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  1. Third time buying from Jim and always a pleasure.
  2. I don't think so.. There is a registry page with the various covers.
  3. I purchased this from a LCS not too long ago.. Avengers: The Enemy Within (2013) #1 Manara Variant Cover
  4. Forgot to post an update on the "Milo Manara Spider-Woman #1 Couverture Variante Originale (Marvel, 2014)" that was sold on HA for $37,500.00.
  5. This comment was in the listing: * The inner sleeve broke at the bottom during shipping and the back corner of the comic book took a ding and a small fold *
  6. I have to update the photo so you can see with all its her glory...
  7. I wish I can own this.. I would love to know at the end of auction if you got to take it home. By the way I have a thread in modern on Manara.
  8. A hand full I have not seen before.. This is the Italian Vogue for January 2020
  9. I found more info on this issue Wonder Woman #1 by Panini Italy - Italian Edition... Issues Inside: Wonder Woman #73-74 (DC 2016 / ALL ITALIAN LANGUAGE)
  10. Not sure if anyone seen this on eBay, but an Original Art from Planet Comics 28. Hefty price to only have one crappy picture.
  11. I hate to say this, but I see this a ton... That is why I cringe at times when I see sales threads and they note "No returns on Graded Books", "I have not control over the grade and what you see is what you get". But the person does have control on how the slab was stored..