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  1. If anyone cares, Customer Appreciation Edition for Fathom Vol 8 #1. Limited to 250. (Not new art.)
  2. Sadly, it looks exactly like his art from the past 3-4 years.
  3. I think the inker/colorist work should also not be discounted. There's just a different caliber of work in issues like Black Cat 1, Superior Spider-man 20, and RYV 1 (Mary Jane Wedding cover). I feel like it's been missing from a lot of current works. Everything lately just looks boring and flat. It lacks depth.
  4. Am I crazy in thinking these are just an art rehash from an older release?
  5. No hard info to back this up, but it's probably 75% signed, 25% unsigned is my guess. May as well make as much money as he can by charging that signing premium.
  6. I use something similiar and I've never had a problem. I'd say they're actually more rigid than a comic mailer. For safety I usually throw in a piece of cardboard or two depending on the quantity of comics. You cannot bend them by hand, and any machine that could would also have no problem with a comic mailer box.
  7. I expect he's still holding onto about half of these for a later date with a higher markup. Still, I'm impressed even the "A" copy sold out so fast. It seems this was a popular set. I swore to myself no more JSC exclusives, but I ended up pulling the trigger on this one because for once it's not a Black Cat cover.
  8. I'd flip them now. I wouldn't be shocked if JSC sells virgins at ECCC in March.
  9. S.H.I.E.L.D. 1 Partial Sketch Cover. Been trying to find this for a while for my collection, but haven't luck.
  10. Got you three all down. Will send out PMs in a bit once I'm less swamped!
  11. $30 Lots (Each) 1.) Amazing Spider-Man #1 Renew Your Vows #1 JSC A, B Variants (Mild Corner Dings. I think a press would fix both.) 2.) Justice League #12 HTF Combo Pack Variant (NM- or so) 3.) Darkwing Duck #14 SDCC Blank (VF to NM-. Needs a press)
  12. $25 Lots (Each) 1.) Secret Avengers #6 Valkyrie Variant 2.) Street Fighter Rare Variants Pack
  13. $15 Lots (Each): 1.) The Old Guard 1-5 (Complete) 2.) Marvel Heroes 28 Panini Dell'Otto Virgin (Feels like it has water damage, but I don't see any ink runs. Likely a press would make this a million times better, but don't expect a 9.8 even with one. Cover is more or less undamaged though.) 3.) Justice League #1 Wonder Woman Mark Brooks Exclusive A, B, C Variants 4.) Aquaman #39 Middleton Variants 4x Copies (3 NM+/1 NM) 5.) Wolverine 3-D Dell'Otto Claw Panini France Exclusive (Has a small cut across all the pages) 6.) Wonder Woman in Gotham Gal Gadot German Photo Variant (Got about 10 of these for sale, graded around a NM each) 7.) Wonder Woman Gratis Special German Gal Gadot Photo Variant (Got also about 10 of these, graded about a NM- each) 8.) Batman Hush French Variant. Signed by Jim Lee. NM-/NM Shape.