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  1. Dang im looking for someone to facilitate to, I been asking around as well and havent got any hits yet hopefully i can get someone who is attending to facilitate and we all win.
  2. until
    Wizard World Sacramento 2018 is coming October 5-7th, this is a great event for everyone who loves anything that has to do with comics, art, and anything else that falls in that category. Its going to be at Cal Expo CAL EXPO 1600 Exposition Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815 Im not sure if CGC is going to be at his event but if anyone can do witnessing it would be nice because Mike Colter the actor who portrays Luke Cage on the Netflix show is going to be one of the main guest so bring your luke cage comics to get signed.
  3. Hey everyone I posted up an event that’s coming up in December. San Jose,CA will be the hosting of Heroes and Villians Fan Fest on December 2-3. I wanted to see if anyone would be attending, also is there anyone who can do witnessing that would be going to the event?
  4. until On December 2-3 San Jose, CA will be hosting Heroes and Villians Fan Fest. A lot of the main cast from CW’s Arrow will be there, as well cast members from Legends of Tomorrow and the Flash as well. San Jose McEnery Convention Center 150 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95113
  5. Sacramento is having their sac con oct 8th 2017 and on their website they list that cgc will have a rep there but it doesn’t list who rep is and was curious if anyone knew who is the rep
  6. Hi i was wondering if anyone knows of anyone who can do CGC witness signing at san francisco comic con in sept?