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  1. Wow. How did I not know about this before? Comic collecting teaches you so much!
  2. Probably not much. At lower grades, major defects (heavy spine marks, long color-breaking creases) will overshadow the minor gains you will achieve from pressing. Cleaning also would not help with moisture damage, discoloration/foxing, and rust. Figure out what your goals are... If you're interested in getting back into this great hobby -- and maybe sell some comics one-by-one -- take your time. It can take a year or longer to really understand grading, pressing, etc. These boards are a great place to start learning. If you're interested in quickly selling your collection to make a few bucks, and you have a number of decent-looking silver/bronze books like the ones you posted above, consider consigning your collection to a reputable dealer. It is a lot less work than trying to do it yourself. If you just want to revel in the nostalgia of your old comics, you should definitely do that, and not worry about grading or pressing. Order some fresh silver-sized Mylite 2's, some acid-free boards, and enjoy.
  3. Oh no!!! This may be the end of my streak. I can't believe it came so quick. Lockdown has made me lose all sense of time...
  4. @mycomicshop Thanks for your transparency. I have purchased many times from your site, including some auctions, but never consignment BINs because the prices usually seemed out of whack. It sounds like this is a fair, well-thought-out approach to the problem.
  5. >>> But, is it worth it? It's probably still the best way to reach the largest audience of buyers. >>> As a seller is there too many bidders that win a bid and don’t pay or during the live auction make bids and cancel without any consequence? You have to deal with some bad actors, but you need to deal this on any platform. I think you need to factor this in as a cost of doing business. I don't feel particularly more or less safe on eBay. That said, most of the stuff I've sold is small potatoes. I might have a different perspective if I were buying and selling 4-figure books. >>> As a buyer is there just too many overly priced books? Do the research, and compare prices, as you would do anywhere. I actually think eBay prices overall reflect the market pretty well. And sources like GPA and Gocollect rely on eBay data heavily. Why not give us a safer experience, it’s worth it to everyone. There are many good alternatives, including these boards. Try them and use the ones you like. The benefit of eBay is the size of the audience, which ensures you can eventually sell just about anything, if the prices is right. It's hard to achieve the same critical mass on other platforms.
  6. I use these guys for comic supplies. Their pricing is competitive, especially if you buy in bulk, and they ship fast: ... I see they both have slab bags for sale, but not mylar. Not sure why you would need mylar for a slab but you do you.