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  1. Definitely not black and white. All I know for certain is, when I was a kid, I bought Marvel Two-In-One #91 because I thought Batman would be in it. If any book should've been pulped by DC, it's that one!
  2. I not asking about the merchandising. What if someone dresses up in the costume, takes a picture, and publishes a comic with the pic on the cover. Nowhere does the comic claim to be an actual Wonder Woman comic. Can they do this without DCs permission?
  3. I'm not a lawyer, but it seems like Devil's Due can argue Fair Use. Is it a copyright violation to publish a picture of someone dressed in a Wonder Woman Halloween costume?
  4. I'll take these 12: TMNT #7-9 $9 set (#7 signed by Eastman) Eternals #1 (Gaiman) Avengers #194 Alien Worlds #2 Alien Worlds #4 Babylon 5 #1 Batman #342 Flash #139 New Mutants #90 New X-Men #129
  5. My daughter just got into hoops NBA cards! I am completely out of my depths on this. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. (Feel free to PM me if this thread is not the appropriate place for this discussion...)
  6. OK. So stop slacking, and start pounding some sand!
  7. * SPOILERS (duh) * I enjoyed it, and felt it was consistent with what the show has always been: a solid dark fantasy, with great world-building, that occasionally gets too up its own butt and becomes just silly. For me, the dragon attack was a legit. "woo-hoo" moments. Overall, I felt the battle scenes were better executed than the previous 2 episodes. Dani's turn was surprising, yet still clearly motivated by her experiences. If the producers had chosen a more traditional arc for her, fans would complain that the end was too predictable. Jamie's end was kind of pathetic, but in line with his character. He always gave in to his weaknesses, and never earned any kind of redemption. Cleganebowl was gory fun. Not sure what else they could have done there to lend it more stakes. Maybe a callback to the original conflict between the brother would have helped... Arya's choice to leave was surprising, but, again, consistent with the show's pattern of under-cutting its hero figures. I'm sure she'll be critical to the last episode, so we'll have to see where she ends up. Varys's end was a bit of a flop. I feel like the show never had a good handle on what to do with him. I think a "bottle episode" with Varys really would have helped. Doesn't he still have that sorcerer in his luggage? Anyway, that's my 2¢.
  8. In defense of the Original Poster, CGC's tiers and membership benefits are presented in a pretty confusing way on their site. Specifically, it is not clear that Grading Notes are only for your submissions, unless you roll over the tooltip. It took me a while to figure out some of the membership "benefits", like the grading credit, and the pre-screen process.
  9. My mom would also like: * JLA 150 * Superboy 228 * Adv 354
  10. Thanks! My mom's going to love these...
  11. Take these if still available: EERIE #41 Marvel Premiere #27 Tomb of Dracula #44 Avengers #124
  12. I loved AF when it came out, and bought every issue. Even though the story-telling could be confusing, it was pretty groundbreaking in terms of art style, lettering, dialogue, and themes. Perhaps the reason AF has lacked staying power is because the world we live in today is a little too close to the world Chaykin predicted.