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  1. If some guy off the street drew this and showed it to the Marvel guys, they'd say " Sorry, you need to work on your anatomy" haha
  2. Here are mine. The 8.5 was and upgrade from the 7.5 and the 3.0 was found in a collection raw.
  3. Now this is just plain awesome! Coming in November to HA 75K? 100k? 150k?
  4. Always loved this cover and thought it one of Lee/Williams's best of their Uncanny run However, While I love Jim Lee's art, he does the same thing over and over again. Characters standing around in a pose with headshots in the background....It's getting old. Scott, tell Jim to knock it off and have his characters actually doing something haha
  5. Price guides are out of date the day they hit the shelf, OSP is just good to read articles and to look at all the "Highest Prices Paid" ads
  6. I mainly sell on eBay, I put stuff as a BIN at GPA, stuff flies out the door, Once my inventory stops selling has basically come to a halt, I run 0.99 cent auctions and it lands where it lands, I usually end up auctioning off the duds that I get (i.e modern 9.4/9.6) By that time comes, I've already made my money.
  7. It's not the same book at all. How is the before picture crystal clear but the after picture is blurry?
  8. It's not the same book at all. How is there suddenly 2 extra color breaking spine stress lines in the after picture that are not there on the before pictures??? is he trying to extort CGC by claiming false damage?
  9. His stuff on Amazing Spider-Man sells for more money than his later "Spider-man" series run even though his Spider-Man pages are much cooler than his ASM run. What would his ASM 316 cover fetch? A million?
  10. I wonder what his ASM splashes would bring in now? His OA Spidey art is bringing in Ditko and Kirby prices
  11. I'd take a Mcfarlane Spidey over a Romita Spidey cause that's what I grew up with when I was a teenager, Yes Romita is the better artist and Mcfarlane himself would tell you that but Todd brought the energy!
  12. Yeah cause erasing dirt with an eraser is someone becoming the next Michaelagelo