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  1. The sticker is ment to increase selling price. Not all grades are equal. It's someone telling buyer that this book is really a good looking book in case buyer is unable to do that him/herself. The jokes abound because many (most?) feel it's not necessary and it's just another hand out to make money on slabbed books. How many folks can make money on (your) book?: Pre screen for pressing, Pressing, slabbing, sticker saying it's a really pretty book, auction buyer fees, Fed ex/UPS/Mail, state taxes, and then the gang comes around wondering/suggesting if you should reslab it (for a bump - ostensibly meaning more vaulable $$-wise) and start the process begins all over. In a way it's sorta disheartening.
  2. You need to include me. In anything. Carry on.
  3. can't even begin to fathom how much work the comic biz must be, if you you own a shop, own an online shop, cons, whatever. Find a good dealer and stick with 'em.
  4. I'm guessing in the public consciousness it's Action #1 always and forever. To long time collectors prolly a bunch of other books. Written by Fletcher Hanks anyone?
  5. Interesting that individual's posts stopped as soon as Steve Ditko died. ?
  6. The plot thickens OR I'm bored between gigs. As the incredible screenwriter William Goldman said about Hollywood, I say about comic "experts" and their predictions: Nobody knows nothen'
  7. I'm making a semi-educated guess based on this and that. I have no concrete evidence that is in fact the case. In other words, a hunch.
  8. am i remembering incorrectly? I thought in my small virginia town they were elected. my dad mentioned something like he was (a political party) and the populace was overwelmingly (the other political party) so he would not likely win.
  9. When I was a kid I asked my my dad (a lawyer) why he didn't run for being a Judge. He said he didn't feel like having people lie to him all day. I miss my dad. A lot.
  10. I get them and drool. I don't know if I'm drooling because there's so much incredible stuff out there or I'm drooling because they probably represent civilization's last gasp.