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  1. Don't compare your insides to someone else's outsides, Grasshopper. I don't watch youtube comic book stuff and don't know the you tube individuals you're talking about, but the fact that you can articulate your feeling so simply and honestly leads me to believe you're probably a pretty decent person. Decent people=Cool Cats! Welcome. If you're looking for good stories to track down, I'm a big Frank miller fan. Try some of his stuff. Or Alan Moore on Swamp Thing.
  2. Here's the low down as I see it: The only opinion/experience that matters here is that of some one who lost a book in a fire, flood, theft from gun vault, whatever and is trying to recover from said insurance company. I mean, what else matters? All insurance companies are great at collecting premiums. "My company is sooo great!"
  3. I figured there was a chance it could go like this. Having a brain that dwells on details like the school bus in your AF15 story and not the AF15 is a blessing and a curse, but mostly a blessing, I guess. I was not being sarcastic or whatever, I truly was interested in the details of the school bus. I guess you could double down and say, "The school bus is none of your business" and it wouldn't be that big of a bigee. No harm, no foul. You be you. I'll be me. That sort of thing. But I think about stuff like that, "Who was the last person to drive the school bus?" "How did it get there." Some people take their photographs at the Official Kodak Picture Taking Spot and some wander off, like Everett Ruess, never to return. Get what I mean, Mr. Glassman? I figured it might go down like this because social media is a foul sewer and all that so of course I'm on a social media site so I must be being an a-hole. I'm old, you know. But, really it's just how I am. I want to know about the school bus. I already know about the AF15. I brought up the facts of your AF15 story (Bob Storms, price, etc) not as a put down but just to get that part of the school bus story out of the way. Are there not enough AF15 threads? Friends?
  4. Those of us who have hung around the AF15 threads long enough know the story about your AF15, Bob Storms drove to you to look at it, he sold it for 55K and all is good and you're son put a down payment on a house with the Spiderman money. I'm happy things worked out for you and your family and Bob Storms. But I want more information. I want to know about this abandoned school bus. Where was it? Why were you in an abandoned school bus to begin with? Do you often frequent abandoned vehicles? If you had to speculate, why do you think there were a box of comics in an abandoned school bus? Do you think the abandoned school bus, if restored, could bring even more money than the AF15? I mean, was it one of those cool old school buses from the 50s? I'm seriously wondering these things re: your AF15 story because, I dunno, I'm tired of AF15 and the abandoned school bus has really captured my imagination. I wonder about stuff like that. Who was the last person to drive it? How did it end up where it ended up? Did anyone die in the school bus?
  5. Maybe this is the main reason I don’t haggle with a comic book dealer at a show about price. I try to respect the amount of work, skill and patience it takes setting up a show (I volunteered helping at a con with the guys from my LCS so I could experience a con from the other side of the table) and I saw the steady stream of thoughtless, unstable, unreasonable, disrespectful and straight up insufficiently_thoughtful_persons that seem to just hang out kicking the tires so to speak and making authoritative statements about this book or that book. One guy set his greasy hamburger paper plate on top of a box of slabs while he blabbered away about the depth and scope of his collection. now there were some great costumers but they were far outweighed by the bad can’t imagine how stupid a yard sale would/can get but sounded as you handled it with patience should be commended.
  6. you know why I'll never "win" in this hobby? "Winning" defined as making a buck or two when I go to sell. When i see a book I want, I pull out my money and give it to the dealer who has the book I want. I really don't check anything or spend all day dicking with the phone. Now this only goes for the couple of dealers around here who have good reputations that I've dealt with before or two stores here in LA that I like or some in Houston when I go there. Heck I don't even bother "making an offer" when it says "make an offer." When I was a child I fell on a wheelbarrow and smashed my head bad. I got home from the hospital the next day and was then immediately hit in the head with a golf club. I believe this is the cause of me not really caring the costs of things I want
  7. I see that some folks do that and I don't know about all that, just sayen' I love the fantasy that the book went out in the real world and returned.
  8. I thought Red Ryder was a Daisy BB gun.
  9. I’m opposite. I love me some newsstand barcode!
  10. Comic collectors having fun with their collection and sharing with others just like here. Why the attitude?
  11. It's a bullet proof investment, you know!