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  1. I never considered Frazetta a comic book artist, sure he drew a few comics but that doesn't make him a comic artist as if he did it his whole life for a living. He's an illustrator, pay him and he'll draw/paint what you want. His OA paintings will continue to climb into the millions, it was only a matter of time before it happened. 5.4 Million will be chump change in the coming years. Those who have Frazetta art of any kind are lucky they've gotten it so cheap. Best to hold onto it if you have it.
  2. I don't grade raw books for eBay anymore. I'm not going to start arguing over grades only to end up with handing out a bunch of refunds. I just list the defects like "Heavy spine stress, Stain on back cover" take front and back cover scans and start off the auction at 99 cents and let the buyer decide what he wants to pay for it.
  3. All I have is the 109 as a 9.6 W if you're willing to pay a bit more
  4. This book will continue to climb as long as the movie speculation continues and won't settle down until after the movie comes out, we all know the XMen are going to join the MCU and it won't happen for a long time. I should have bought this book a while ago but wanted other books instead and a GSX1 was put on the back burner, it's such a common book but people gotta have it. FF48 is seeing the same thing..prices will continue to rise until we are sitting in our seats at the theater then it depends on how good the movie is that will decide if your investment holds it's market value..rinse and repeat.
  5. If color touch is present on the book so try and hide a color break and it gets graded...automatic PLOD. If a pen mark is on the book without the intention of trying to cover up a color break, then it should be noted (example) "black pen mark on cover"
  6. Delivered 4/22 Still waiting to be received...
  7. I just sold you this book not too long ago haha
  8. I pressed the following with excellent results Hulk 181 7.0 to a 8.5 Hulk 181 3.0 to a 4.5 Hulk 181 7.0 to a 8.0 Hulk 181 4.5 to a 6.0 Giant Size X-Men 5.0 to a 6.5 ASM 129 8.5 to a 9.2 ASM 129 5.5 to a 7.5
  9. Exactly why I stopped drawing and gave up trying to turn pro years ago...14 hours hunched over a board and little thanks.