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  1. Dumb question Roy: How do they treat a 200k book different than a $2 book in grading?
  2. Check this out: I look at SD letters on ebay cause I like to read them. I'm surprised they have value (yes the completed listing say they sell for big $$). Seems a shame to cut a letter to just get the autograph part encapsulated.
  3. Nice pieces. Kid's good. In Sulaymaniyah, Iraq I met a young man who worked at a coffee shop. I noticed some really great drawings around the shop (no superhero comic stuff) and asked if they were his. He said yes and asked if I wanted to see his portfolio. I said sure and he pulled it from behind the counter and showed it to me. It was all male superheroes but with boobs. Huge boobs. And not cartoony like you might see in a Robert Crumb piece, but men with boobs. Serious as in if men had boobs. Spiderman with boobs. Deadpool with boobs. Quicksilver with boobs, and so on. He gave me his Instagram account but my head was already spinning from the travel and where I was at and I just didn't write it down. It seemed perfectly normal. I just said, Cool.
  4. Wish I could gig on it. Buddy says it's cake. While at work he said he, "Explores one end of the Internet to the other" cause he's so bored. Good cash, too which I could spend with you Roy if your contact can hook me up. Money for me = money for you! M And BTW Byrd is real, too. Paul Leary (guitarist for the Butthole Surfers among other accomplishments) is a big fan and writes about Byrd often. Wish I knew as much about comics as I do in the worthless I do
  5. I do know someone that works on Judge Judy. She's nice to the crew ( ) and mean as to both the plaintiffs and defendants. ( )!! As far as the "reality" of said show, man we'd have to start defining terms and just get way off topic of what seemed to be (besides Bob Storms) a really, really lame looking con. As bad as the one in Dubai and no "cheeks."
  6. I'm gonna step aside now. I dunno. - I mean there is a Giant Elephant in the room here and, well, I'm a guest here and do enjoy the place and like to visit and I already got a strike last week. So.....
  7. I know, I know: The train has left the station. I just think the trains, say in a Winston Link photograph of old, are more interesting than the trains of today.
  8. I know a little and I think you're a bit off on your calculations. Perhaps, please, a more experienced actor can come on in here and break off some knowledge. Since no one is, I'll try. It would cost, I believe, quite a bit more to grade since the grading fee is based on the estimated value of book. Pressing, same.
  9. Are you trying to make a more gloomy day here in Los Angeles than it already is?
  10. I thank you for the response. This I did realize. What I was wishing was some pressing & regrading genius would know the specific (or close to specific) amount of $ this 7.0 to 8.0 process cost as I'm too lazy to do the research myself. Lazy + Wanting Free Knowledge = Nada. Nothing. So, nothing I get. Wish I was more motivated. I could have more $ and that's what it's all about. I'm hungry.
  11. so CC= QVC sticker (or whatever)? and CL=CVS sticker (or whatever)? do they take the stickers off each other's books and put their own stickers on. I'm getting a headache and when hobbies become another chore it..... ....may be time to retreat a bit. read some comics. Gotta finish up The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
  12. or was it just cracked out of the case and resubmitted as new and got an 8.0? I'm so confused.