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  1. adampasz

    Flash collectors thread

    Yeah. It's pretty much the same thing, but with a NCAA Tournament format.
  2. adampasz

    Flash collectors thread

    Yep. You can still sign up!
  3. Does that mean CF is detached? Or missing?
  4. Take. And the captain midnight 13 freebie
  5. To me, these are *all* ridiculously tough to find.
  6. Like I said, prestige books are tough to grade, especially one with speckles all over it. The wear along the bottom concerns me, but hard to tell from the pics. The corners are sharp, and it does seem nice and flat, as if it has never been opened/read. So maybe you would do better than my 9.2.
  7. 3.0, maybe 3.5. Tears don't seem so bad, but pretty beat overall. Not penalizing you for production crease on back, or the cover mis-wrap. Would help to see a shot of the staples from the side...
  8. adampasz

    Flash collectors thread

    Just warming up for March Madness!
  9. adampasz

    Flash collectors thread