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  1. Hello. Looking to get a few CGC SS books done. If there are any CGC Facilitators/Witnesses that will be attending, please contact me. I will be attending 9 and 10 April. Thanks
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    Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo 9-11 April 2021 FACEBOOK LINK:
  3. Thanks. Mr Pence has already been in contact with me as well as a Witness. THanks for the information.
  4. Tried twice to ask CGC who was certified in my region who I might contact to assist at PENSACON. Both times I was referred the website list of certified names. Does me no good if I don't know if they're local. I'm sure there are others that require facilitators as well since I found several people who couldn't find anyone last year. I'm probably going to have 5 books MAX and if necessary, I can try to do all in one day so the facilitator doesn't have to spend a lot of time there if they don't want to. Any feedback is appreciated. FEB. 28 - MAR. 1, 2020
  5. I contacted TWin Cities as I need a facilitator as well. They said they only plan to do Private Signings. They said they will have only witness there (if they go) so they can't do walk-arounds.
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    Wizard World New Orleans located at New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center 900 Convention Center Blvd, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130