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  1. For Moderns, I liked Hughes, Artgerm and Manara. But my heart is with older ladies now..
  2. True, I would understand if there was only one book in the thread but there are many and a few that are still not taken.. Muddy waters..
  3. Yeah, me too.. I don't know what I am taking but I am taking it..
  4. He has it already.. Multiple copies.
  5. What he said.. If you feel strongly about this sale gone wrong you can Nominate someone to the "Probation List.
  6. I am also in the "Gaming" industry but the adult kind.. No, not that kind of gaming. The gambling Gaming. We do slot machines, interactive slot machines etc. but I am in the Lottery division. The problem is the casinos are closed so, no revenue from more then half the company. So, buying funny books takes a back seat unless I can pick up a bargain.
  7. Kind of in the same boat.. My wife is a wedding photographer and they all just canceled or postponed. At my job they cut our salaries to try an keep the company afloat and I guess I am one of the lucky ones.