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  1. Really? You're the expert... But with all this business at the top of the book, I don't see how it makes it to an 8. I should've gone with my gut on this one.
  2. The winner was not really a surprise, but impressive grading overall! Congrats everyone. Thanks so much 0.5 for organizing this. It was a blast!!!
  3. Yeah. Exactly. I was going to give it a 7.5 originally, but bumped it at the end. Learned my lesson. I actually think it's a "textbook" 7.5.
  4. Wow. I think I had only one bullseye, on the very last book. For the most part, I under-graded everything, except the Batman. There was definitely a GA bump, IMO!
  5. I saw Didio in person at a couple of cons back in the day, and I always liked his passion. Maybe his creative vision never matched his enthusiasm, but he definitely knew how to launch a big event. I would consider 52 & One Year Later, New 52 and Rebirth all successful launches. Comic universes work in cycles, and big events eventually fade away. It should be expected that after 3-5 years, readers will be ready for something different. My biggest criticism of DC is they've put too much faith in the "2nd Wave" concept to sustain their line. 52 / OYL had Countdown (blech). New 52 had a wave 2. And Rebirth had... well, I'm not quite sure what happened there. Marvel is often criticized for just churning out events, and I don't want DC to just copy Marvel, but Marvel's marketing is generally successful at making it feel like there is something big going on every year. Marvel seems better at identifying which stories are connecting with readers, and doubling-down on them (e.g. World War Hulk, House of X). DC achieved this with Metal, but I think that's about it. And I think DC really blew it with the Action and Detective 1000 events. Sure the books sold well, but I think they missed the opportunity to do something earth-shattering. Sorry, Rogol Zaar didn't cut it.