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  1. There was no answer at the door. his niece did tell me to write him and tell him that she recommended I write asking to visit him. I did. You wanna talk about an angry response. btw- hope you’re feeling better mr. dude
  2. His niece is cool. She works with my wife. I got a bunch of letters from Ditko. The trick and the thrill was keeping him in a correspondence without him blowing his stack and putting you on blast, as the kids say today. You know get him to ride the line just at the edge of Defcon-4. It's funny how much some of these Ditko letters go for. He'd write anybody that wrote him saying, or course, that "if everyone asked for a signature then he'd have to do it for everyone" and then give you a signature at the end of the letter. My wife did push it by insisting we knock on his studio door while in NYC. I said that was kinda not cool, but my wife is a spit-fire hottie red-head so you just kinda do what you're told.
  3. I bought them. I have found there are varying emotions when it comes to Dazzler #1 and She Hulk #1: Some people hate them like poison, others just hate them regular.
  4. It was long ago but I seemed to remember both those comics were an insult to my senses and they needed to be punished.
  5. Time machine and a head check. That'll do. You'd think a long time OCD suffer and comic collector would know better. But no. Hate is strong.
  6. AF15 are mailed at the post office. This is a known fact.
  7. I do believe this as I have many friends at the post office that routinely tell me of packages going to China. While it's true that the Chinese do spend serious money on real estate and fine wines, many have begun collecting AF15s as Spiderman is the #1 hero there.
  8. thanks. now it's my knees. getting old sucks
  9. The Chinese have a recent history of buying AF15s. Now that the Chinese government has relaxed its "one-child" policy into a "two-child" policy this creates twice the demand for AF15. If you hold onto your AF15 for the 25 years or so you mentioned this newly mined market in China will be substantial and lucrative. It should be no problem to find a buyer in the Chinese comic-collecting market making AF15 not only an American bullet-proof investment buy a Chinese one as well. In regards to your original question of where the comic book market will be in 25 years (and I know this is not a popular opinion on these boards) but I see it tanking. Kids today do not collect comics and therefore will feel no nostalgic value to them as you or I (and many here) do. Of course AF15 will still be collectable much as the stamp collecting hobby has died but the Inverted Jenny Air Mail stamp is still highly prized and valued. I don't hold much hope for other current blue chip comics (X-Men 1, Marvel Mystery 1, Archie 1) as most comic collecting money in the future will go towards acquiring the precious few AF15s that will still be around and not forever buried in black hole collections of the Chinese. I live in a predominately Chinese area of California and many Chinese children dress up as Spiderman for Halloween and their enthusiasm for all things Spiderman carries over to them dressing up as Spiderman for other major holidays, including President's Day. The last President's Day here a Chinese child actually came to my door dressed as a copy of AF15 (In mylar, not in a CGC case) and his mother was dressed behind him as a cantankerous letter from Steve Ditko. The child's father was also there but was not dressed up. He did have a facial mole with a long hair sticking out of it. I believe he works for the post office. So yeah, AF15s are a sure thing.
  10. If I understand Ebay correctly, looking at the completed listings a 5.0 that sufferers from Marvel Chipping in a horrific way sold for $26,100.00 on 3/22/2020.
  11. WELCOME TO THE INTERNET! - Especially the internet forums revolving around hobbies. Man, the wrist watch ones are the worst. Go the to Rolex Forums and refer to a Rolex watch as a "Rollie" and watch the regulars LOSE THEIR MINDS!
  12. It's never "your" comic, it's never "our" comics. We are simply holding them for the next generation. Perhaps this buyer was that next generation and now you've created a s-storm like in that Ray Bradbury story A Sound Of Thunder. I'm just giving you a hard time. It's yours to do what you want. hell I quit reading the threads after a bit cause they said the same things over and over. But maybe this buyer was ment to own this book and now you have destroyed the time-space continuum by not selling it to him and for that I would put you on some kinda list.
  13. wish the Government would prop up my comic collection.