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    CGC et al Prevails in Defamation Lawsuit

    the judgment is meaningless if you think both our political and judicial systems are completely broken.

    $1.4 million in Batman comics stolen out of storage

    It seems to me like the OP got ripped off by the storage company. It's a petty scam; the con makes a list of new renters, Googles their names then breaks into lockers with found information about wealthy clients or postings on social media. I would most certainly get surveillance footage including the parking lots to see if there were any license plates, getaway vehicles or accomplices I would also get the names of all employees associated with the storage unit and run background checks for outstanding warrants and prior arrests. Heist of this magnitude likely isn't their first rodeo.

    eBay starts new managed payments

    It's a flat 2.7% globally plus they waive the 30 cent transaction fee. The PayPal 2.9% obviously goes up if the funds are international.

    For the love of PGX

    I'm a lot less hesitant to pull the trigger on a high dollar book when it comes to being CGC graded. So yes. CGC, however, is not full proof either as evidenced by the Ewert micro trimming fiasco. Most deals happen online these days, but I make it an effort to know who I'm buying from, their return policy and most importantly their reputation.

    eBay starts new managed payments

    https://www.ecommercebytes.com/2018/09/08/more-info-for-sellers-as-ebay-kicks-off-new-managed-payments/ Breaking news to me, though I saw this coming with the eBay Paypal relinquishment several years ago. I noticed when purchasing eBay branded shipping supplies this afternoon from their official store that I could only check out using a credit card — no PayPal. This is eBay's new branded merchant account terminal which is different than Authorize.net or any other merchant API tie-ins eBay's offered in the past. I like it, and reminds me a lot of Stripe as you can save your payment method which certainly streamlines the process and allows for quicker checkout. My question for prospective buyers, would you still prefer to use PayPal? All else equal would you buy from a seller that offered PayPal versus the new eBay credit card terminal? I don't think in the foreseeable future eBay will totally abandon the PayPal integration, but they may not make it a preferred method of payment which for sellers could lead to one having to enter in tracking numbers for shipments, filing disputes and offering proof of delivery separately.

    For the love of PGX

    I think you have it the other way around, for most people, it's buy the book NOT the label which is hard to do if the thing is slabbed. The problem with PGX is their restoration check (if you can even call it that). They're known widely around the hobby for putting unrestored labels on restored books which has in some cases cost buyers thousands of dollars. I've never bought a PGX book because I always thought books in the PGX holders were hiding something, i.e., restoration, being overgraded, pages missing, major tears, etc. I work too hard for my money and couldn't know in good conscience I'd likely be buying something where there was a caveat or something I did not know was wrong with it.

    Recommended Pens for Autographs?

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00317ERM6/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 I've also heard good things about Prisma. Have you used them? In this set, you get eight assorted tips. I like the signature on the Action Comics you posted but I'm looking for something finer and rounder opposed to brush. I've included something similar signature-wise I'm looking for below.

    Recommended Pens for Autographs?

    Kav, on these if the pen moves quickly across the surface of the paper and you do not blot it do you have to worry about bleedthrough?

    Recommended Pens for Autographs?

    Recommended Pens for Autographs? Sharpie seems too thick and you run the risk of bleed through.... Any suggestions?
  10. Vincent, yeah I was on there the other day looking for those and couldn't find them. I though he might of asked you to pull them that's why they weren't shown. Hopefully someone our there has them on MP3. Does the Wayback Machine archive any audio files? BTW I subscribed to the podcast it's not allowing me to listen to them in this later iOS version.

    Anybody know where TupennyConan went?

    He and a couple of other board members own and operate the Tampa Bay Comic Con, San Fran Comic-Con and the one in Atlanta. So he's probably got a TON of planning administration and other stuff going on.

    Legal Artwork question for all our resident attorneys

    So if I paid an artist to commission a logo for my business that I would subsequently use on t-shirts and stickers? I probably would have to work with an artist who needs the money and would create some character or monsters that are generic and never been done before?

    Legal Artwork question for all our resident attorneys

    Maybe it's in the original contract they signed with the publisher, that is they can redraw the character for money at shows as many times as they want to and until their arm falls off? Otherwise, they aren't enforcing this as artist commissions have become a multimillion dollar a year industry and nobody ever says anything.

    Legal Artwork question for all our resident attorneys

    I guess I'm not following the logic on this one. Let's say you pay Neal Adams for a Batman commission, he charges you and gets paid yet he doesn't own the licensing rights either. How is that any different than me selling reproductions of the original artwork I now own and paid him for?
  15. This wall street leverage buyout stuff has got to stop. Borrowing money from banks to restructure, filing for bankruptcy and pulling the golden parachute if it fails ultimately forces taxpayers to foot the bill and I'm sick of it.