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  1. Hey guys! I'm in the market for an ASM #3, graded CGC 4.0-4.5 Will pay close to GPA Show me what you got! Thanks! Adam
  2. Lets do 30% as a final push, BOGO deals have been turned off. I'll be closing up this thread tonight, thanks everyone!
  3. Weird Fantasy #7 Classic Al Feldstein Sci Fi Cover CGC 6.0 Off White to White Pages $525.00 20% Off is still in effect for this book
  4. Alright so let’s go nuts like Enoch 20% off everything BOGO deals still in effect!
  5. Jim on point with the info! Thanks man! Enoch also lived most of his life in my home state NJ Guess what happened to him is a testament to all of us Jerseyans right now, stay here long enough and you will go crazy
  6. Film Fun Vol. 72 #639 July 1942 An amazing high grade copy! Last EBay Sale was $471.00 for a VG-F on Feb 14th (7.5) $500.00
  7. Film Fun Vol. 66 #571 Nov 1936 Slight rust on staples with some transfer to inner front cover Last sale on eBay was $406.99 for a VG on Feb 27th (3.5) $350.00
  8. Ok, about to start with the GGA Magazines. 6 total All of these gorgeous books are done by one of the best Pin Up artist Enoch Bolles. These books have been pulling very strong lately, just check ebay sales across the board. I have priced them competitively based on grade and the cover subject matter. These all range from cover date of 1936 to 1942 and are EXTREMELY scarce. Let's begin!