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  1. 25% off all remaining books! Will close thread Thursday night 9pm EST, thanks everyone! Heres the recap: Wow Comics #52 (4.0) NOW $53.00 Whiz Comics #72 (5.0) NOW $53.00 Adventure Comics #353 (8.0) NOW $64.00 Take all 3 for $150.00!
  2. Just picked up my 2nd Planet issue which is probably my favorite cover in the run! I’m sure this won’t be my last especially from what I’ve seen in this thread, a ridiculous wealth of books and history!
  3. Mister Mystery #2 Back in the sale! At new lower price $305.00 shipped!, discounts already applied
  4. Lets do 10% off remaining books to keep the ball rolling!
  5. That’s all for now! If you have any questions, hit me up!
  6. Reassess of grade and price! Marvel Spotlight #2 1st Appearance of Werewolf By Night! High grade square bound copy with Neal Adams cover! only real flaw is the interior staple has broken through a bit on cover on top staple and barely on the bottom. I’ve shown how the book is constructed seems like a hard issue to avoid by graded as such. Otherwise tight book with no splits on square bound spine and nice white pages! Be sad to see this one go. (7.0) $115.00 SOLD
  7. L.B. Cole Horse/Cowboy sketch from the Estate Sale of L.B. Cole on ComicConnect circa 2010 This is a beautiful hand sketch done by the man himself on letter sized paper. Part of his “The Pencilled West” series where he was doing research for a new book or comic book studying western/Indian life. In great shape for it’s age, comes with Comic Connect COA $125.00 SOLD
  8. Now at a new lower price Adventure Comics #353 Awesome Legion of Super Heroes cover! was originally graded by the “other” guys as an 8.0 with white pages and cracked out. Label will be included with book if wanted for resubmission. Last CGC sale in grade was April 2018 and sold for $155.00. Priced to sell and at a bargain! some great gloss on this book with white pages as well! (8.0) $85.00
  9. Whiz Comics #72 Cool Captain Marvel Sci Fi cover Solid book with name written on cover. Also has a diagonal crease on lower left edge of back cover. White pages! 5.0 $70.00