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  1. I received my awesome gift box from spidermanbeyond and it was great. Plenty of new stuff to read. Some funny Deadpool Slurpee cups. A new shirt to wear to cons. This was my only comic-related gift this year and it was perfect.
  2. I'm in. Marvel Comic Presents 89 & 90 CGC 9.6 SS signed by the great Sam Kieth.
  3. Loved the Finch. I think this painted Tadeo is also amazing.
  4. Please put me on the list for this when it comes up. Finishing my Kieth SS run is a priority for me.
  5. Is another Kieth signing a possibility? I know he rarely does shows.
  6. You are welcome. Crain has also done beautiful runs on Spectacular Spider-Man and Ghost Rider and Valiant titles. His paintings of Venom, Carnage, Deadpool and Ghost Rider are some of the very best commissions you will ever see.
  7. Here is an example of his X-Force style Wolverine. One unique take on Wolverine that Crain introduced has to do with Wolverine's claws. Most artists draw the claws very strictly parallel to each other. Crain thought it would be interesting to have his claws behave more like Edward Scissorhands.
  8. This is one of my favorite Crains. It is a recreation of a cover he did for a Wolverine/Punisher miniseries. He used fluorescent paint for the cigar tip so it actually glows in the dark.
  9. Crain was the artist on X-Force for an epic run. He had an original take on Wolverine and you can see a number of images on Google. His comics are all done digitally but when Crain does sketch covers, he prefers to use acrylic paints so there is a difference between his painted Wolverines and his published Wolverines. Wolverine is my favorite character and I have been fortunate to get a number of different Wolverines from Crain. I'll post a few for you. This one is Crain's official contribution to the Weapon X HERO project.
  10. Ha! Thanks, Nino. I have been blessed. I currently have 28 Crains and a few more in the pipeline.