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  1. Bump! More great books added! There's a NYX 3 in a 9.6, a NYX 1 and 2 in a 9.8 Power Girl 1, 2, and 27 all in 9.8 Wonder Woman 184 in a 9.8 The entire Infinity Gauntlet: 1, 3, 5, and 6 are 9.8's. 2 is a 9.2 and 4 is a 9.6 And more! Have a great weekend
  2. Just posting a link to my eBay page. I have a bunch of Silver and Bronze Age Batman books up for sale, including first appearances of Poison Ivy, Silver Age Riddler, Betty Kane, and Barbara Gordon. I also have a bunch of new slabs, from a CGC 9.8 Walking Dead 1 to a CGC graded set of Infinity Gauntlet books. Let me know through PM if you're interested in making a purchase through the boards instead of eBay. Have a great day!
  3. Hey, Just wanted to post a link to my eBay store. I recently acquired a collection of gold, silver, and bronze age Batman books. They're lower grade. I'm listing them on my eBay store. If you want to make a better deal through the CGC boards instead for any issues, please let me know. Have a great day!
  4. Hi, @raybowlesI have $3500 on hand. If that isn't the price you're looking for, I understand. Thanks for your reply!
  5. @Jaydogrules $3000 for the pair. And yes, they were both fakes. Same seller tried to scam someone else in the CBSI Google+ group. He devoted part of his podcast to it this week. I spoke with him on Google Hangouts and it is indeed the same person.
  6. @Bomber-Bob @Jaydogrules Here are some pics of the books in question. There's damage at the staples like someone forcibly tried to affix a new cover to an existing book. There's just too much "bounce" in the spines when the books are lying flat. And I've provided a picture of the one book on top of an actual modern comic. The sizing is off. The paper itself isn't as smooth as normal comic book paper. But it's not your average counterfeit by any means. There was work put into this.
  7. @Bomber-Bob He approached me after he saw my WTB post about having capital to invest in books for grading. Again, this one is totally on me. I protected myself through PayPal invoicing, but there was definitely more I could do to be a smarter consumer. I will post pics of the fake books in question later tonight.
  8. @ADAMANTIUMYeah. I went through PayPal invoice on everything, which is what saved me in the end. I'm lucky. Very lucky. It's a lesson learned to be sure, even to someone who has been around comics a lot. I saw dollar signs and that trumped everything else.
  9. Hey, just to let everyone here and throughout the CGC forums know: this book is in no way the real deal. This user in particular tried to scam me out of quite a bit of money. I can provide pictures to confirm that the book in question is a fake. If you are approached about this book, BUYER BEWARE.