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  1. Still going strong here in Sweden, have been published in his own comic book ,"Fantomen", since 1950 and 26 new issues are published every year.
  2. I only observe punching, ringside can be quite comfy. But Michael Jackson always hogs the popcorn.
  3. Is Kva the punching bag? I thought that was greggy? Soon you'll tell me that ducttape ain't made of ducks, bowler hats are unsuitable for bowling, and that adds dont add up. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!
  4. All and any bids put in during the alloted timeframe are valid, some go in early, some snipe. Nothing more about it than that in my eyes.
  5. More relay services that people are signing up for to consolidate multiple orders and to get an adress in the US so bidding on "US only" auctions becomes possible.
  6. As someone who constitute as "international" (Sweden to be more precise), I'm always happy when I find a seller willing to ship to me. The GPS however is a killer, extreme fees (often $30+ to ship a single comic), import taxation on items that should be tax exempt and so on. I'm considering signing up for one of those relay services where you get a US adress that consolidate incoming parcels and send them to me.
  7. ComicTrips is a favourite, they're on a hiatus now. Reggie is good, Nerdsync have some really interesting episodes, Comictropes, Comicstorian. Working my way through recommendations i've gotten here on the boards.
  8. Try to keep my youtubing to comic related content, but cats always seem to work their way in. 🤔
  9. Aha, I've found my opposite! I watch too much YouTube to the point that my post count never increase.
  10. I can also ship with UPS Economy signed & fully insured, can perhaps bring down the shipping price a wee bit.
  11. You only pay tax once a year? And that is in april? THAT is something I will keep in mind for the future.
  12. Been off the first page for more than a day so time for a bump. Will take the opportunity to upload some better Pictures with hopefully less glare. If you want them in higher resolution, just let me know.
  13. For Sale: Incredible Hulk 181 CGC 9.4 White pages. Fresh back from CGC, have been pressed and cleaned once. Price & form of payment: $8650. That’s somewhere around the 12 month GPA average and it feels quite fair. Paypal only. Shipping: I will ship to the US and EU. FedEx International Economy fully insured and signed for is the only secure option I’ve found so far, costing around $350 to the US. If it would cost any more I’ll cover the difference, if the cost is any less then I’ll deduct that from the total sum. I know that the price is high, I’m shipping from Sweden and everything is expensive here when shipping abroad. I’m willing to work with a buyer to find alternative means of shipping, but full insurance and signature delivery is a must. No trades. No returns. No probation or HOS. claims in comments trumps all and any conversations through PM.
  14. My tickets to the club, now fresh back from cgc.