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  1. Must be signed on the cover, front or back. Prefer 8.5 raw or better but will consider what you have.
  2. Old!!!! You think these are OLD? Suddenly I feel old....
  3. Please excuse me if this is common knowledge or if this info is easy for you to find. I have spend half an hour clicking around this web site and cannot locate any dimensions for encapsulation.
  4. Fresh from the Phoenix Con. Finally got William Shatner to sign my favorite Captain Kirk poster. Shatner seems to be a great guy and he sure knows how to entertain huge crowds. Add in some Adam Strange Mystery in Space and some high grade Gold Key and this was a great day. By the way, I know that you younger guys may not appreciate the Jesse Marsh artwork on John Carter but that would just be another example of youth being wasted on the young. Just sayin'.....
  5. I am confused. The label on Space Vixens (actually 3-D Zone #16) is not marked as a first print. I thought that was routine when a second or more prints were recognized. Also, if I remember correctly the 3-D glasses for this issue are "loose" meaning not stapled, bound or otherwise attached to the comic. I thought CGC would not include loose items in the case but the label seems to indicate that the glasses are included. Can someone help me out. I have a second print that I am on the verge of sending in but now I am not sure whether to include the glasses or not.
  6. I want high grade copies of any comic with a signed Dave Stevens cover. Let me know what you have and how much you want. Thanks.
  7. WTB Gold Key High Grade Raws: Star Trek, Space Family Robinson, Lost in Space, Man From Uncle, Magnus, Steve Zodiak, Dr. Solar, Time Tunnel, most other first issues with photo or painted covers. Prefer 9.2 or better.