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  1. Even more price reductions! For those that have purchased books, please provide me with your address, etc so I can send out books this week. Also- to the person who bought the Weird Chills, I cannot find your email- so I cant contact you to get the information I need. Please contact me soon.
  2. More price reductions. I know I have multiple requests out there for pics for books, prices on others, etc. Still coordinating care for my kid who is 3000 miles away, so I appreciate your understanding!
  3. More price reductions- trying to get to stuff, but crazy busy. We have made the decision to move to California yesterday and now have some other things to contend with. I will get to pics, lists, etc as soon as I can.
  4. I quickly did price adjustments on the remaining books. More probably posted today.
  5. Thas all for a while. Have family stuff and some organizing to do.
  6. Weird Tales of the Future 8 CGC 2.5 A 3.0 sold for $1000 I will list this for $775 obo. Try finding these
  7. Chilling Tales 16 CGC 2.5 Beautiful for the grade. This one will go up and up. $800 obo $700 OBO
  8. My daughter is taking pics of stuff while I am compiling a new list. I have over 40 messages from folks so I am sorry about not responding or providing lists. i think I have much more than what was on the list I sent. Feel free to shoot offers on the books, though.
  9. Mister Mystery 13 CGC 4.5 Just a beautiful copy. Again- sales are sparse - a 3.5 sold for nearly $1100 I am going to shoot for $1400 Obo $1350 obo
  10. Down with Crime 7 CGC 2.5 Again- no recent sales so hard to price. Let’s do $650 obo SOLD
  11. Okay- I started to drop prices on the 2 remaining books. Perhaps I priced them a bit high. So tough with these super rare books with little GPA info. I had 30 personal messages from folks and I will try to get to your messages today. I will also post some books including a Ghost #10 that's about a 6.5-7.0 (just a beautiful copy). For those who are LB Cole fans - I have quite a few but I also have a beautiful Thrilling Crime Cases #49 that's about a 5.5-6.0- if not nicer. This is one I may or may not part with. Also a Shocking Mystery 51 that's been a favorite of mine. Just have to have time tonight with all that's going on to take pics of these books. I will also bring in some of the big guns as well, but do have a few members who are interested in buying the collection as well so I am putting together the current list to send to folks.
  12. I have been asked about what else may come up- planning to sell some you may have heard of: Tomb of Terror 15, Mister Mystery (have about 5 nice ones), Astonishing 30 (have 2 copies), Horror from the Tomb, etc. Tried to collect every classic cover I could find. So stay tuned! But buy the books above first! And feel free to throw an offer at me.
  13. Btw- thanks for all the well wishes coming in. Just one of the most horrible weeks for us, but so appreciated when people send us a nice note of support and well wishes.
  14. Will post more later. I have roughly 300 PCH and silver age keys. At this point all of them are up for sale so let me know if there is something you are searching for or want to buy a large collection.