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  1. Someone brought to my attention that the Mary Marvel listing was listed as #19 when it should’ve been #21. If people were referencing the gpa I can understand if it seemed like the numbers I cited were made up lol. So listing has been changed to reflect the right issue number!
  2. And that be it! I’ll leave this thread open until Friday, thanks everyone! Oh and another discount on the Mary Marvel #19 NOW $510.00 shipped!
  3. Last book Life With Archie #7 Classic Archie love triangle cover Only silver age book of the bunch but a goodie! Structurally sound book with tight staples. Has the dust shadow on the cover which is the main detractor. Has neat date date stamp on back top edge, off white pages (4.5) $75.00
  4. Casper The Friendly Ghost #22 Clean book with excellent themed cover and a unique color! i absolutely love this book and hate to see it go. Another very clean copy with some color breaking on the right top edge of front and some discoloration and tan edge on the back. Still very solid book with white pages. (6.0) $85.00
  5. Thrilling Comics #61 Killer Schomburg Princess Pantha Gator cover! Book is structurally all there! Desperately needs a press as it must have sat uneven under some books for years. Just wavy. I could see an easy 1 point bump with a press. But staples are tight and pages are a nice off white to white! Great splashes inside as well. (5.0) SOLD
  6. Yeah I had wanted to get to them tonight but got home late and didn’t get to. Will get to them tomorrow, promise
  7. Slight price drop on Mary Marvel #19 before I go to bed. 575.00 shipped!
  8. A couple more books possibly later and then that's it, short thread!
  9. Mary Marvel #21 Fantastic purple cover featuring the villain Dice Head! First off this is an immaculate book! Very rarely do you get to see a deep purple cover as solid as this in the golden age. Very little wrong with this book. No resto of any kind. A few of the smallest nics on the bottom edge of back cover and a small mark shown at the top. Front cover is really a stunner with vivid color and virtually no breaks. Tight staples with off white to white pages. GPA on the book has shot up in the last year. 2 previous sales are $810.00 in November 2018 for a CGC 7.0 and $600.00 for an 8.0 in December 2018. Only 7 books total on the census with highest being a 9.0. I think this book has much room to grow especially with top census caliber. (7.5) $510.00 or best offer