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  1. Earl purchased a 4 figure book off me without any hiccups. Phenomenon communication throughout process. Very nice and sincere. Really enjoyed us talking and without hesitation would do business again. Look forward to future communication with him ever just to talk books. Thank you so much. Legit person to deal with. Recommended. Thanks again
  2. Love it. Awesome collection. Those are fantastic and congrats on the upgrades
  3. Final price cut on last book Phantom Lady 13 cgc 5.5 2000.00 shipped. Thanks all
  4. I need that 103 in my life. Take at 10% off please. And thank you.
  5. Price cut going for a clean sweep on this thread. Phantom Lady now 2100 shipped X-men 3 is now 425 shipped. Thanks everyone how has looked and made purchases. Appreciate you
  6. That is awesome. Enjoyed talking with you. Your buddy had some awesome stuff.
  7. Didn't even realize i met a fellow boardie at the show yesterday. I hope you had a good time and got some cool stuff. Thank you for the kind words.
  8. X-men 3 cgc 4.0 cr/ow pages 1st Blob tape interior cover and there is a small chunk out of bottom right. I would have graded at 3.5. Last 3.0 sold 490 last 3.5 292 last 4.0 sold 550. I dont agree with the 4.0 or price so i am going lower at 450.00. sold to 956Ref. Thank you