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  1. Yeah, I was missing these from my run. I remember buying #3 off the rack back in the day, but it's gone now.
  2. I'll take them, if you decide you can part with them.
  3. Micronauts was another one. They started doing some cool wraparound covers around then too.
  4. Forever postage might gain value more quickly than your comics. :P
  5. Yeah, it is annoying PP doesn't offer Legal Sized Priority envelope as option. eBay and Shopify do. FWIW you can buy "forever" pre-stamped Legal Priority envelopes direct from USPS. They come in handy.
  6. Thanks for the heads up this seller. He should be transparent about the history of the book. Perhaps he is following the letter of the law, but it seems sketchy, especially if he has a track record of similar incidents.
  7. Yea. I am too lazy to cut cardboard sandwiches myself. I have shipped hundreds of books in Gemini Mailers, and have not had an issue. I recommend wrapping comics in small bubble-wrap inside the mailer, and taping the bubble wrap to the mailer so it doesn't slide around. Use extra comic backing boards for additional protection. Also, after taping shut, use additional packing tape on both ends of the mailer, slightly pinching the ends, so it can't pop open. For higher-value comics, use a top-loader, and/or put the mailer inside a larger box.
  8. I'm in too. Save this space. I still need to figure out the prize, but it's 75% likely I will ship to Canada.
  9. At launch, Disney+'s catalog seemed lame. But in reality, our family has gotten way more value than Netflix. 8$/month for Mando + Hamilton + tons of family friendly content + I can watch scenes from Star Wars and Marvel movies whenever I feel like it = not such a bad deal. Of the trailers they pushed yesterday, I thought Loki looked amazing -- it has the vibe of some crazy Terry Gilliam film. What If also looks cool, but will need to get used to the animation style. Falcon & WS seems pretty pedestrian, but it will depend on the story. WandaVision I'm not sold on. Seems lik
  10. Today's announcement was epic. I don't think it's too much content. Remember, this will be over the course of 3-4 years. FWIW, I'm also in the minority that liked RoS. So what do I know.