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  1. I have a Conan 79 I got from @lizards2 a couple of years ago (pity buy). And a Micronauts 3. Both are high grade. Maybe a few more. I'll have to look.
  2. This is one of the best communities on the internet. This is mostly due to the members, not CGC. I doubt CGC makes much direct revenue by running these boards, but I also don't think it costs them much to maintain. There are surely indirect benefits to keeping them running as a marketing tool, for customer support, for SEO, and as a component of their overall platform a bullet in some managers' Power Points. I imagine CGC would keep the boards running even if the community was less active and knowledgable.
  3. I'm really enjoying the box of Archie's I just purchased from @Readcomix They were accurately-graded, well-packed, and shipped promptly! Great transaction. Thanks.
  4. Box office grosses in the US were horrible over Labor Day weekend, so, not quite business as usual. Over 4 days: Tenet 20.2 mil. New Mutants 3.5 mil.
  5. That cover is amazing... but his hood is blue. I don't get it.
  6. @fishpaul You can try posting a booth in VCC (starts tomorrow). They are allowing cross-posting with other sites now. You can also post in the advertising thread. Not sure what the original justification was, but, IMHO it makes the sales threads here a bit more special.
  7. 2 transactions for ASM 109, and a bunch of silver-age FF. Very satisfied!
  8. Just got my stack for books from his massive sale. Very well-packed and the shipping was quick from Canada. Thanks again!