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  1. Does that mean if we don't buy it, you'll keep the thread going?
  2. Had a great transaction with @PickleRick1216. He bought 2 ASM slabs from my VCC listings. Communication was lightning fast. Thanks you!
  3. Here's a good thread on this topic:
  4. But that Archie 11 is... something.
  5. Hi Jennifer. FYI, I have a run into this issue recently, as well as loose inner wells. I will contact CGC at the email provided. Thanks.
  6. Overall enjoyed it. I watched about one part per day, and it paced out well. I don't understand people complaining it's too long -- you know what you're signing up for. If you don't want four hours of this, why would you watch it?? I admit, the middle sagged a bit, especially all the exposition around stuff going on at Star Labs. Also, both "set piece" battles with Steppenwolf seemed too stagey, and video-gamey. Any time they're battling in a more "real world" environment, Snyder's action works better for me, like the battle with the psycho Superman. Also, all the complaints are about
  7. Does HMV still exist in the UK? I remember the 86th & Lex store, which turned into a carpy Best Buy.