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  1. If your happy, that's all that matters. Collect/buy/grade what you like. Congrats on your 1st sub. Welcome to the boards.
  2. Probably in the minority on this one. Never seen it. Makes a lot move sense. Thanks for the info
  3. Not sure what is worse..... That you searched for this gif.... Or that you found one
  4. Amazing color strike on those wwbn 32s. There beauties . congrats.
  5. Just right place, right time. I couldnt leave any behind
  6. A nice little stack of 608's. All high grade
  7. Chris bought a nice book off me and offered a very fair price. Immediate payment and excellect communication. I could not recommend more. Thanks so much. And hope to work with again.
  8. I dont agree, but its not my sales thread. Nor my book, nor my rules. You have a wonderful collection and it was a nice thread. Best of luck
  9. If that was in reference to me as the winner. The fine print says that you had to participate. Which i did. I tried winning a nice 3. It didnt happen. I only need certain issuea as an upgrade.
  10. Absolutely beautiful books. Congrats.
  11. Thank you @RockMyAmadeus for the excellent insight and information. I had no idea that direct market started earlier.
  12. I was just browsing the auction list at MyComicShop and seen this 2001 #8 graded by CBCS and I noticed that it was labeled "NEWSTAND EDITION" as if there was any other version of book. This book came out in 1977, direct market started in June 1979. Is there any reason or explaination as to why this would be labeled as such. It almost feels like false marketing.