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  1. NoMan

    Should sellers leave prices up on sold books?

    It someone's strategy is to manipulate numbers to their favor, well, world's full of great folks like that and I have no doubt they sleep well at night getting over on that copy of Avengers 185 or whatever. As for selling to a friend, just say so: "Sold it to a friend, price between us."
  2. NoMan

    Should sellers leave prices up on sold books?

    so sometimes when you're nice they still won't tell you? Just leave 'em up.
  3. NoMan

    Torpedo Comics Spreads it's Wings?

    called yesterday because I was gonna make the trip today, person on the phone said don't bother for another month as that's when John (Torpedo) will be sending back issues. Saved me a trip
  4. NoMan

    Should sellers leave prices up on sold books?

    I don’t care for it either. It’s a learning tool thats disappeared for those of us needing learning. But whatever.
  5. has anyone tried collecting on a Llyod's of London Policy? If not, it's all just paper nothingness.
  6. There is much, much larger boxes. I've seen them. Much larger. Don' t know rental fee. Not as cheap as the storage locker down by the freeway, and, well, you get what you pay for.
  7. yes there is. unfortunately, there's decades waiting lists for them. Families ofter pass them down in wills from generation to generation
  8. It’s just an odd personal preference of mine. (Bank Safe Deposit Boxers) Can’t blame anyone for keeping books at home.
  9. no s h i t. Lots of great stores of friendlyness on the phone, about getting the monthly bill to you in a timely fashion and all that, lots of niceness on their 800 lines, but come to collect a claim, and oh well, you know the deal. Not covered.
  10. I’m very serious. “Worthless drek” is just a matter of opinion. have you ever been to a bank safe deposit vault area? It’s a lot more thrilling than the shelves of your LCS. My only concern here is for the kids beginning to collect today. The future of this honbby will benifit ius all!
  11. In all fairness , didn’t marvel put out a Kiss comic made out of their blood? Marvel and Stan would do anything for a buck. I didn’t think it would get crazy with his sigsvonce he died. Another opertunity lost, bro story of my life
  12. I believe you that I said it, but I wrote it and I fall a little short of reading things I write. I might suggest checking out the "what superhero movie earned what" and those disagreements/discussions in the Comic Movie Group sub section if you're looking for genius, either organic or non-organic. Those guys act like they got points in those films. Anyways use a Bank Safe Deposit box or don't. I gotta go to the heart doctor now. No big deal. Regular check up is all.
  13. I wrote a long response to the Bank Vault non-belevers and CGC's new program erased it and I've lost interested. Suffice to say, if this poor chap who just lost 1.4 million in comics had them in a Bank Safe Deposit Box instead of a storage locker down by the turnpike, well, I'd venture to bet he's still have his books.
  14. I'm not trying to give you a hard time and I apologize if it comes off that way. I feel strongly about Bank Safe Deposit Boxes like some folks feel strongly about the latest variant. just get your books of value in a vault at the bank.
  15. I'm not sure what you're asking - the reasons you should keep ALL your books in a Bank Safe Deposit Box? Because the bank Safe Deposit Box area of any bank is cool as s h i t! The vibe is intense. The woman are interesting that are checking on the contents of their boxes. Sometimes you can make googly eyes at 'em. They have something of value, you have something of value. The female tellers that take you back to the vault have the nicest legs on just about any female any where. It's a mystery behind what's behind every door. It's a place of enchantment and wonder. I'l say this if this batman/detective theft guy had been storing them in a Bank Safe Deposit Box, instead of a storage locker (?) he'd still have them. Is this not reason enough? And the whole "just get insurance for 'em doesn't jive with me. Anybody tried to collect on a 1.4 million dollar comic book theft? Yeah, didn't think so. Everything is cool with insurance until you try to collect.