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  1. I just got these back from CGC today. I bought the Detective 359 raw and the MSH got a 0.5 grade bump after a resub.
  2. I thought the same exact thing. Brilliant actor, but too past the age where it makes sense to have him take up a franchise character.
  3. I couldn't be more thrilled to have this in my collection. Big thanks to Drummy for the trade !!!
  4. And just like that, I put this bad boy in my collection courtesy of Superworld Comics
  5. Just one book for now. Usual rules apply. Shipping is $20 within the US and more for Canada/overseas. First in thread or pm accepted. PayPal, check or money order accepted. $2000.00
  6. Don't forget about the Bolland Zatanna variants too
  8. Batman 121 reprint CGC 9.8 SOLD via PM I am open to offers !!!
  9. Fearless Defenders 1 and TMNT 8 SOLD via PM