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  1. Adam bought a nice bronze age key book from me on time payments. One of the easiest people to work with. Paid on time and more impressive is the communication i had with him the entire time. So glad to have met you and glad you are happy with book. Wonderful transaction. Regards
  2. Jeff is a wonderful seller and easy to deal with. Book a beautiful Marvel Premiere 15 cgc 9.4 off of him and couldnt be happier. Jeff packed this up very secure. Fast shipping and just super nice. Thank you again
  3. I am still in awe..... That is not an book that is easy to find in 9.8 let along cpv. Real happy for you
  4. Congrats to buyer and seller. Nice looking book.
  5. Had purchased multiple CGC slabs off of me without a hiccup. Very easy to deal with and talk too. Payment was made right away. Positive experience from a new member here. Thank you, hope to deal with again.
  6. A valued board member advised i was a bit high on asking price and gave me some good insight. I took advise into consideration and reduced original ask from 1700 to 1500.00. Hopefully this is in more in line with where it should be. Thank you all.
  7. The white edge seen on right side of front is the back cover edge. It is a bit longer than front cover.
  8. Hello all, I have 1 book available fresh back from CGC. Super high grade for this book that does not get offered often in any grade. Amazing Jack Kamen cover with pistol whip. Lingerie panels inside and i believe used in SOTI. Book was pressed by someone else. Pricing this was tough but i think i came up with fair price. I have attached gpa for this book. Lone highest grade 8.0 sold for 2600.00 in june 2019 and was a pedigree, last 7.5 was sold in 2015 for 1550.00. Cgc census is 1 @ 8.0, 3 @ 7.5 and 2 plus this one that has not made register yet at 7.0. The 8.0 was only sold once. And only 1 of the 7.5s ever sold according to gpa. Asking price is 1500.00, shipping included sold to cmcfan. Thank you Offers will be considered. The are ..... Usual board rules apply 1st in thread trumps over any pm or discussion. No editing takes. No probies/shamers. New or very low post count members may need to provide reference for purchase. Payment for this beauty is check/postal money order, will have to clear first before being sent. I will consider time payments on this but really prefer full payment. Shipping is to continental USA only. Sorry to everyone else. No returns on graded books, if you need more pics, just ask. I will put a front and back scan of each book. Thank you for you consideration and below is my kudos thread to show I am good people https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=redirect&url=https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/397707-wolverine180-kudos-thread/&key=7b9da58050cbff9c96b95a1f0b524bb3e8dd9421d54e728ac03081038c001136&resource=