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  1. Doing a little research, St. Marks seems to have a big collection of back issues. Anyone been there? Thoughts? Thanks.
  2. No, not so much. However, I got some cash for comics. Sometimes a lot. And I could have spent it at St. Marks over and over and over and over again if only...
  3. NoMan

    Why people hate most modern books

    I used to ask people in the know what’s good today: people reading comics today, folks that work in comics shops. “Oh you’ve got to read this or that. Pick up this, it’s the best thing out there.” I say used to because I don’t anymore because everything they recommended to me sucked. There’s too many good things I have to read to deal with mess EDIT: I am looking forward to Seth’s completed Cyde’s Fans coming out this May. Slipcase and all. 20 years the making. I was living in Chicago in early 2000s and he had just started the story.
  4. Whatever St. Marks becomes, I can't wait to spend money there.
  5. Used to be a bookstore here and if you spent enough cash you got to go to the upstairs "secret room." I was looking for a rare Phillip K bio so I was up there looking. The place was a mess. I organized it and found 3 copies of the PKD book! Owner grabbed all three and put expensive prices on them underneath glass. Then he went out of biz and everyone was sad, "Another bookstore gone." Some people deserve to go out of biz.
  6. and look what I just found. Made my day! You sure the only reason you're going out of biz is because of rent increase? Maybe you ripped off too many newbies with deep pockets that never returned and spent their money instead with Dale Roberts or Bob Storms or sellers on these boards like Grebal and Pickycollector? EDIT: Favorite part of story: In 2017, the shop owner launched a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of raising $75,000 to fix the store's wear and tear, and to pay outstanding debt. By the end, the shop was only able to raise $1,201. I honestly hope this guy sleeps on the sidewalk now. Thinks about the x men100. Maybe the guy would have come in 3 times a year only interested in wall books, which I would have.
  7. it's a problem when I get excited about something. FIgure everyone keeps their words and treats people fairly. I do so I figure others do. But if you wanna convince a newbie an x men 100 3.5 i s actually an 8.0, enjoy and please sleep well at night.. Do your homework, fool. It's your fault! Some would say of me. Problem is I just jump right in, crash into to a bunch of walls leaving a series silhouettes. It's how I learn. Not really concerned about money or comics today. Is the D-bag from St. Mark's Comics?
  8. Gee, I asked that question? Well, I did go. twice actually. First time owner saw a sucker and ripped me off bad.. Year late went back, had some serious cash in my pocked and d-bag says," You wanna see something off the wall?" "No," I reply. Owner seemed confused. Confuse yourself out of a shop for all I care. Last I saw he was begging for cash on Go fund Me That place and the guy own owns in can suck the s h i t out of my A s s .
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    Prices are falling faster than when Dazzler came out. I don’t know how this makes any sense but that’s never stop me from posting before.
  10. NoMan

    Nominating Asteroid-Comix

    I'd make a bad Judge. It's hard for me to keep sense of stuff going on as I read each side's plea. Best to just put everyone on the "Do Not Deal With" list.
  11. Sounds like a cheap tattoo, you know the kinds with the words tattoo around the neck like you see with the hispters in Silverlake. Hey, maybe that was you when I stopped in for coffee a couple of days ago. Looks good on ya!
  12. No, that post is still here. but thank you , tho
  13. i've just got a warning from mods (no points) for reasons they seem not to want to just say the wrong doing , so you know I don't do it again. Logic? Whatcha you gonna do? Several posts of mine were removed. Comic Collecting goes on regardless. They may have been posts from this thread or any other thread. Who's to know? Any armchair Sam Spades out there? Traveling to remote areas of the world and scuba diving are starting to seem like a better use of time and money than collecting books entombed in plastic and putting them in my Safe Deposit Box (depending on value) or in my closet in a white box by my underwear. Each to his own, I guess. I've met a cool cat here, funny how your guts never never mislead you (see you Feb 26 - watch out for my 93 year old mom, she's is a kleptomaniac (Just Hulk 181s) and well, what are you gonna do: take her to court?. That would look VERY BAD on you. Other,quality finds: Mr. Bedrock Houston. Lee Ann in his Sugarland Store. And of course Bob Storms (even though he aways looks like he wants to rip your head off every time you see him.) and Dale Roberts. I once asked Roberts if I could see a wall book at a con and he said with a smile , "Sure, that's why I brought them!" What I delight. And you know I bought that book. Just a nice change of pace as opposed to being eyed as if I'm a thief and a pain in the when I ask to see a wall book. Make the price tag on a bigger piece of paper and I wouldn't have to bother your precious self and your greasy hamburger. I could actually see things, you know. So odd, when I go to my work and I'm asked to do something I don't especially want to do I just say, "Yes Sir!" It's been explained too me that placing a bigger tag on books at cons brings up accusations of "overinflated convention prices." I would think there would be way around this, but what do I know? I can't even to begin to fathom the hassles that dealers go through with dim witted rude thieving "customers." But I ain't one on 'em. I gotta big roll of cash, friendly to a fault, and want YOUR conics. But it's starting to have law a diminishing returns. 4 hours of LA traffic, 40$ ticket than treated like criminal. It's like, why bother? Anyways, hope you've having a good Thursday and I hope you collection is growing (Keys Only) and every things worth 10xs worth what you paid for it yesterday and we can keep this whole thing moving forwards. I heard they just announced Ms. Marvel 2 of was it 3 or does it matter? Any body want to so see Stan Ridgway with me on 2.3.18 at 7:30 at Whitter College, So Cal.? He's got some really great solo stuff.
  14. NoMan

    Should sellers leave prices up on sold books?

    you're probably quite right about the amounts of my visitations here. Lost of downtime at work. Lots. Perhaps a better choice of words would have be I'm here with far less enthusiasm than I used too. Congrats of keeping your prices up for those of us interested in such things.
  15. NoMan

    Should sellers leave prices up on sold books?

    I've taken the Norco and am slightly blurry at the moment. I log in here less and less and less and sometimes don't see a sold listing until days/weeks after it happened and than wonder what it sold for. I'm not here everyday making notes about what an asking price is - if that is your point. Sorry if it's not.
  16. "getting off a transit bus with a duffle bag full of comics worth well over 1 million."
  17. NoMan


    Anybody know what the AF15 CGC 7.0 blue label sold for last night on CL or(CC) EDIT: forget it, I found it, I think - 85k i cant keep up. More Af15s for sale than poverty row westerns on tv at 3 in the morning. 8.0 blue label coming up somewhere. Seriously man I lose tract. Tons of af15s.
  18. small hispanic man with lots of tattoos including several face tattoos has been hitting Southern California used books stores/comic shops. Got away with a small Spiderman SA collection from used bookstore (cant get any more details on books. About 500$ worth owner tells me.No cameras.) This is a super cool start-up small used bookstore and it's gonna be a big loss for him. Hispanic Shoplifter later seen at Several Pasadena stores but word had got out by that time and d-bag was cased by comic shop employees, so no thefts. Not sure what stores have cameras and what ones don't. Moves from Pasadena to Sherman Oaks to burbank to Santa Monica and surrounding areas. Don't know if he's fencing the comics at Frank and Sons or what. Maybe he steals there, too. Thought some folks here would like to know.
  19. The small bookstore was The Battery Books and Music on Los Robles.. They were hit with the 500$ in SA Spiderman. Nice owner. Cool to the community with free in store concerts for aspiring musicians. Just an all around cool guy who probably can't take this financial hit. Next up shoplifter hit Collectors Paradise then Book Alley then The Comics factory. Tried P Dots in Altedena but Lawrence was clued in and hovered over him like a hawk. Eventually d-bag made it to Sherman Oaks and Earth 2 were owner Carr had been alerted and followed d-bag like a hawk around store. Don't know if guy went to Secret Headquarters in Burbank or Blast Off in North Hollywood. Unsure of his activities in Santa Monica. Didn't try to sell anything, only jack s h i t.Probably sells it at Franks and Sons. Those dealers will buy anything.
  20. NoMan

    Gerry Ross - One Million Comics

    All local news reports of comic shop owners/collectors suck. I was once asked to talk about the Death Of Superman issue (92?) and Golden Apple when I was in one day. The obese owner said I could "get to be on tv." When some one tells you that "you'll be on tv" as some kinda rewards. Say no and ignore them from that point on.
  21. NoMan

    Should sellers leave prices up on sold books?

    It someone's strategy is to manipulate numbers to their favor, well, world's full of great folks like that and I have no doubt they sleep well at night getting over on that copy of Avengers 185 or whatever. As for selling to a friend, just say so: "Sold it to a friend, price between us."
  22. NoMan

    Should sellers leave prices up on sold books?

    so sometimes when you're nice they still won't tell you? Just leave 'em up.
  23. NoMan

    Torpedo Comics Spreads it's Wings?

    called yesterday because I was gonna make the trip today, person on the phone said don't bother for another month as that's when John (Torpedo) will be sending back issues. Saved me a trip
  24. NoMan

    Should sellers leave prices up on sold books?

    I don’t care for it either. It’s a learning tool thats disappeared for those of us needing learning. But whatever.
  25. has anyone tried collecting on a Llyod's of London Policy? If not, it's all just paper nothingness.