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  1. Framed a few months ago, but one of my favourites from my original video game art collection.
  2. I think there's an interesting parallel here with Pokemon cards when compared to NES collecting. The base set Pokemon cards have lots of variants, which I think helps to drive the price moreso than the later sets: 1st Edition thick/thin stamp (all 1st editions are shadowless and I believe thick stamp was first), unlimited edition shadowless variant (quite rare), unlimited edition with shadow (most common). Then there are also ghost stamps, which are kinda neat.
  3. Here are a couple new video game covers in my collection. Break Time, NES and Turrican Alternate!
  4. Very happy to have this piece! The real question is, can I afford more?!
  5. I acquired my first Boris Vallejo! This stunning piece is the cover artwork to a game called Onslaught for the Sega Genesis. Edit: The piece is 17 x 24 inches
  6. I figured this thread could use a little bump! I acquired a piece that takes me right back to the turn of the century. I became a huge Resident Evil fan back in middle school (my first introduction being Resident Evil 2 on the N64 in 1999). I read the entire book series by S.D. Perry many times over and was thrilled to recently acquire the only traditionally created cover art for the book series and one of the handful of actual paintings for the whole franchise. The art is by Steve Gardner for Capcom/Pocket Books.
  7. Two vintage pieces of Nintendo advertisement artwork drawn by the legend, Neal Adams, in 1989 for Nintendo. The head art was published in many ads and on official Nintendo signage of 1990 and on. I haven’t identified the larger group image yet, but it is some kind of ad for Super Mario Bros. 3.
  8. So many great covers! Even the unpublished or alternate ones (biased).
  9. I know this is coming way late, but did you ever get these confirmed? For your information in case you haven’t found out, Maximum Carnage (the painted image that appears on the video game, promo comic, and trade paperback) is by Bill Sienkiewicz. The Spider-Man and Venom on the promo comic were also Bill’s and they were painted separately. Separation Anxiety is by Glenn Fabry, created as four separate pieces.
  10. Here’s my contribution to this thread! Julie Bell’s cover artwork to the unreleased game for the Super Nintendo, Arcus Odyssey.
  11. I have several things ending this sunday, including a couple Thor books, Avengers Annual 7, and Marc Spector: Moon Knight 60. Also, there are several nice raw keys there. Thanks! eBay Link
  12. Looking to buy and/or trade for the Maximum Carnage 1 reprint promo comic, and possibly any other game material (QVC hardcover), tape, etc. Let me know!
  13. Hello! I have listed two of my CGC books on eBay starting at .99 cents. Avengers 125 CGC 9.4 OWW, first Thanos/Avengers crossover, and Captain Marvel 26 CGC 9.0 OWW, first Thanos cover and first appearance of Death. (Avengers 125) (Captain Marvel 26)
  14. Very nice copy!