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  1. WOW!!! Two of my top five LB Cole covers. Sadly, I donโ€™t own either, as they are getting out of reach.
  2. If you want to impress the GF, I think she would rather.. Go out to a nice restaurant @$150 Buy her a piece of Jewelry @ $300 Go to a cheap motel @ $50 and call it a night..
  3. Definitely not one of the more desired Cole cover... Since you got yours at least 15 years ago, how many times would you say you have seen this cover for sale?
  4. Looks like this issue got a lot of love from the kids, as there is no grade higher then a 6.5 on the census, or no love from the moms throwing them out.
  5. Shocking Mystery Cases #55. Another boardie acquisition. Only eight on the census with one higher.
  6. Terrors of the Jungle #20 My favorite "Terrors of the Jungle" cover. This was a PGX 7.0 that I was able to squeeze some life back into it to pull this grade. I am very happy with the outcome.
  7. Terrors of the Jungle #18 Got this one off a boardie. One of my favorite "Terrors of the Jungle" cover. Killer for the grade I was expecting something higher.
  8. Terrors of the Jungle #4. Low grade but a pretty cool looking cover.
  9. I just got these back from CGC. Startling Terror Tales #4. Love the creepy clown. I don't know what that thing is to the left.. I have rarely seen this book, with only 6 on the census.
  10. Thank you! Bought a book from Charlie which arrived in excellent packaging and couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. I would certainly do business again.
  11. Ask for.. any references, has he/she sold anything before to a board member . an ebay account and check the feedback. instagram facebook
  12. Bought another book from Sean and everything went great. He is a true stand up guy.