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  1. Bump thread until AF15 becomes a million dollar book! Come on, Mamma needs a new pair of shoes!
  2. Hey all. Looking for an issue of some underground comic (prolly from early 90s). I know a panel consisted of a kid who liked to play war and the other kids told him, "We'll give you all the tanks in the world if you sh*t your pants." The next panel has the kid with a load in his pants with fantasy bubbles of tanks. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Don't entombed 'em in plastic then. Or do. I don't care.
  4. yeah, do more research on Newton Rings. I know what that are and what causes them. It's a visual blight and nothing else.
  5. God I have a big book that was holderd in 2016 I think. It resides in a safe deposit box and I trip if its getting that holder crushed thing going on. It’s signed by SL on page 16 or whatever and I’d like to get a new label that says SL written on page 16. I’d have to fly to Florida. I ain’t mailing that thing
  6. When Dylan destroys CGC will the books awaiting grading there be destroyed in the process?
  7. Low grade books have a special charm for me: They have been read and enjoyed and then read and enjoyed some more. And so on...
  8. I have no idea who this guy is or of his past activities. After reading this and another thread he's in for about 7 minuetes, this f-nut is now on my list to not buy from. I think when Bob and others around here talk about a seller's reputation, well, here ya go....
  9. thanks for the catch up. i know it's annoying to repeat stuff for the kids in the back row, but I honestly can't keep up anymore
  10. I missed his previous escapades. Been caught up in watching Forensic Files. Were his previous escapades quality escapades?