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  1. Looking to buy and/or trade for the Maximum Carnage 1 reprint promo comic, and possibly any other game material (QVC hardcover), tape, etc. Let me know!
  2. Hello! I have listed two of my CGC books on eBay starting at .99 cents. Avengers 125 CGC 9.4 OWW, first Thanos/Avengers crossover, and Captain Marvel 26 CGC 9.0 OWW, first Thanos cover and first appearance of Death. (Avengers 125) (Captain Marvel 26)
  3. Very nice copy!
  4. Strange Tales 154, CGC 9.4 OWW Pages. First appearance of Dreadnought and Veritas/Sayge! $200
  5. Captain Marvel 26, OWW Pages! 1st Thanos cover and 1st appearance of Death. $220
  6. Defenders 28, CGC 9.4, White pages! Beautiful copy. Thought it would beg 9.6+, but alas. $200
  7. Marvel Premiere 15, CGC 9.4 White Pages! Great colour, particularly nice copy and presentable with excellent centring. (Moved to eBay)
  8. First "I'll take it" in the thread, or in PM wins! Trying to quick sell these books. Shipping is $18, tracked from Canada (can combine if multiple books purchased). No returns on CGC books. Paypal is preferred but willing to accept other options. Enjoy!
  9. Some great books for sale on FeeBay. Check them out! X-Men #101, CGC 9.6 OW/W - Marvel Premiere #15, CGC 9.4 W - Saga #1, CGC 9.8 W -
  10. Jeremyamoto

    WTB War is Hell 9

    I know, I was just puzzled as to why. I guess it is a great cover appearance after all. Thanks!
  11. Jeremyamoto

    WTB War is Hell 9

    This book has been floating around as the first appearance of death for some reason, but Captain Marvel 26 predates this.
  12. Selling a nice copy of Marvel Feature #1, starting at .99c! eBay auction