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  1. Still tweaking this phone's camera settings, Its a Samsung S5 ..My old hands tremble a bit. I have the stabilizer setting on. I may to need to invest in a bipod..Thanks Guys
  2. Still tweaking this phone's camera settings, Its a Samsung S5 ..My old hands tremble a bit. I have the stabilizer setting on. I may to need to invest in a bipod..Thanks Guys
  3. What are your thoughts on this? This is also a bit of a test run for me as well..Testing what color back grounds work best..I'd give it a solid 7.0?
  4. It would have to be shipped insured, with signature confirmation. If it shows up in any condition than described then it was damaged in shipping and an insurance claim would need to be filed. The case (Slab) is free of scuffs and scrapes and has always been bagged nor does it show any signs of tampering, or other abuse. So if it shows up at your door different than the pictures show, I will return your money and or file an insurance claim ..If you want any other types of pictures let me know and I will get them for you..
  5. Here are some close ups, if you want anything specific please let me know..
  6. I remember reading about DD 53 being one of the top 100 Comic book covers of all time..Do any of you guys ever frame your books and display them on walls?
  7. I may post more photos of them and get input from that Can you spare a grade thread. I've never found comics in such good shape at a flea market ..They are usually FINE condition at best..So I'm a little bit proud of my self for finding gems like these. I live in an extremely rural area, town population is about 900 so its pretty slim pickings usually
  8. Hello everyone, after my DD hiccup I would like to take the time to introduce my self. My name is Ronnie and I'm 45 years old (46 next week) I've been collecting comics since 1980'ish. I collected hardcore through the 90s and was forced to slow down due to joining the Military (Navy) I would buy issues here and there while I was in the service, but I didn't have time to really follow any story lines. I kept my collection though. I retired from the Navy not too long ago and got the bug again. Since then I have been buying up issues that I've needed for my AMS collection and others that grab my interests. When I left the hobby there were no forums and such. So all this is new to me. The hobby has changed a quite a bit as far as titles, art, and story lines go. I mainly focus on Golden, Silver, and bronze age stuff. Anything after the mid 90s and I'm pretty much lost when it comes to story lines and new characters. But I am slowly catching up.
  9. Thanks a bunch for the help guys..
  10. I go to a lot of flea markets, yard sales, since I retired from the military .I found these in file folder in with a bunch of Time magazines for sale at a flea market today. I asked the lady how much, she said give me 10 bucks. I said gladly, and here we are
  11. Thanks a bunch. I think I got the photo sizing thing figured out as well. I think they are pretty minty I will get more pics and share them on the CORRECT section.... I'm gonna sell them, I really want to fund finding that AMS 50 in pristine shape
  12. Being a NOOB to the forum MY DD Post caused quite the ruckus today..But I found these gems today ...Still having trouble adjusting photo size for the forum, please bare with me
  13. Long story short I was stoked over the deal I found, and didn't think anything through other than wanting to show off....