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  1. Thread closing today at 3pm EST. Invoices will then be sent out, thanks everyone! -Adam-
  2. BUNDLE DEAL! Take remaining 2 books, BUSTER CRABBE #11 and JUNIOR MISS #26 for $100.00 shipped!
  3. White Princess of the Jungle #4 and Moon Girl #4 SOLD via PM
  4. Decided I would like these sold sooner rather than later. Prices adjusted to 15% off original asking price! Some good deals available on some tougher books! RECAP is in top post on Page 1
  5. Another freebie for the next buyer! Will get this great Four Color #468 (Goofy #1)!
  6. Whoever makes the first/next purchase gets this awesome Famous Fantastic Mysteries FREE!
  7. That's it! I will keep this thread open for about a week or until books sell. I'll be available for DMs or any questions you might have, thanks everyone!
  8. Moon Girl #4 -Very scarce EC title! Awesome Sheldon Moldoff Cyclops cover and story inside! -Although #5 is said to contain ECs first horror story this book contains a Vampire story on the Louisiana bayou. There is an argument somewhere there! -Clean book overall with nice staples. -A press would really help the front/back of this -Main issues is the back left edge with a tear, some paper loss. Diagonal crease going across -Hate to let this one go but sacrifices must be made! VG/VG+ $395.00
  9. White Princess of the Jungle #4 -Tough Avon title! -Bright colors and tight, clean staples -Small 1/2" Tear on right side of front cover -Dust shadows on back top right and bottom left edge -Small amount of paper crunch bottom rear edge of spine -Off white pages VG+ $160.00
  10. Buster Crabbe #11 -Sweet Snake wrangling cover! -Great color -Small hole through cover only under "A" in title -Clean back with staples holding firm -Off white pages VG $55.00
  11. Junior Miss #26 -Scarce Title -Great wake boarding good girl scene -Tight supple book at single staple -Has some dirt and tanning here and there -Small water stain near right middle edge -Book would benefit from a press to clean up front edge. VG $90.00