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  1. Thank you! Definitely my favorite piece of art in my collection.
  2. Here is a link to a recent commission from James O'Barr. Let me know what you think! The Crow - Painting
  3. Great summary. I will be emailing Mr. Hester, but upon review of other pages with separate pages(Pencils/Inks) the heading on the Blue Line pages have Hester's name written in blue. On my page, it retains Phil's writing in Black Pen. It is my guess that this page was his pencils that were inked. I will only truly know after correspondence. Thanks for the great insight, Gentlemen. -Carl
  4. Mr. Hester only had this page available and so I don't know if the pencils exist separately. Would be cool to have as a companion if they are out there. -Carl
  5. Agreed, I think that my page is truly the first appearance of Chato Santa. I can't wait to see the movie, regardless of the negative reviews. It sounds like it is an entertaining experience and that's what I'm looking for. -Carl
  6. This is Page 1 from El Diablo 1(2008) I purchased directly from Phil Hester. I hope that provides some clarity
  7. In excitement to see the Suicide Squad movie tomorrow, I thought I'd share a recently acquired piece. Thanks for looking! Comiclink