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  1. Can't comment on the HA auction, but I'd not trust the seller of that Ebay auction.
  2. First cover app, but they dont appear in the issue. First confirmed in the story is HR:A #1 I believe. Storyline of HR #2 seems to imply they'll be involved in that issue though. Both release the same day. Markets will decide if that HR #1 variant counts. My personal guess is no since it's concept art and not story art, but .
  3. Not too unreasonable. Contains 1st app of characters on the cover, plus it's a decent cover with good colors. I can see that one sustaining $200 for a while after launch. The covers for Keeve for issue 1 were all pretty subpar, so it'll be nice to have something of quality for the character.
  4. Okay lemme clarify something because I used a poor choice of words which is where I think this misunderstanding is coming from. I should have said royalties, not licensing. Yes. likely Disney does not have to pay licensing, but it wouldn't surprise me if they do pay a royalty for each use of the character. (At least for Pre-disney era). Do I know for sure? No, just making an assumption based on other IP creations. Sorry for the confusion. Anyway, getting back on subject, KOTOR 31 has breached the steady $100+ amount. It was down to about $30 a few months ago. First official Malak (
  5. Sure, Disney owns the character, but it doesn't mean they don't have to pay Zahn some sort of royalties. It all depends on the contracts, and those contracts pre-date Disney by 20 years.
  6. Obviously I don't know the licensing deals these authors have, but I'm sure the agreements over character ownerships has changed drastically in the past 25 years since Heir to the Empire. Zahn was already an established writer, so I suspect he had clout in his bargaining agreements. Though I doubt anyone saw Thrawn's inclusion 20 years later in a cartoon. I'm sure once Disney took over, a lot has changed. Probably any new character is created and vetted before an author even is allowed to use them.
  7. I think it's one thing to do obscure callbacks and whatnot for the fans, but putting in a character with an established backstory is hamstringing for writers. Take Mara Jade for instance (who arguably is my favorite EU character for reference). How do you bring her in without basically gutting her backstory? At this point it's fairly safe to say Luke's story is done, and her story is so intertwined with his. If you try to separate them, it's basically a completely different character. Plus there are royalties and rights for using that character. I think Thrawn was reused because he essentially
  8. Okay, update: Assaj was definitely first introduced in the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars mini-series. Looks like Darth Bane was created by George Lucas, but Terry Brooks has the first "app" in his Episode 1 novelization. Quinlan Vos character design was originated in Episode 1, but his story was fleshed out in comics. So that's a 50/50 I guess.
  9. 20 even sounds high. I can think of maybe 5? I can't think of any characters that originated in a comic either that have appeared in SW canon. Thrawn was a book, Asaaj was the cartoon. Revan was KOTOR. (Unsure on Bane. ) Maybe Quinlan Vos? Was he in the movies?
  10. It's past FOC, so the prices should be increasing a bit. First app of the Nihil and the twins will make #2 a desirable issue in the long haul.
  11. There's nothing other than people are spec'ing on characters with little to zero chance of ever seeing the light of day on a TV show. (Much like 90% of the current SW spec.) I suspect some pump and dumper Youtube/Instragram personality is trying to draw up interest to inflate their own stash.
  12. When he stops drawing his wife as MJ/Gwen on every cover, then I might buy them again.
  13. I'm still waiting for something from November 25th from Mexico. About every week I get a new update from some part of the country where it's at so I know it's not lost. I wouldn't worry too hard about Dec 27th. Mail is just incredibly backed up right now.
  14. I use these rigid mailers, sandwiched in two pieces of cardboard, usually USPS box cuttings. Generally shipping ends up being just around 8oz for a modern comic+cardboard. Gemini+cardboard generally bump me to 9oz which ends up being up to 50 cents more to ship due to USPS's tiering system. Never had an issue with them in about 100 sales, they store easier, and they can't get crushed. People may scoff, but they're near impossible to bend with stuff inside. Comes out to about 65 cents each.