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  1. What is this "focus" you speak of? I have the lifetime goal to gather every comic published by Marvel from FF1 and forward. Oh, and other stuff that happen to catch my fancy too.
  2. Is it an age thing or do lazy entitled...individuals come in all categories? I've had some problems with younger summer workers (younger than 30), albeit in logistics. No comics in sight. :P Almost have to slap the #"!%¤& phone out of their hands.
  3. This thread has kept me duly entertained during a slow evening at work. But what most amaze me (in a good way) is how the board comes together, tar, pitchforks and rubber duckies prepared. I should start buying here more often, and always require signature verification.
  4. My comic related research have found that it involves mamary glands of bisarre proportions, small furry animals, and when in doubt - tentacles.
  5. I've talked to poeple about comics many times, I've found that the trick is to connect it (comics) to something tangible, something that seems more "real" to the listener. I've had the pleasure of holding lectures about comics for non-comic interested people, but always made the subject with some kind of angle. The latest I held a while back was "Sex and sexuality in comics through publishing history.". Sex sells. But more important, people know about sex, they know about literature. This was just a more niched dive into the subject, and a fun one to boot.
  6. A newspaper clip was the first evidence of my fall into comics. Translation of text: What "Summer with speed"? <my name>, 4 years old, wasn't even remotely interested in the board of recreations new summer parolle. He took it easy and ignored both windsurfing and soccer.
  7. I need that wood! Although that's not a stamp of quality, I'd buy my own strain of anthrax, a rabid possum or a dead hooker, as long as it had the marvel logo on it.
  8. Weird, was also looking for that one. Got all other issues of the old man logan storyline, but not 67. And agree, ASM in specific numbers above 300 were not that easy to find, tried to complete my run from 200 and up, still 10 issues to find that were nowhere to be seen at the con.
  9. US collectors don't haggle anymore? I was there, and as a foreigner from a culture almost totally void of haggling, trying to go lower feels so wrong in some ways. Did manage to overcome that block on sunday and got some great deals, but still felt wierd.
  10. Talked to some booths selling comics. I should have brought my pile of bronze age stuff and traded them in. Oh well, I'll be going to more cons in the us in the future. The crowding during all four days was insane!
  11. Well mostly run fillers from the early and mid seventies, no keys. Might just as well leave them at home then.
  12. Do any of you know how open the vendors are to trading comics at the con? I was thinking about bringing a pile of marvel bronze age comics that I have duplicates off, but if the chances are slim I'd rather save the luggage space.
  13. Am I the only on that first read the title as "Interest in some mutant titties?"
  14. Wonder if CGC will have on-location grading, or at least submissions and witnesses. This Con is stacked with comic book talent, to my joy!
  15. I'm also going to NY, the first week of october, for NYCC. I've been to the city before and already done the touristy stuff, was thinking about focusing on Brooklyn and all the comic shops there. Any tips on hidden gems (restaurants, comic book shops etc) are welcome. Edit: I'm travelling from Sweden though, not the UK like OP. Comic book shops will be awesome as long as they have dollar bins and a somewhat wide selection to preuse (dollar bin back issues here usually lands around the equivalent of 5$ and up).