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  1. The color touch from a pen or marker will seep through the paper on the other side, always open the front cover and check inside
  2. There's a few on eBay now with that grade.
  3. I have 2 9.6's, I have one more at CGC being graded and it's almost done.
  4. scoonfunk Won 2 auctions for slabs and never paid, had to file a case to get fees back
  5. Don't grade books as 9.4, 9.6, 9.8 because the buyer will hold you to it. Take good pictures/scans Put in the description any visible defects "spine stress" "surface wear" "fingerprint" If you advertise 9.8, you are just going to sell to a flipper who thinks it won't slab out a CGC 9.8 and will want his $$ back since he can't make anything off of it. Don't give out grades. You are just screwing yourself if you do.
  6. Sold for 59K in January Its the same book, just got reholdered.
  7. This book sold for 60K - a record Now he tries to flip it and only ends up with $33,499.80 after CL fees minus reholder/shipping costs on top of that.
  8. If it's a 9.8 with grader notes, you should send the book back to get regraded so it gets a lower grade cause we don't need mis-graded books in the marketplace. j/k some collectors actually think like this. If it's a 9.8, close your eyes and take the money.
  9. What are you looking to pay for a CGC 9.8?
  10. Matt Nelson in an interview said the corners need to be razor sharp and a 10.0 needs to be perfect in every way. Pretty vague explanation
  11. Some buyers just hold a seller to a standard that is impossible to obtain, just unrealistic expectations, then they go on Amazon, order stuff and don't say anything about Amazon's poor packaging. Amazon basically just throws your order in an empty box and that's it. However, on eBay, Someone orders a $1.99 comic book, they expect you to pack it up like it can survive a fall from outer space. Mental illness runs rampart in the comic collecting community