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  1. The happens when the water in the water pan that is mixed with an etch solution runs too low, Water cleans up the plate. No water = ink only This is the result. They should have been thrown away but some people stacking the books, don't listen/care and put it on the skid anyway. All you have to do is pull the drain plug out from the water pan anytime while the press is running and this is what will happen.
  2. waynemanor.2012 Buyer kept asking for a discount on 2 books, (Venom Lethal Protector 5 CGC 9.8 and an ASM 300 CGC 9.6) I knocked $25 off the price of the ASM 300 and $20 off the listed price for the Venom 5. I also gave him free shipping (his request) since he lived only the next state over. He gets both books and says the ASM 300 9.6 "I'm not happy" and wants a refund. Reason for the refund? "The book moves a little in the CGC case" I really can't stand these types of ebay buyers. Added to block list.
  3. If the market crashes like in the mid 90's...that's a sign to start buying.
  4. Think of investing in comics this way..."if there wasn't any tv/movie hype, would people still be looking for this book 50 years from now? if the answer is yes, hang on to it.
  5. Awesome Pick Up Steve! Welcome to the club, One of the best GA covers!
  6. Nice books Dan, Returning to OA or just buying a piece of art?
  7. The red and blue plates were put on the wrong cylinders of each other, no such thing as a "Skipped Plate" Ink fountains didn't run out of ink cause all 4 colors are present.
  8. Anything over a certain dollar amount I put in the bank, Can you afford $100-200 a year for a safe deposit box?
  9. Been wanting this for a long while, Came up for sale and had to get it even though it was more than I wanted to spend on it, Just have to say F it sometimes.
  10. Never run auctions in Nov/Dec, Sellers will always walk away disappointed, Record sales usually happen in the winter months. I remember last year people were complaining about their results from the CL featured auction last Nov. Better off holding out until after the 1st of the year.
  11. The color touch from a pen or marker will seep through the paper on the other side, always open the front cover and check inside