
  6. Hi all, I am tired of looking for these. Everytime i do. The right one just got bought cause i dont actively look for either of these. There not hot books or anything. Just 2 books i always wanted in higher grade. Universal only. No sig or resto Showcase 75 1st Hawk and Dove. Really would prefer to be at a 9.2. Cgc graded on this one, off-white or better pages. Last 9.2 sold for 250.00 would prefer to be a little lower since we only have paypal fee here, but not gonna push away right book. But lets talk. Raw copies would be considered as well at a reduced price. Will entertain 9.0s as well. Last gpa sold was 136.00. Thanks for looking and pm me if you have a copy of either that we can discuss. Thank you
  7. I will take your pension jar and its content at 20 % off and i might as well take wolvie 1988 reg series 1a and 1c as well please at 20% off. Thank you buddy.