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  1. One thing that hasn't come up is whether EQ is more or less relevant for being the cover to Eerie 23 (or whatever it is). I mean, that is a total potato in the grand scheme of things. Would it matter if it was completely unpublished in the comics genre? Certainly the fine arts discussion somewhere in this thread suggests that any fine arts appeal would be heightened by severing the Warren connection. The appeal of DD1 is also its tie-in to the Lord of the Rings. Although never formally connected, there is no doubt that Ploog took inspiration from DD when designing the characters for Wizards, which would also make an appearance in Bakshi's LOTR as the nazgul. As Tolkien was my entry into fantasy, the cross-over appeal is strong.
  2. I took the podcast as saying that DD1 was the most iconic and most valuable if not necessarily the absolute best Frazetta painting. I can't disagree with that assessment. This poll seems to be asking a question about aesthetics.
  3. Let's be clear, the intent here is to make people think the piece has been bid up to this level, or at least conceal where the bidding had reached prior to the reserve setting. The alternative is the hidden reserve where you bid against the consignor up to the reserve, which I think should be illegal because you don't realize you are bidding against no one.
  4. Same here. I don't even know how much I am willing to pay during these live auctions. I am an insufficiently_thoughtful_person and approach this hobby with pure emotion.
  5. This exact piece and Google image search. Yes I know the piece is now signed and yes I know I am unlikely to pry it from its current owner.
  6. Hello I am speaking with an artist in the UK that has some art he won't ship outside of the UK. It is acrylic on paper or board, size of the largest is about 31x21 inches, 2 pieces total with a value of 6000 pounds. I was curious if anyone had any experience with some type of courier or something that handles this type of thing? Ultimate destination is the US. The guy is located in northern England, north of Liverpool and I think he would ship to a third party intermediary to then handle the forwarding to me. I know on eBay I used to sell to Asian customers where the pieces went through some warehouse in San Diego (which always seemed dodgy but never resulted in a problem). Thanks Chris
  7. Which is crazy because there is no way that is only 4 dollars shipping...If I am not mistaken that painting sold recently at CL
  8. Yes it has https://www.ebay.com/itm/Frazetta-First-Comic-Art-Oil-Painting-Cover-1964-Tales-From-The-Crypt-Cover/233213027409?hash=item364c946451:g:FUYAAOSwqv5cyCjB
  9. Ok i am switching to over now HA should put out a press release about this already record breaking auction, coaxing you too to be part of this historic sale...
  10. Right, the DD did well, ATEC was the creaper. Yes ATEC is a much better piece. Subject matter I suppose.
  11. Me too. The entire market for this material seems manipulated, which I think Gene has been referring to for several pages. I recall the last two major paintings only sold with some coaxing from the room, and then just barely. I also don't get how this was being shopped privately and yet a new major buyer is supposed to appear to bid this up. I would think all serious buyers would have been approached already, but what do I know. Lucas was also supposed to buy Master Race and that went to a complete unknown as I recall. Maybe the same is the case here, which sort of negates my first point doesn't it Maybe I am biased because this isn't a top piece for me. For me DD1 should set the records.
  12. Mostly African and Oceanic hand carved objects, some call it traditional art, some non-Western art, some primitive art (though not anymore). Oceanic art is the best in the world, IMO.
  13. Maybe there's a little more to it than just that. The tribal art market is filled with fakes and there is even debate about where the line between fake and real actually exists (not for this forum). The point is that piece X in my hands has less value because I don't have the gallery's reputation behind the piece. But you are correct because even the galleries are lagging the big auction houses. To your last sentence, it was not just one person and 1987 is putting it kindly. There is almost no real web presence for this stuff, no real forum, few Facebook groups. It is all underground. Most dealers that even bother with a website rarely update and certainly don't publish prices. So you end up emailing these people and made to feel like a tool when they tell you some outlandish price. Needless to say, while I still watch the big auctions, I haven't bought a thing in nearly a decade now.
  14. The best line from the article Gene posted was about how the original owner found out his 127 million dollar sale was already being shopped for more, and he was pissed that he only turned a 1k investment (+ undisclosed conservation fees) into a 127 million payday (split 3 ways). I learned this lesson early on in the tribal art market where I was told the same piece coming from me as a private collector simply had a different value in the market than the same piece being displayed in a Rue de Beaux Arts gallery. The lack of this effect (for the most part) in the comic, comic art, and collectible toy hobbies is one of the major plus factors for me.