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  1. Take it! I never read past issue 1, but this looks gorgeous.
  2. Mr. Fantastic That dude has got it made. (OK, maybe you have to deal with a little emotional baggage that you turned your best friend into a horrifying rock monster...)
  3. Comiclink vs. Ebay

    Ditko Spideys, you can probably sell quickly just about anywhere. If you put them up for auction, make sure to post a link in the Comic Market Sales Advertising forum.
  4. Take Planet 69. Curious what all the fuss is about.
  5. Sorry if it wasn't clear. Some of my comments were replies to other posts, not yours. Batman is the most popular super-hero in the universe, so it's perhaps not surprising that some issues are out of stock. They must move those pretty quick. They are constantly getting new inventory, so the book you want might show up. I have had some success using the Want List feature...
  6. @the blob What issues are you expecting to be in stock? I just checked Batman 301-400 and they have at least 90% of the issues. Maybe you can give some specific examples. I've ordered from them about a dozen time, and I think their grading is fine. I can think of at least 3 "NM" books from them that I sent to CGC and they came back 9.8s. But I'm sure sometimes they make mistakes. I have not really dealt with their customer service, but I would hope they'd be reasonable about returns. I agree with everyone else that their prices are high, but you are paying for the convenience of not having to hunt around for a book. Their prices for current books are usually around cover price, and, if you take advantage of their weekly sales, you can get current books for less than the LCS. Their shipping is reasonable, and they have a good selection of dollar books, comic supplies, and more. I've even bought on their auctions a couple of times, but I've mostly given up following those. It seems like the auction prices end up going considerably above market price. The OP said he didn't like their search function, but I think it's solid. I can type some random book like "angel ape 6" and it pulls the right book in seconds. Their item descriptions are also excellent. Indeed I'd be curious to hear of *any* online comic store with a better search feature.
  7. I would imagine a lot of their popular inventory simply sells through at a steady pace. I recommend using their Want List feature if you're looking for something in particular.
  8. PGM New Mutants #98.

    8.0 VF for light creasing, a little chipping at top and bottom of spine, and color-breaking spine marks. Your 5th picture is a little concerning. Is that just reflection? Or is there some kind of bending or color fading along the right side of the book. That could drive the grade lower.
  9. Is this place deader than ever?

    I wasn't part of the good old days, so I can't comment on whether it's more or less dead than it used to be, but here's my 2 cents on the current state of things here... 1. There seem to be at least 2 or 3 good sales threads going on every week. Sometimes more -- they seem to come in waves. 2. Sales threads have had a nice variety of GA to modern books, including many books that are tough to find elsewhere. 3. Most people here already know what they are looking for, and know what they're willing to pay. If you're looking to sell dreck here, you're probably wasting your time. 4. Pricing has ranged from Awesome_Deal to Slightly_Overpriced. I haven't really seen much in the way of price-gouging. 5. There is a subjective element to buying/selling. Every seller has their own style that takes time, and perhaps a few transactions, to figure out. 6. I know this will get me, but I don't have a problem with the UI of the new boards. And I've been able to effectively use the site on mobile devices (including running a vcc booth), which was much tougher with the old boards. Just being able to upload images directly was a huge win.
  10. I'll take these: Captain Marvel 27 VF- $18 X-men 29 Fine $20 Batman 300 Fine- $7