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  1. Great thread choice Rick! Love me some Tarzan, here is one of my favorite jungle covers!
  2. And that’s it! Ill leave it open for a while or if things sell down, thanks!
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #3 1st Appearance of Doctor Octopus Beautiful looking copy for the grade CGC 4.0 Off White Pages GPA Stats: Last 4.5 sold for 1600.00 June 2020 Last 4.0 sold for 1529.00 April 2020 Splitting the difference for this copy $1550.00 SOLD
  4. Wow Comics #29 IMO, top 5 Mary Marvel covers in the run. Water staining on top of pages keeps this down. Otherwise high grade, no rippling anywhere else and super supple book. (4.5) Off White to White Pages $295.00 SOLD
  5. Complete Love Vol.26 #3 Very scarce painted GGA cover, pretty blond! (3.0) Cream to Off White pages $105.00
  6. Black Cat Comics #9 Lee Elias Cover GGA! (4.5) Off White Pages $125.00