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  1. adampasz

    Is It Worth CGCing the Byrne FF Run?

    My short answer would be: No. For the longer answer, I recommend thinking about the following questions: How are you planning to sell your books? How much can you reasonably expect to make at current market prices? FTR, I see 9.8s from this run listed at around $50... What is the demand for these books? How long will it take you to sell them? Even a pre-screen submission can be costly. Can you objectively screen them yourself and be confident that you are getting 9.8s? Since you bought these off the stands, do you have an attachment to them that will make it difficult for you to make objective decisions? (Post some pics in the "Hey, Buddy Can You Spare a Grade" thread, and get feedback as to whether they are 9.8 candidates.) If you're planning to press, how much does that add to the overall cost? How much profit do you need to make to justify the effort?
  2. I'll take Spidey 32 (n.c.) and 33. I'll also take the Sea Devils set.
  3. @Ricksneatstuff, while I have only purchased a handful of items from you, I've always found your threads incredibly educational and entertaining. I hope the situation gets resolved.
  4. Someone could run a survey each month, and have people vote for what the next thread should be...
  5. Take this at 30% off, if still available!
  6. adampasz

    PGM: Swamp Thing #12

    What is going on with the vertical band along the right side of the back cover. Is that just the lighting? Is there any kind of spine roll? Besides, that I'd say you are 9.0-9.2. What a great cover!
  7. LAST CALL! All remaining items are now 35% off! Thread closes tonight at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific
  8. adampasz

    PGM Strange Tales 107

    Maybe about a 3? Bottom staple looks rusty...
  9. adampasz

    PGM ASM 81

    About a 6 for moderate creasing and general wear.