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  1. Never bought a slabbed comic and never will and never will understand why anyone would keep anything slabbed if they do buy one. The thrill that's almost gone for me is going to junk shops, antique shops, flea markets, garage sales and coming out with stacks of 40s and 50s comics I got for a quarter or 50 cents a piece. I love buying comics online, but there's no thrill at all for me unless I found it out in the wild digging through stacks in a junk shop and just randomly finding it. I am just an old school collector I guess. I never paid more than 50 bucks for a comic ever in the 30 or so years I have been into old comics and really wont pay over ten for anything hardly ever. Though I did get a thrill buying a huge stack of coverless comics off ebay awhile ago. Having that big pile of falling apart and stinky newsprint sorta made me feel like digging through stacks of comics and magazines in junk shops and randomly finding something that looked cool. I guess that was the thrill of it, I had no idea what I bought and found out when I got them. It was exciting.
  2. In my experience heat is the big enemy of newsprint. Being exposed to sunlight constantly too, but being in hot temperatures for long periods of time will yellow newsprint fast and will make newsprint brittle. Keep newsprint cool and away from humidity and it will stay good and white for a very long time.
  3. It's not one thing, but I love my complete set of original Mars Attacks cards more than any comic I have.
  4. Unused covers exist and I would assume they were taken off the presses to check them and people kept them or were taken for for publishers files. I have some unused pulp covers and have seen some various golden age unused covers around before. Like the unpublished covers to Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #2-6 and quite a few star publications unused comic covers I have seen around, including a few unpublished titles. Also if I remember right, most of the copies of Double Action comics #2 had their covers replaced with the handful of unused covers that turned up somewhere.
  5. Anything by Kim Deitch, Dan Clowes, Jim Woodring. I just got "Lost in the Fun Zone" by Leif Goldberg, which is great. Though I have a feeling that stuff is not what most here are looking for.
  6. I used to write a lot of mostly underground cartoonists in the 90s and almost all of them wrote back and sent me stuff. Kim Deitch sent me a Christmas card for years and xeroxes of stuff he was working on. The only artist I met in person ever was Zina Saunders, she signed some cards she had painted and I asked her stuff about her father's work. She was cool.
  7. Yet they have no problem grading this....
  8. All of the hundreds of comics I bought at BJ's have the price in pencil in the upper left hand corner of the back cover without any cent or dollar signs and rarely ever a decimal point either and so many are hard to read they are so sloppily written. And yes that smell, it's one of my favorite smells ever. All the time I will open a comic I got there just to sniff it and be transported back in time to digging through boxes of comics there. It's such a unique smell there's nothing like it and the whole store smelled like that, it was heaven. And since the picture of the flyer I posted before is gone, here it is again...
  9. Yet they are fine with grading R. Crumb comics and other underground comics that are entirely "vulgar" stuff, WAY more vulgar than that cover. Heck they will grade Feltch Cumics #1 that shows anal sex on the cover and have no problem with that. I guess they draw the line at photos?
  10. My interest lies in comics. I don't care at all what anything is worth.