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  1. I grabbed this from Ted over at Superworld Comics yesterday. Always nice to see Ted, but really nice to add a GA white pager !
  2. This is my favorite place to sell. I use Comic Link for most Bronze and all my Silver Age, but MCS for 90% of my sales
  3. Another stellar book from Bob Storms - Always loved this cover
  5. I had an 8.0 copy and I have always wanted to upgrade. I missed out on a couple of other copies that Greg Reece had, but got lucky I saw this one on Bob Storms's website.
  6. Back in the early days of CGC (2003 range) I had the first 9.4 graded copy. I got it raw and it was a great copy. Apparently from what I heard, Jason Ewert got it and altered it to a 9.8 Anyway, I grabbed this one from My Comic Shop about a year or so ago for a decent price.
  7. I had a CGC 9.0 copy that I sold early this year. Not sure why I did as I had instant seller's remorse. But, luck stepped in and i was able to grab this one which is White Mountain Pedigree sweetness !
  8. Looking for an unrestored copy of the golden age Superman 21. paying GPA or more depending on centering.
  9. Paid a little more than I wanted to, but I have been wanting this book since it was published. I kept watching and waiting and to just said “screw it”....
  10. I picked this one up after the comic shop sent it off to CGC......just waiting for it to come back - CGC 4.5 ow pages