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  1. Not sure who exactly you're referring to, but there's a few sellers that are notorious shill sellers of these books who bid up and relist until they finally sell it for the price they want. There's one guy I remember figuring out had 5 or 6 high feedback accounts who was doing this. It's easy to tell when you look at the bid history.
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    CFP Comics

    We got in touch. Thanks for reaching out, Joey!
  3. Tnexus

    CFP Comics

    Hi guys, Anyone know what's up with Joey at CFPComics? I sent my pressing order in a few months back. Today I was just checking my account to see if there's any update (since I know it takes a while) and discovered my account was gone. I tried emailing him and that bounced back as an invalid address. I also noticed his "currently processing" hasn't been updated in a month+ either. I know he's a long established presser for a lot of you, so I'm hoping one of you might have info. Hopefully it's just a website issue, but it does have me a little worried.
  4. Hi guys, starting to narrow down my collection, and I'm looking to focus on obscure and hard to find in high grade or graded Spider-Gwen comics. Prices are negotiable as I'm not entirely sure what a lot of these would be worth in high grade/9.8 form. So I'm looking for copies of: Spider-Gwen #1 Gamestop Variant Spider-Gwen #1 Annual Comic Block Variant Spider-Gwen #5 Heroes Aren't Hard to Find Variant Spider-Gwen #5 SDCC Aja Variant Spider-Gwen #5 Books-A-Million Variant Spider-Gwen #0 Books-A-Million Variant If there's any non-comic store exclusive ones I'm missing, feel free to message me!
  5. Theres 4,000 copies of that issue. Don't waste your money.
  6. I think it's because a lot of writers would love and have tried to write for Spider-man, but Marvel went with the famous guy's kid instead.
  7. FYi, his son is writing. JJ is just basically helping him with storyboarding it sounds like. And established comic writers are pissed about this.
  8. If anyone cares, Customer Appreciation Edition for Fathom Vol 8 #1. Limited to 250. (Not new art.)
  9. Sadly, it looks exactly like his art from the past 3-4 years.
  10. I think the inker/colorist work should also not be discounted. There's just a different caliber of work in issues like Black Cat 1, Superior Spider-man 20, and RYV 1 (Mary Jane Wedding cover). I feel like it's been missing from a lot of current works. Everything lately just looks boring and flat. It lacks depth.
  11. Am I crazy in thinking these are just an art rehash from an older release?
  12. No hard info to back this up, but it's probably 75% signed, 25% unsigned is my guess. May as well make as much money as he can by charging that signing premium.
  13. I use something similiar and I've never had a problem. I'd say they're actually more rigid than a comic mailer. For safety I usually throw in a piece of cardboard or two depending on the quantity of comics. You cannot bend them by hand, and any machine that could would also have no problem with a comic mailer box.