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  1. Plastic Man. Because he can stretch and form into any shape and is much more imaginative than other superheros
  2. Because George Lucas is a huge Barks fan and a big influence on his creation of Indiana Jones were Uncle Scrooge comics. There's an interview with him in a documentary on comics from the mid 70s where he talks about his love for Barks, specifically Uncle Scrooge. He also owns a lot of original Barks comic art, he wrote a few introductions to Barks collections in the 80s.
  3. Not a favorite, but interesting. Throughout the 1980s and 90s Robert Crumb drew all his comics on the back of old teen comic original art. They stopped making the vellum paper he liked to use in the late 70s and someone gave him a stack of old original art from the the 50s and 60s done on that paper and he drew all his comics on the back of those for years.
  4. They also didn't bother showing a couple hundred covers, just blew them off because they didn't consider them important enough. That always annoyed me. They also completely missed a few issues that exist and were not shown or even listed in the text lists at all. I have a few and wrote down what they were years ago, but I forget what ones they are.
  5. This is a thing I don't understand and a reason I hate being called a collector. What does anyone need more than one copy of a comic for? Especially five or ten or twenty? This is some hoarding just for the sake of it thing or some weird, greedy competition thing more than anything else seems to me.
  6. Is this only comic books as in floppy newsprint comic magazines? Or the entire comics medium itself? If it's a real history of comic books then there should be much more non superhero comics represented since superhero comics have never ever been the most published comic books. Even today where superheros are hugely popular there are much more non superhero comics published. If you are doing a small representation of the actual history of comic books themselves then to me it should look something like this....
  7. What's with this crazy hate for Liefeld here? You don't like his art? Great, then don't look at it. I don't like his work personally at all, so I don't look at it and I concentrate on stuff I do like. But then I love Rory Hayes and love tons of outsider art so what do I know?