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  1. Two vintage pieces of Nintendo advertisement artwork drawn by the legend, Neal Adams, in 1989 for Nintendo. The head art was published in many ads and on official Nintendo signage of 1990 and on. I haven’t identified the larger group image yet, but it is some kind of ad for Super Mario Bros. 3.
  2. So many great covers! Even the unpublished or alternate ones (biased).
  3. I know this is coming way late, but did you ever get these confirmed? For your information in case you haven’t found out, Maximum Carnage (the painted image that appears on the video game, promo comic, and trade paperback) is by Bill Sienkiewicz. The Spider-Man and Venom on the promo comic were also Bill’s and they were painted separately. Separation Anxiety is by Glenn Fabry, created as four separate pieces.
  4. Here’s my contribution to this thread! Julie Bell’s cover artwork to the unreleased game for the Super Nintendo, Arcus Odyssey.
  5. I have several things ending this sunday, including a couple Thor books, Avengers Annual 7, and Marc Spector: Moon Knight 60. Also, there are several nice raw keys there. Thanks! eBay Link
  6. Looking to buy and/or trade for the Maximum Carnage 1 reprint promo comic, and possibly any other game material (QVC hardcover), tape, etc. Let me know!
  7. Hello! I have listed two of my CGC books on eBay starting at .99 cents. Avengers 125 CGC 9.4 OWW, first Thanos/Avengers crossover, and Captain Marvel 26 CGC 9.0 OWW, first Thanos cover and first appearance of Death. (Avengers 125) (Captain Marvel 26)
  8. Very nice copy!
  9. Marvel Premiere 15, CGC 9.4 White Pages! Great colour, particularly nice copy and presentable with excellent centring. (Moved to eBay)
  10. First "I'll take it" in the thread, or in PM wins! Trying to quick sell these books. Shipping is $18, tracked from Canada (can combine if multiple books purchased). No returns on CGC books. Paypal is preferred but willing to accept other options. Enjoy!