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  1. wolverine180

    Hulk 181 another copy

    Thank you
  2. wolverine180

    Hulk 181 another copy

    Thank you for nice words. Appreciated.
  3. wolverine180

    This guy!

    You have everything pretty much wrapped up in your response. I will add that I loved how he endorses cgc as king. Then uses another grading company's grading standards. And finally decides to send it to the least respected so he can get a grade that he feels is right. Self delusion is not the answer .....yikes.....
  4. wolverine180

    Hulk 181 another copy

    This book had a lot of deep dents and general wear. My grade prior was 3.5 after 5.0
  5. Wow very sweet. I am gonna look into that wolverine as well. Thanks for posting. Looks awesome. Nice fastball special if thats what you were going for
  6. You have an awesome family
  7. wolverine180

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    Thank you very much @HolidayHam and @HollyJollyOne for all the hard work into this and the exchange. Tons of your own time and dedication. I appreciate it . thats all for lettimg me be part of this awesome group. Happy holidays and happy new years.
  8. wolverine180

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    I will pick 18 the asm 68 cgc 7.5 please and thank you
  9. wolverine180

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    Awesome I had a top 5 gift. You wont be dissapointing in book. It is actually nicer. I was being very conservative. Send me a pm with your info and I will get it out asap.
  10. That shirt is totally awesome. I would rock that
  11. Your very welcome. Happy holidays and just an fyi that ghost rider is a nice double cover, I seen that you had a liking to them
  12. wolverine180

    Merry Christmas to my fellow CGC-ers!

    Merry Christmas too all
  13. wolverine180

    Official 2018 CGC Chat Boards Holiday Gift Exchange Sign-Up

    very awesome. That was a very generous Santa.
  14. Thank you, I am still in shock. I was lost for words for a while just staring at them.