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  1. Well I just gave it a try and maybe they changed something. Bid placed, item still in my tracked list. I prefer it this way as I like everything in one place.
  2. No tracking bids for me. Last I checked this moves the items into a different list. I just track them all using Track Item.
  3. I didn't know ROM was a comic until recently. For me it will be that lousy knock-off toy you got one Christmas from your cheap aunt who couldn't spring for a Star Wars toy.
  4. Should be some Kirby 2001 posted in this thread.
  5. I too hate talking on the phone. Can't explain why, just do. I had an artist tell me to email him next year because he was too busy to deal with me. That was after two emails, the first resulting in a "let me see what I have" response. Well its next year now and I can't bear to email him again. I was't rude or pushy so who knows. I also strongly favor the reps now. Although it surely kills any sense of finding a honey hole, the uncertainty of trying to get a response just drives me nuts. I spent about 14k with an artist selling his stash from work he did in the 80s and 90s. Months of emails, no reply. Then a reply comes, we do two deals in quick succession. Awesome stuff. I want more. Then I made an offer on a piece that was already sold. Damn, my secret is out. Urgency ensues. And we are back to silent mode. Did I annoy him? Did I lowball the two previous offers? I have no clue. There is no dialog just me sending offers some of which are accepted and others completely ignored. Even worse, emails that lack a specific offer (I will give you X for this jpeg) are almost never responded to, including the "Hello, are you interested in working on another deal?" emails. Did he get a crazy offer for a piece and feels I didn't pay enough (market is slim to non existent, there are no comps). So I wake up every morning and check my email first thing hoping for a response. I send the query email every 3 weeks. He posts daily on instagram as well. I sound more neurotic than I am (I swear).
  6. April 30 Signature Auction already populating on HA. Not even two months after the March auction. I can't see how this helps confidence or prices.
  7. Actually not a bad idea about the bp. Count me among those who keep forgetting about Monday. I suppose I'd be more attentive if stuff really interested me, which hasn't been the case.
  8. Odd coincidence, I was browsing the upcoming listings for the CL featured auction, and it looks like you may be in luck. https://www.comiclink.com/auctions/item.asp?back=%2FAUCTIONS%2FPREVIEW.ASP%3Fcode%3D2020feb%26itemtype%3D1%26pg%3D5%26x%3D33%26y%3D7%23Item_1373286&id=1373286&itemType=1
  9. When I first discovered Daniel Maghen's website I was pretty amazed at how expensive and how unknown (to me) many/most of these artists are. Its a fun browse if you have the time. Not a whole lot of superheroes. And not a whole lot of <300 dollar prices either.
  10. Would love to see that Indiana Jones piece. Varnish has been mentioned several times. With my first oil on panel coming I feel very unprepared for that issue as I had never considered it. Honestly, I thought it was some antiquated practice for Old Master paintings that wasn't done anymore.
  11. My favorite are sales posts that threaten to put the piece back in the vault for another 20 years if someone isn't smart enough to overpay now.
  12. As someone with no knowledge of the modern market I had the same thoughts. I am not saying the prices are high or low. I am saying that this thread convinced me there is no ONE market, but rather myriad markets. I am buying pretty niche but amazingly detailed full color game art for these prices or less, and this is prime stuff from the late 80s and early 90s that thousands of kids looked at at hobby stores across the world.
  13. I would say a resounding YES, especially at auction where the perception of a deal (ha, ha) is still there.