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  1. Everything I buy is impulsive and a mistake. But I wish I was impulsive and mistake prone when the Frazetta Thun'da Okajima was initially offered for circa 3k (since nearly tripled in a very short order).
  2. CONS: They are prone to being subjected to artist's or actor's signatures in bold and conspicuous locations.
  3. There's a fairly well-known toy collector that has posted at least one on Facebook. So they are out there.
  4. I can't find the thread where this painting was discussed but I recall many were down on it. Sold for 500k. https://fineart.ha.com/itm/paintings/frank-frazetta-american-1928-2010-child-of-the-sun-paperback-cover-1972oil-on-canvasboard20-x-24/a/5417-71075.s?type=bidnotice-tracked-endofauction
  5. For those potentially interested in the Frazetta gollum piece I was told to expect a reserve around 200k for this, which means I can stop trying to raise a war chest.
  6. Glenn Danzig collection provenance added to several high end lots.
  7. Email today confirming Arizona now added to the sales tax list as of October 1st
  8. The incessant and in poor taste nudity on CAF is also a drag. I used to check this site at lunch but no more. If the wrong person is walking by you are dead meat. Wish there was a way to filter results (maybe there is and I don't know about it).
  9. I just don't understand what is happening from a computer science perspective. What is the code doing in the background to show you this hopeful thumbnail then link you to some other vaguely similar image . Who puts this stuff on Pinterest anyway.
  10. No matter how much I collect, I still want more.
  11. Looking at you Google image search. Which reminds me another pet peeve, searching for a piece to find a "link" to it on Pinterest.
  12. How about some real pet peeves, stupid things that annoy you perhaps more than others. 1) Posting a piece on CAF a week after you win it on HA, reap the net karma with multiple "great piece" comments. 2) Dealers posting new pieces, already sold apparently, to their websites. 3) Getting vastly different shipping quotes from HA from week to week when the item you are purchasing is exactly the same in size and value.Why? 4) CC and CL search functions. 5) The assumption that every time a piece trades hands it has to have increased in value. 6) Paper toning, really becomes apparent when pieces are framed and shown on the same wall. 7) Dealers over stuffing their booths with art, the entire hobby is cheapened when a rummage sale approach is taken. 8) Piece sells on HA, 7 days later piece is on major dealer's site, 1 day later it sells for 2x the HA price. Who doesn't follow HA but follows the dealer?
  13. And yet I see piece after piece go from auction to dealer website marked as sold within days...
  14. Supposedly his piece count is in the 5 figures. The other Art of TSR thread on here suggested a museum may be in the planning, though I don't know if that was wishful thinking or real talk. Regardless, there is almost no market for this stuff now due to no supply. Its hard to maintain interest in a hobby you really can't participate in.
  15. Its not a huge secret if I know about it. His name is known. His employer is known. I just don't think he is active online, for good reasons I suppose. I understand he did allow art he owns to be included in both the book and documentary, but I don't think he has ever been interviewed. My sense is the guy is too busy making a living. And I understand he is a very nice guy just very deep pocketed.