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  1. Wow. I've heard of those, but I didn't think they actually existed.
  2. The census needs to be adjusted downwards for all fish-slap covers...
  3. I’ll take horror/sci-fi lot and the romance lit.
  4. Purchsaed some Bronze Age Marvel fantasy comics from Mr. Sneeze in the Paul Litch fundraiser. The were great! Newsstand-fresh, and well-packaged. Thanks!
  5. Scorsese may be a great film-maker, but I think this is a poorly-written essay. He doesn't go into any specifics about Marvel movies. He doesn't make it clear which ones he's seen, or whether he's even watched one in its entirety. He conflates Marvel movies, streaming movies, and "franchise films" so broadly, it suggests a limited understanding of the overall topic. He also suggest for him it is largely a matter of personal preference, yet he continues to imply Marvel movies are not "art". His overriding point seems to be that, for a film to be "cinema", it must be the vision of an individual creator. I would take issue with this. He also logs some complaints about commercialization, but these could apply to the majority of movies produced in the last 30 years -- not just Marvel. He acknowledges the tension between creativity and commerce in film production, and laments that the creators seem to be losing this struggle. This is a great point I could get on board with, if the rest of the essay were argued more coherently. But in the end, all I'm left with is: It's only art if I say it is.
  6. I'm glad we got 2 days advance notice to review all the terms and conditions.
  7. Here is my donation. Photo-Journal Guide to Comic Books vol 1 and 2. Vol. 1 has slight shelf wear to the dust jacket, but is otherwise near mint. Vol. 2 is new in shrink wrap. SOLD!Asking $80. U.S. Media Mail shipping is included.
  8. I sent a box with 25 Modern 9.8 pre-screens, plus 2 Marvel special-label moderns. No fast track on any of it. The box was received on 9/24/19. I got the grade on the 2 specials today, as well as the tracking number. The 25 other books are still sitting in received.
  9. Before I joined the boards, I couldn't understand why anyone would buy a comic book for more than $20. Now, I can't understand why anyone would buy a comic book for less.